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Becq Starforged
Minmatar Ship Construction Services
Posted - 2007.11.10 01:48:00 - [31]

Really, have you considered lives as freedom fighters? One in three Minmatar lives in slavery, and the organized governments do nothing to fight for their freedom. Ushra'Khan takes the fight to slavers and those who support them. We are active primarily in hostile 0.0 space bordering Empire, and tend to favor small-unit raiding tactics, though larger battles occur, as well. My own corp within U'K is US-based and mixes industry with combat.

I realize this isn't complete information, but if this catches your interest, feel free to contact me and we can talk further. If not, good luck to you, and fly free!

Crab and Krawdad Enterprises
Posted - 2007.11.10 16:51:00 - [32]

Originally by: Becq Starforged
Really, have you considered lives as freedom fighters?

Extra smooth points for this one, whether we wind up in U'K or not :)

CyberDyne Industries
Posted - 2007.11.10 17:12:00 - [33]

Edited by: Krullz on 10/11/2007 17:14:43
Look Below please :P

CyberDyne Industries
Posted - 2007.11.10 17:14:00 - [34]


CDI was founded in mid 2003 and has seen many different aspects of eve life. At the moment we are looking for pilots that are searching for a Medium Sized 0.0 corporation with alot of experience in eve. Atm we are rebuilding our ranks.

What we offer:
0.0 Home in the Drone Regions
High End ore
Safe space to make ISK
Plenty of Targets (Negative to BOB and friends)
Very experienced Leadership
Friendly Atmosphere

What we are looking for:
Pilots of all Trades especially PVPers
5Mill+ Skill Points
Team speak use required
Contact me in game on Silus Yarmon, Ambroshia, or simply join
"CDI Recruitment" in game channell

Blood Thorn
AWE Corporation
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2007.11.10 18:12:00 - [35]


"If it isn't fun, why play?"

That's the motto of Intrepid Crossing, and we would love to add you as a member of our team.

Visit us at and drop us a line. You can also visit us in the in game channel “IRC Recruit”. You can view a map of our new home at, and our success in the battle field at

All our corporations have their own style and we operate in all time zones. Primary language is English.

For more information about us, please visit

Commander Solo
Digital Fury Corporation
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2007.11.10 19:09:00 - [36]

Hi Emmerlaine

We can offer you lots pvp in a fun atmosphere. Im morethan happy to answer questions ingame :)




Ravia Sala
Digital Fury Corporation
Posted - 2007.11.10 21:38:00 - [37]

sounds like we could work together, contact Orionsbelt, Drakhis, or myself in game

spiked amarr
Posted - 2007.11.11 02:47:00 - [38]

Hello m8 i would please ask you to look here and see if Finite Horizon is for you

Mrs Noravixson
Interstellar eXodus
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2007.11.11 03:30:00 - [39]

Edited by: Mrs Noravixson on 11/11/2007 03:31:32

Well we dont have a "Strong" indus back bone as a corp but where we slack we make up for in other areas. We are part of one of the best alliances around. Our corp is 4 years old. We currently have 49 members. We are selective when recruiting so you wont see my spam in many places. We are fun and PVP every single day. Anyways if you like us so far check out our recruitmemnt ad for more info, or convo me or one of recruiters ingame. Good luck


Legion of The Damned.
Posted - 2007.11.11 12:32:00 - [40]


Have a look at the link below it my give you an idea what we are about but in short,

We are a group of players who have been together for a considerable length of time. We live FOR PVP, We are in the main married kids etc age ranges are from 21-46 most are mid 30's who know and understand the RL thing. Drop into the In game Channel D0mination (first 0 is a zero) for an informal chat and see what you think.

Also see the Link below for more info KB and forum

Kindest Nomi

Our recruite post and more information

Tyrell Corp
Fuzzy Nut Attack Squirrels
Posted - 2007.11.11 15:53:00 - [41]

Were always looking for more quality players


Nulli Secunda
Posted - 2007.11.11 21:05:00 - [42]


We're No Quarter.

Check for more info.

Most of our corp is US centered and sometimes we are too laid back but our industry keeps pumping those beautiful ships we so much enjoy blowing up.

Oh.. and we do it for the children. Twisted Evil

Karnage Club
Posted - 2007.11.12 00:15:00 - [43]


Ill message you in-game Cool

Priory Of The Lemon
Atlas Alliance
Posted - 2007.11.12 00:20:00 - [44]

Black Screen of Death [BSOD-] are currently recruiting active pvpers to join our ranks. We are an established corp based in the Syndicate region, members of the highly esteemed HUZZAH alliance.

BSOD has alot to offer. Not only are there the regular benefits of 0sec space (high bounty rats, high end minerals and excellent exploration oppurtunities), but we have extremely good oppurtunities concerning the pvp aspect of the game.

We have a good number of very active pvpers, and we have an extremely wide variation of skillpoints and experience. Between us, we can take on any enemy, large or small, using highly innovative tactics which are both excellent fun and extremely effective.

As a corp, we have a rating of over 90% efficiency on our killboard, including 2 recent mothership kills. Even when heavily outnumbered, we often come out ontop, and have a damn good time doing it!

The corp provides members with access to a corp hanger with modules, ammunition and ships (access given after a brief trial period), and within the alliance we work as a team to get hold of cheap ships and modules, t1 or t2. Even those of us who are outlawed have absoultely no problem with supply of those items which can be so hard to obtain outside of empire! The running of the corp is totally transparent, with every activity bieng discussed and no secrets kept to director.

BSOD is an excellent corp for players to learn and enjoy pvp, and is ideal for the better pvpers in the game to show their worth, and fly with some of the best pvpers in the game.

To find out more about BSOD, get in touch with

Joey1 (ceo)
Saint Lucifer
Tharus Marr

or join our public channel 'BSOD LOBBY'

We hope to hear from you soon, we could sure do with having a pilot like yourself!

Di-Tron Heavy Industries
Posted - 2007.11.12 00:59:00 - [45]

Rut Roh George, people don't seem to be able to read!

I am going to make a response to everything you've said your looking for, hopefully which will give enough interest to get into a convo with me Smile

Originally by: Emmerlaine

  • PVP related fun and goals

  • We have roaming gangs, patrols, and what I would call 'drunken party runs' from time to time. Gatecamps to, but you gotta like that sorta thing. The goals for PVP I'll tell you in convo.

  • Smart and fun FCs (we think FCs should know why target painters can rock, why T2 caldari are not a great target for Gallente ships, and the magic of Sig Radius – and think teaching goes both ways so that everybody gets better)

  • We have some pretty damn good FC's, that and we mix in freely with solid allies who have good FC's. I've never laughed harder then some of the combat ops or had more of a rush then when we took on a fleet outnumbered 4 to 1 and pulled it off. Tho the one thing I can say, their not pr icks. Makes a world of difference and I know it since I don't FC myself.

  • Strong Industrial Backbone - our industrialists like friends

  • Oh yes, we blurr the line between a industrial corp and PvP corp. Mostly because of our age, and players wanting to 'try out' almost everything over the almost 2 years we've been here.

  • Decent US time zone coverage for available gangs

  • As much as I like that we're an international corp with 5 to 35 people online at almost every hour of the day. We have a serious presence in the US time zones.

  • Friendly Timezone coverage for defense (can be through alliance)

  • We are a 23/7 corp, we got alarmed clock opted once about a year ago. Put a POS into reinforced, we worked over a year recruiting in ALL time zones to make sure it never happens again. In alliance we have memebrs in all time zones further making sure that crap can't happen and we can always muster a defense if needed.

  • 0.0 centered - ideally with a market and one carrier jump from empire (at JC 4)

  • Buzz, we are in 0.0, we live in *gasp* drone lands, with bounty space nearby in two regions we work over. More on this if convo'ed since it's pretty good if explained. We don't reach it with a single jump, BUT, we have enough people and alt helpers in place to get cyno's going all the time.

  • Please start your post or evemail with the letter "R" so we know you actually read this so we can ignore recruiting spammers

  • Rawr!

  • An ability for us to make a noticeable impact on performance. We are gung ho and aggressive.

  • We're always looking for people to lead, or contribute to everything. We let you prove yourself of course, but soon as you do it doesn't matter if your 2 weeks old or 2 years in corp, we give ya a shot if you want it.

  • A fairly organized logistics chain (we are happy to contribute and have carriers but don't want to join a corp where we'd start from scratch)

  • Check!

  • A solid organization (forums, KB, understanding of who does what)

  • Yes, Yes, Yes, Solid leaders setup so things get done yes! This way in corp and alliance.

    Final Note:
    I'm not a hardass CEO, I help setup activities and goals for the corp as well as the alliance and love to see people have a good time. I figure telling you honestly that we hit most but not all of your points is better then pointing you at a website, or recruiting thread.

    I also offer the opportunity to have ALL of you in a convo with me asking any question you want about the corp, I just won't answer ones that break security. We're a great corp, and although we're kinda large we really are more of a community of people then just some people that met online.

    Hopefully I awakened some interest!
    Talk to you in game?
    CEO - Di-Tron Heavy Industries

    Cyriel Longinus
    Posted - 2007.11.12 01:19:00 - [46]

    damn, so many hard-ons for five pilots.
    Good luck to you and your friends Emmerlaine.

    ChuckNorris CRO
    Posted - 2007.11.12 10:45:00 - [47]

    Hi there,

    We are looking for skiled experianced pvp players to join us.
    We are strictly 0.0 pvp corp
    We do pvp and only pvp.
    What we can offer:

    Pure PVP, lot of action around our combat rutes, roaming 4ever cuz its the most interested part of this game, good teamates and lot of fun.

    If you are interested to join us please send ingame message to ChuckNorris CRO or Drug Kito so we can contact you guys and send you more infos about us.


    Esk Esme
    Smack Crack and Pot
    Posted - 2007.11.12 11:12:00 - [48]

    yo m8

    drop by our pub chan for chat HIGH4LIFE

    im sure we have what u guys r looking for

    Cry Havoc! And let slip the dogs of war!.

    Becq Starforged
    Minmatar Ship Construction Services
    Posted - 2007.11.13 02:39:00 - [49]

    Originally by: Emmerlaine
    Originally by: Becq Starforged
    Really, have you considered lives as freedom fighters?

    Extra smooth points for this one, whether we wind up in U'K or not :)

    Rabid Amarrians are in need of exploding...

    Crab and Krawdad Enterprises
    Posted - 2007.11.13 06:31:00 - [50]

    Edited by: Emmerlaine on 13/11/2007 06:33:39
    Edited by: Emmerlaine on 13/11/2007 06:31:24
    This is proving most educational! Our chief interviewer (who is not me, I'm head of marketing Shocked) has talked to many corps and been on voice coms with a few, our excel matrix continues to grow, and we find ourselves asking questions about what makes a corp great.

    I have to say there are clearly many great corps in Eve and our decision will be a personal one, but when all is said and done we will probably post a few general stats on some of the things we've learned. I wonder if HBR takes business survey articles on corporations in a virtual world? We are building an interesting set of stats on how people run their corps and I have to say it is quite interesting.

    It is also interesting that we have interviewed corps on both sides of several conflicts and typically each side has a distinctly different view of what caused it and what is currently happening.

    I'm getting pretty excited about 3-4 possible corps and the selection matrix is getting narrowed down, and we're certainly learning a LOT about the political and philosophical landscape of EVE.

    Peoples Front of Eve
    Posted - 2007.11.13 17:36:00 - [51]

    ATROX > Alliance

    Dark Star LTD > Corporation

    We are in search of North American Time Zone Players
    We are also taking in Euro Time Zone Players

    So you want lag free empire wars? You found the right place! No POS warfare, unless its a paid contract.

    What we offer:

    We are taking contracts left and right. We will have active empire wars every month guaranteed. We prefer quality over quantity we do have an academy for you new pilots out there so that you may gain valuable combat training, participate in combat operations and receive assistance with skill books and ship purchases.

    All of our pilots have seen major combat and at one point been involved in the “Great War”; Mercenary work is nothing new to us.

    A majority of us have been involved in PVP since the early days of EVE. We are Mercs in search of a few good pilots, we do not recruit on a regular basis so now is the time to get on board with some of the best pilots Tranquility has to offer. We are not involved in the "Great War" we go where the contracts take us and we have no politics to worry about and we are NBSI = Not Blue Shoot It

    If you feel like you are just someone in a big alliance with no voice no purpose then you have found the right place if you are looking for a fresh start then give us a shot, our leadership does not have it’s own agenda and we are not looking for slaves. We want to give everyone a chance to show us there colors and we want to help every person in our alliance grow into “Elite Status” The contracts are rolling in so the work load is getting heavy and so is the ISK to be made.

    Also we provide a payment plan for Contracted Wars, get paid to kill!!! What is the point of a bloated Alliance Wallet if the players are forced to scavenge for money and loot?

    Free Access to:

    Alliance Killboard

    Alliance Ventrilo

    Alliance Forums

    Very Low Tax rate and No Monthly Dues

    0.0 Access

    What we want from you:

    HAVE FUN !!!

    We want you to focus on killing war targets not NPC’s. During times of relative peace you are expected to make your isk and keep your sec status above -1.9 our job as mercenaries means you must be able to travel anywhere for the kill.

    10M SP Minimum for Dark Star LTD.

    No minimum for Atrocitas Academy

    So if you want DAILY ops and fun...

    Please Contact Dark Star LTD staff:

    HellRazer, Vandamsel, or Thann Starlinbow via eve-mail for an Interview or questions!

    Looking for PVP corporations to join our Alliance you must have at least 15 combat active pilots. Please contact me with your corporation stats and killboard link via private eve-mail

    We don't have many blues so the targets and contracts are out there are in abundance.

    Thanks for Looking


    "Love your enemy, it will scare the hell out of them."

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