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Highlander UK
Posted - 2007.11.10 22:42:00 - [1]

Edited by: Highlander UK on 10/11/2007 23:09:08
Hey guys, I am looking for a new home.

This toon is an alt. I have 2 characters on 2 accounts looking for a new home.

Main Char has about 43m Skillpoints and is speciailised as a minmitar pilot. Good Gunnery skills - can fly up to minmitar BS/HAC, should be cap ship capable in 30 days or so... Also has about 9m sp's in science.

Alt char has about 19m Skillpoints and is mostly industrial, can fly amarr/caldari to BS, almost rdy for amarr HAC.

I am looking for an active corp....Must be active on ventrilo/Teamspeak. Corps with a good knowledge of manufacturing/logistics and how to make HUGE amounts of isk preferred over those who dont....

There is a LOT more to me and these characters... one of the chars is in a corp which seems to be dying out, and the other char recently joined a corp, but it appears I made the wrong choice out of the offers I had.

I am in the EU/GMT Timezone... reply here or evemail me ingame for more info.

Please note I need an active corp.... theres too many corps out there who talk a good game and end up being not so good.

Lastly anyone who posts pre-made standard recruitment responses will be ignored. I am not interested in reading pre fabricated responses with generalisations that have been made in order to maximse recruitment. I am interested in specifics.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Richard Colfax
Posted - 2007.11.10 22:49:00 - [2]

Edited by: Richard Colfax on 10/11/2007 22:50:26
Phoenix Division [PHDV] is recruiting! We are looking for PVPers with min of 5 mil SP. If interested contact myself in game

John Caldwell
Balance of Judgment
Posted - 2007.11.11 00:26:00 - [3]

Please contact me in game when you can; I'd like to discuss what HOMI can bring to the table when you get a chance. I'll add this alt to my address book, incase I catch online with it before you PM me.


Jimmy Riggers
Another Really Stupid Enterprise
Posted - 2007.11.11 09:54:00 - [4]

eve mail sent ingame

Waiting for Palli
Posted - 2007.11.11 13:21:00 - [5]

Hi :)

We are an pure 0.0 corp living in Venal NPC 0.0 so no POS war's

We want pilots that are looking for a permanent corporation, dedicated players, good friends and have a positive attitude and like to pvp for fun

We offer:
* A ship building team
* Regular pvp ops Alliance Killboard, Corp Killboard
* Carrier jumps for getting stuff in and out from Empire to our 0.0 base
* Ammo, T1/selected named modules are free and we do our best to supply t2 stuff cheaply
* Fully 0.0 based corp/alliance, voice servers and corp forums

We have a lot of great people that work together as friends and family. This is definitely one of our best selling points :)

Please join our public in-game channel "Therings" for more info

Assisted Genocide
Unprovoked Aggression
Posted - 2007.11.11 15:38:00 - [6]

Please read our recruitment details, maybe its what your looking for, eve-mail me in-game weather to say if your intrested bud and i'll go into more detail for you

Deathwatch Inc.

need i say more? :)

thank you

Nulli Secunda
Posted - 2007.11.11 21:13:00 - [7]

Starlight Industries
Posted - 2007.11.11 21:16:00 - [8]

we are a very active corp (have players on 23 hours a day), our main in game is to have fun and enjoy the game. We have access to o.o which we play in and around. We do all aspects of eve in game. We have a loyal base of players in game. Many of us have been playing together for years.

We have no set requirements and do not make players do what they don’t want to. We do ops together and have corp goals but participation is not mandatory but is appreciated:)

If you would like to come chat with us all. We have a chat room which you can join to meet us and see if we are what you are looking for.

Please feel free to convo any of us for a chat.

Salix UK time zone
Kalelv UK time zone

Buclazar USA time zone
Kithron USA time zone

Highlander UK
Posted - 2007.11.11 22:03:00 - [9]

thanks for the responses so far, I still haven't decided.... though I'm down to shortlist of a few corps. If anyone else in interested post/evemail me.. I will be closing this thread in the next 48 hours.

Priory Of The Lemon
Atlas Alliance
Posted - 2007.11.12 00:22:00 - [10]

Black Screen of Death [BSOD-] are currently recruiting active pvpers to join our ranks. We are an established corp based in the Syndicate region, members of the highly esteemed HUZZAH alliance.

BSOD has alot to offer. Not only are there the regular benefits of 0sec space (high bounty rats, high end minerals and excellent exploration oppurtunities), but we have extremely good oppurtunities concerning the pvp aspect of the game.

We have a good number of very active pvpers, and we have an extremely wide variation of skillpoints and experience. Between us, we can take on any enemy, large or small, using highly innovative tactics which are both excellent fun and extremely effective.

As a corp, we have a rating of over 90% efficiency on our killboard, including 2 recent mothership kills. Even when heavily outnumbered, we often come out ontop, and have a damn good time doing it!

The corp provides members with access to a corp hanger with modules, ammunition and ships (access given after a brief trial period), and within the alliance we work as a team to get hold of cheap ships and modules, t1 or t2. Even those of us who are outlawed have absoultely no problem with supply of those items which can be so hard to obtain outside of empire! The running of the corp is totally transparent, with every activity bieng discussed and no secrets kept to director.

BSOD is an excellent corp for players to learn and enjoy pvp, and is ideal for the better pvpers in the game to show their worth, and fly with some of the best pvpers in the game.

To find out more about BSOD, get in touch with

Joey1 (ceo)
Saint Lucifer
Tharus Marr

or join our public channel 'BSOD LOBBY'

We hope to hear from you soon, we could sure do with having a pilot like yourself!

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2007.11.12 03:58:00 - [11]

Eve Defence Force
Posted - 2007.11.12 14:38:00 - [12]

I would like to recommend Eve Defence Force (EDF). We are a well established PVP Corp that has been operating in Eve for over 4 years.
Not only do we have a very active PVP base with multiple daily opps, we also have a mining and Industry wing so could provide a home for both your characters.

We have just joined the Insurgency Alliance based in Venal. These are exciting times for the corp with plenty going on 23/7.

For more information, check out the link below or drop in to our in game channel “TheEDFbar" for a drink and a chat.....Free peanuts supplied!

Eve Defence Force

Highlander UK
Posted - 2007.11.12 21:29:00 - [13]

Edited by: Highlander UK on 12/11/2007 21:28:48
ok inside the last 24 hours before it's decision time. Spice up my eve life, offer me something unique thats not on offer anywhere else!!


Highlander UK
Posted - 2007.11.13 21:27:00 - [14]

ok thanks to all for their replies - I'll be in touch shortly with my final choice.

Commander Solo
Digital Fury Corporation
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2007.11.13 22:10:00 - [15]

Id like to talk to you ingame if you have the time mate

Johsua Yoltar
Dominant Inc.
Posted - 2007.11.14 13:43:00 - [16]

we can offer you cute little bunnies.

Magister Mundi
The Blackguard Wolves
Hydra Alliance
Posted - 2007.11.16 10:49:00 - [17]

Hello mate,

come and talk to us in game: Blackguard Bar
my members are average 26 years of age, we do all things and we have fun doing things together.


Magister Mundi
office for losing time


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