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Crab and Krawdad Enterprises
Posted - 2007.11.08 20:47:00 - [1]

Edited by: Emmerlaine on 08/11/2007 23:56:26
5 veteran players, 7 characters, 187 million Skill Points


  • Main 1: 35 mil SP, role: CARRIER pilot, recons, marketing

  • Main 2: 20 mil SP, role: COMMAND SHIPS, hacs

  • Main 3: 35 mil SP, role: COMMAND SHIPS, solid gang bonuses, mining champ

  • Main 4: 35 mil SP, role: DPS & TACKLE, interdictor, BC, BS

  • Main 5: 7 mil SP, role: INTELLIGENCE, covert ops, general ninjaness

  • Alt : 40 mil SP, role INDUSTRIALIST, can build just about everything

  • Alt : 15 mil SP, role FREIGHTER pilot, logistics alt

  • We are all connected in real life and would like to move together. We aren't corp hoppers, most of us have been in the same corp together for 2 years, but our old corp has changed leadership and just isn't the same. We won't go into the happenings here and we are posting with an alt to try to avoid making waves.


  • We love PVP and include a couple good small unit FCs, our previous corp is known for PVP and that's what we're looking for.

  • We are trustworthy and mature, although we have zero expectations of being trusted immediately of course. We include a director and accountant of our last corp but left them with full hangers and wallets. The carrier pilots were helping move stuff for corp last night.

  • We are pretty ISK independent. We have our own capitals and industrial stuff.

  • THE BAD:
  • We have jobs and families, so we aren't on as much as some. One of us might go missing for a couple weeks on personal stuff, only to return and fly madman hours every night for a while. In particular this makes us a bad fit for corps that move frequently such as mercenaries.

  • Umm..One or more of us has been seen in a dominix (and a Sin on SiSi), that's pretty ugly Laughing

  • ======================

  • PVP related fun and goals

  • Smart and fun FCs (we think FCs should know why target painters can rock, why T2 caldari are not a great target for Gallente ships, and the magic of Sig Radius – and think teaching goes both ways so that everybody gets better)

  • Strong Industrial Backbone - our industrialists like friends

  • Decent US time zone coverage for available gangs

  • Friendly Timezone coverage for defense (can be through alliance)

  • 0.0 centered - ideally with a market and one carrier jump from empire (at JC 4)

  • Please start your post or evemail with the letter "R" so we know you actually read this so we can ignore recruiting spammers

  • An ability for us to make a noticeable impact on performance. We are gung ho and aggressive.

  • A fairly organized logistics chain (we are happy to contribute and have carriers but don't want to join a corp where we'd start from scratch)

  • A solid organization (forums, KB, understanding of who does what)

  • ======================

    Please post here or evemail this character. Some of the players involved may add to this at some point.

    Much love to our former pew pew buddies, you know who you are. If we can help out our old corpies with little stuff (you lost your BM to that secure can or can't remember what moon had dysprosium) feel free to evemail. If you want to go with us drop us an evemail and we'll talk.

    Crab and Krawdad Enterprises
    Posted - 2007.11.08 20:55:00 - [2]

    PS: We'd like to move before the carrier nerf makes it even more work. As if moving wasn't enough of a timesink Rolling Eyes

    Oberon Incorporated
    Morsus Mihi
    Posted - 2007.11.08 21:03:00 - [3]

    Edited by: Fallassar on 08/11/2007 21:05:13

    I'm not sure if we fit your bill 100%, because we are a small corp. But we would love to have you guys as a part of our corp and alliance. You can see my recruitment thread (posted at the end of the post) and you can contact me in game if you like. I would love to hear from you.

    Edit: put tags on URL so it's clickable.

    Merrick Tolkien
    Shadow Company
    Posted - 2007.11.08 21:07:00 - [4]


    Hey fellas (or is it fellas and girls?)

    Shadow Company is a PVP corp in 0.0, Curse. Quite a target rich environment YARRRR!!

    We run romaing ops every day, have experainced pvpers such as your selves and are run by players with pvp in their blood.

    The corp has euro and us players, fcs in both time zones, as well as experiance. The killboards will give you a good idea of when were active, some good stats on Battleclinc as well as our own board, 12k kills, 4:1 ratio and a strict post kills AND losses policy. BC picks up all our mails from our main board thanks to GW/ so its up to date as we can get it.

    We use TS for voice coms and have the usual forums and websites for organising stuff and making sure all the info everyone needs is there to hand. Theres a link to our website in my sig.

    JC4 will get you too and from 0.0 to empire and we have a logistics base setup in low sec as well as alliance t2 market in 0.0.

    Our website can give you some more clear ideas about the hsitory of the corp, what we've been up to and what we're doing now, we've been in EVE a while now and the corps grown into a tight team with it.

    We understand that there is a think called RL as well and thats never an issue.

    Contact me direct and join shadowcompanychat as well if you like, speak to some of the members.

    Thanks for your time


    Waiting for Palli
    Posted - 2007.11.08 21:38:00 - [5]

    Hi :)
    Good idea with the R

    We are an pure 0.0 corp living in Venal NPC 0.0 so no POS war's

    We want pilots that are looking for a permanent corporation, dedicated players, good friends and have a positive attitude and like to pvp for fun

    We offer:
    * A ship building team
    * Regular pvp ops Alliance Killboard, Corp Killboard
    * Carrier jumps for getting stuff in and out from Empire to our 0.0 base
    * Ammo, T1/selected named modules are free and we do our best to supply t2 stuff cheaply
    * Fully 0.0 based corp/alliance, voice servers and corp forums

    We have a lot of great people that work together as friends and family. This is definitely one of our best selling points :)

    Please join our public in-game channel "Therings" for more info

    Wreckless Abandon
    Un-Natural Selection
    Posted - 2007.11.08 21:43:00 - [6]

    Hello Emmerlaine,

    I would like to invite you and your friends to take a look at Elite Storm Enterprises. We are a 110+ man/woman (Active, Mature, Family Oriented) CORP comprised of both US and EU time zone pilots. We live and operate in 0.0 space and have both military and industrial divisions. Our CEO has been a pilot in EVE for over three years and is one of the original founders of the FIX Alliance. A finer CEO or Fleet Commander you will not find anywhere in EVE. We currently live in 0.0 space, and have many programs to support our pilots

    • Free tech 1 Frigates and Cruisers
    • Free tech 1 ammo, mods and drones
    • Ship production for our pilots at or below the best empire pricing (Including capitol ship production!)
    • Station Access in 0.0
    • Team Speak for Voice Comms

    Please take a look at the public area of our website and forum located here
    --> ESE Website
    We also have a recruitment post on the EVE forums with information as well. It is located here
    --> EVE Recruitment Post

    If what you see interests you then please contact one of the following in game (Convo or EVE mail).

    Intelius - Recruitment Officer
    Altair Mogwa – Deputy Chief of Personnel
    Dentari Moore - Chief of Personnel
    Wraithstorm – CEO

    Deep Core Mining Inc.
    Posted - 2007.11.08 21:53:00 - [7]

    Edited by: Wrok on 08/11/2007 21:53:41

    My corp is strictly U.S Timezone and although there are corps that might have euro everyone can agree that the u.s time zone(s) are hard to cover. With that being said if pvp is what you are looking for then that is what you'll get for the most part empire and 0.0 roaming will be something of the norm within the corp. I can only invite you to read the sig in my link, Im a long standing FC and have recently moved to venture out and start my own corp. Again thank you for reading this post and my recruitment post wish your all the best in what ever your choice maybe.

    John McCreedy
    Eve Defence Force
    Posted - 2007.11.08 23:24:00 - [8]

    Hello Emmerlaine, Eve Defence Force can offer you oodles of PvP in 0.0. When I say oodles, I mean two or three ops a night is the norm at the moment, most of which is roaming gangs but with the odd fleet combat thrown in. With 432 kills in the last eight days, I hope you can see that we're good at what we do.

    Have a read through this post and please drop me a convo in-game for a further chat about what we can offer you Smile]

    Caila Amabar
    Triton Dynamics LLC
    Galactic Terran Vasudan Alliance
    Posted - 2007.11.08 23:57:00 - [9]


    Hey Emmerlaine,

    I believe you will find Damage Unlimited to be an excellent fit. Check out our recruitment post and included video.


    We are a mostly US time corp and all we do is PVP. Drop us a convo ingame to chat. \

    Caila Amabar

    The Graduates
    Brutally Clever Empire
    Posted - 2007.11.08 23:59:00 - [10]


    Come join the most violent corp (TGRAD) in the most violent region in Eve (Syndicate), We have 275 members, fights, PvP reimbusement, fights, Capital ship programs, fights, and top rate logistics.

    Look at the link under my signature for more details!


    Idryn Obric
    Digital Fury Corporation
    Northern Coalition.
    Posted - 2007.11.09 00:11:00 - [11]


    Check out Digital Fury, you wont look back....


    Take care

    The Wild Hunt
    Posted - 2007.11.09 01:05:00 - [12]

    Have a read of our thread and see if we’re what your looking for.

    Recruitment Thread

    If so, please take our TWH Recruitment Questionnaire if you wish to join us =)

    TWH Recruitment Questionnaire

    We also like 24

    If you want to know anything, just hit me up with a mail in-game or a convo. Or you can join our in-game channel: "The Wild-Hunt".

    Devil Boy Tech
    Posted - 2007.11.09 01:15:00 - [13]

    Eve mail sent out. While you are waiting for delivery check out this Post.

    Posted - 2007.11.09 02:23:00 - [14]

    contact me ingame i might be able to give u what u want and in turn help us as well

    Posted - 2007.11.09 03:17:00 - [15]

    My pvp corp is built around the concept of family/RL first. Take care of your "real" business and play hard when you get online. We meet most of the requirements you listed. If you contact us we can have a more detailed conversation. Good corp hunting.

    Posted - 2007.11.09 08:39:00 - [16]

    Crying or Very sad:( this infolooks familiar sadly...

    Bat Country
    Goonswarm Federation
    Posted - 2007.11.09 10:41:00 - [17]

    Edited by: Rakessh on 10/11/2007 14:03:46

    I think we cover all of the points you are looking for.
    We do have a strong industrial backbone, we are located one jump from empire and we do oodles of pvp.

    Please check our recruitment thread (sigh... yeah I know) Razz

    Fly safe

    Leeta Saviere
    Posted - 2007.11.09 11:25:00 - [18]

    Wow! Certainly a good group of pilots.

    I was reading though the post and noticed something...FYI.
    If you haven't landed anywhere yet I would suggest looking further into the following: (Just my humble opinion)

    Four of the replies are from Corps which I investigated thoroughly - Shadow Company / Four Rings / Elite Storm / Eve Def. Force; and one I recently looked into The Final Stand.

    All of these were very impressive in what they offered, did, and there overall philosophy. The initial four made my short list of six (went with JuBa because they agreed to just leave me alone for a while - New Job). When I was looking for a home, I investigated / talked to over 35 corps.

    Again - Just a pilot's humble observation. Good Luck with your search.

    Fly Safe...

    Bleak Op's
    Posted - 2007.11.09 11:44:00 - [19]

    THEM Cool

    Assisted Genocide
    Unprovoked Aggression
    Posted - 2007.11.09 12:31:00 - [20]

    Hey there Emmerlaine, sounds like Deatchwatch Inc is for you. We are a group of very experienced and active pvpers with alot time spent on teamwork and tactics, we have also very very skilled FC's within the corp many from INFOD / OUTBREAK / MAD and many more.

    Above 70% of our corporation have 50mil+ SP, and are pure pvpers, we also offer an extremely strong and well founded industrial wing (sister corp) who provide all equipment and T2 gear. We also have our very own ship program within the corporation building Tier 2 bs's for 50mil and lower to members (no joke either).

    We offer alot and are willing to teach those who are willing and able to listen, we are also looking to learn and increase our pvp tactics and knowledge as every edge in combat helps.

    We are however a pvp alliance corporation, and do own our own space which we do live in permantly. If 0.0 home and orgernised and scheduled pvp with a strong industrial backbone if what your looking for, i say we can deliver what you want 10 fold and with an extra cherry on the top.

    If you wish to read more about our corporation please hit up our recruiting thread at:-
    Deathwatch Inc

    Or you can feel free to contact me in-game for a more personal chat and ask any questions you wish.


    Merrick Tolkien
    Shadow Company
    Posted - 2007.11.09 12:51:00 - [21]

    Laughing at all the people who didnt put R

    Emmerlaine im going to be away friday/saturday (foos gig) but you can still join shadowcompanychat and look out for Mywad, Grim Reepher, VoxDi or Vixent or Tharg, they can answer questions and help you out.



    Posted - 2007.11.09 13:36:00 - [22]

    Hi there Emmerlaine and your buddies o7,

    Could I interest you into looking at the UKC and what we could offer you?
    Our website and charter links are below my name and you will find all the information about our corporation.

    I will be honest with you that we only have a few US TZ players but we are currently looking to expand our recruitment in this field to many, many players. However we do have friendship with several corps in where we operate that has US players that do wolfpack gangs and gate camps.

    POS warfare is a no go with us all at the moment as we want to discover the game again with having fun, lag free PvP pew pew.

    What we can offer:
    Arrow0.0 access and close to Empire
    ArrowPVP Ops if you want to come along
    ArrowFun convos on TS
    ArrowDedicated Industrail Team
    ArrowA new place to call home and be apart of this ever growing family.

    If you fancy a chat give one of our recruitment team a shout in-game (Tissa, Khayos, Xiqx) or send me a evemail and I will get back to you at some point tonight (Stuck at work till 1700 GMT/EVE).

    Good luck in your search,

    Naval Protection Corp
    True Intentions
    Posted - 2007.11.09 13:51:00 - [23]

    Edited by: Adamai on 09/11/2007 14:03:30

    hi im not going to waste much of your time you seem like you would be a great asset to our average sized corp

    we have just recently hit 0.0 for the first time and is the first time for many of our pilots but we are catching on rather fast we have a pretty good industrial set up at pos and the means to live directly from pos bar the clone vat bay lol which is number one priority.(indy cap)

    all i can say is you guys are just the people we are looking for we could learn alot from you and if your into pvp how does 100+ man fleets sound :)

    huge and small fleet battles..
    and ultimately a freindly and dedicated team enviroment.

    we use ventrillo for corp and t/s for alliance
    we are close to 100% active if not 100% active.

    our corp grows every single day and we have huge goals and light expectations from our troops.

    feel free to join us in our recruitment channel npcc recruitment.

    all these corps that dont read posts how rude.

    nice sales post guys

    Alley Cat
    Gods Killing Machines
    Eradication Alliance
    Posted - 2007.11.09 15:34:00 - [24]

    Would love to meet you guys and talk about a life of Piracy if your interested. We are a matured group of experienced pilots and if you have the personality and drive we would love to have you guys. Check out our forum thread or contact me in game.

    Forum Recruitment

    Crab and Krawdad Enterprises
    Posted - 2007.11.09 17:44:00 - [25]

    We thank everyone who has posted and continues to post (at least those who read the post Very Happy). Everybody who has posted or evemailed is in a big discussion grid we are emailing back and forth and discussing. We should be contacting some corps for more information and/or meet and greet sessions by this weekend.


    To GraZorius: dont' be sad man, we <3 you! I'm sure you understand. You can contact my main (main 1, I'd imagine you know who) if you want to talk. We are sad to go, but the recent happenings are just not good.

    Divine Retribution
    Sons of Tangra
    Posted - 2007.11.09 17:57:00 - [26]

    -PURE PVP- … DVRN is Recruting ----mercenaries-----

    We are a PVP only corp and have much expierience in PvP. We earn our money through mercenary jobs and pvp. We play both the european and US timezones and are empire based. DVRN consitantly win their campaigns and were the first corp ever to war dec the likes of Privateer alliance.

    Our goals:

    To have as much pvp as possible without any boring pos warfare.
    To carry our merc contracts with cold and clinical precision.
    To be always successful – our campaign stats speak for themselves.
    We want to take part in the alliance tournament next year
    The most important goal is to have fun with pvp!!!!

    What we offer

    PvP. Contracts and standard warmongering in empire.
    Experienced members with skillpoints of 20-60million
    Lots of targets!
    We are always succesfull in our contracts! For that you can watch our killboard
    The last campains against roadkill razor and priveteers.
    Many active members who are always availalbe for pvp each day!
    Our own Teamspeak and Killboard

    What we want from you:

    Have a minimum of 15mil skillpoints in pvp.
    Must be at least 18 years old.
    A mature attitude towards the game
    A good understanding of the English language.
    Teamwork skills and an ability to get on well with others.
    Teamspeak ability with a headset and mic.
    Be an active member.

    for contact or questions or Contracts  join our public channel DVRNPUB

    or evemail

    Starlight Industries
    Posted - 2007.11.09 20:17:00 - [27]

    we are a very active corp (have players on 23 hours a day), our main in game is to have fun and enjoy the game. We have access to o.o which we play in and around. We do all aspects of eve in game. We have a loyal base of players in game. Many of us have been playing together for years.

    We have no set requirements and do not make players do what they don’t want to. We do ops together and have corp goals but participation is not mandatory but is appreciated:)

    If you would like to come chat with us all. We have a chat room which you can join to meet us and see if we are what you are looking for.

    Please feel free to convo any of us for a chat.

    Salix UK time zone
    Kalelv UK time zone

    Buclazar USA time zone
    kithron USA time zone

    Dirt Nap Squad
    Dirt Nap Squad.
    Posted - 2007.11.09 20:26:00 - [28]

    DNS SPECTRE WING is presently recruitng BS, Stealth Bomber, Inty, Dictor, Recon and small ship spcialist pilots. If you like to fly in packs and hunt as a group DNS is for you. We call our selves the swarm and love fighting when the odds are not in our favor. Listed below is our General recruitng info. If you can fly any of those ships listed above or would like to be apart of this concept with another ship type please read the general recruitment stuff listed below. If you want to see what a wel organized swarm can do to an enemy then DNS Spectre wings is for you.

    DNS - DirtNapSquad is a small/medium sized corp based in 0.0. We are mostly US and Asian Pacific TZ and would prefer those in the same TZ, how ever exception have been made time to time.

    All DNS efforts either directly or indirectly support our PVP WINGS. The industrial section of DNS is well manned and plays a major role in supporting all sections of DNS ( They also are some of the best fighters).We are looking for smart players with good attitudes. We don't babysit or hold hands. We provide plenty of corp/alliance ops to those who are interested, as well as plenty of free-time, to do what you want. We can provide you with the tools and know-how to get you where you want to be.

    More Info: - Brief History of DNS - Info on joining

    Benefits: (Of Joining DNS)
    1. 0.0 Space with the best Mins in the game. Bounty Ratting in -1.0 true sec or ratting for compounds
    2. PvP: all shapes and sizes ( We like to keep the dust off our Cap fleet plus a lot of small/med gang activity).
    3. A strong Cap fleet to defend our assets and interests.
    4. 2 Outposts.
    5. Members of a very organized alliance.
    6. A mature player base and leadership with a good sense of focus and drive.

    Basic Requirements:
    A good attitude. 5.0 Mil skill points (We will take Lower SP players if you can fly a stealth bomber and use cruise missles.) To all you new guys this is your chance to see what EVE is all about with out the grinding in empire.

    The ability to operate independently, as well as in a group.
    "Street" smarts

    Teamspeak (Alliance and corp coms)

    Ventrilo (For private DNS meetings/operations)

    -Our interview process involves an interview on ventrilo with a member of DNS Leadership.

    If you are interested, please contact DNSBlack or Bull Frog in game, join the "DNS Office" channel in game, or reply to this thread.
    You can also check out our forums @
    (Please note, our forums are moderated for new members, so that should be your last contact option)

    Digital Fury Corporation
    Digital Renegades
    Posted - 2007.11.09 23:09:00 - [29]

    RVery Happy

    Ya DFC rocks, come check us out, or eve mail the boss


    Originally by: Idryn Obric

    Check out Digital Fury, you wont look back....


    Take care

    cRaNbErRy MuFfInMaN
    mUfFiN fAcToRy
    Sex Panthers
    Posted - 2007.11.10 00:45:00 - [30]

    so your group is combining your skillpoints like captain planet rings?

    hehe just kidding Emmerlaine i think your group would enjoy hanging out with the muffinmen.

    ==============Best Of the Best Challenge==============

    Muffin Factory is going to give 10 Faction BS's out to top active members for the Best of the Best Challenge.

    Command Ships Pilots that Join will compete for 2 months to see who's the most active up to 10 will be rewarded with the Faction BS's for a superior commando squad.


    Muffin Factory: Empire Wars/Mercing/Warmongering, Pirating .4 to .1, Roaming 0.0

    ===================How we Operate================
    Spider Tank, Logistics, T2 Recon Cruisers, Hacs, Logistics, Command Ships, If running with lowsec group traveling flagged with logistics in Any ship you want. Want to treat a lowsec sentrys like they don't exist? and use a Vagabond on the gate?

    High Sec warriors you know you dont get as much action but you dont take a sec hit Our warmongering and mercing will keep you busy with the latest and greatest in top line ships, gear, and Strategy.

    ArrowCost to Build t2 Cruisers 30-50mill (t2 Recon/Hacs)
    Arrow Tired of Mining?
    Arrow Going to leave eve give it one last chance!
    Arrow Tired of 0.0 lag fests?
    Arrow Tired of Missions?
    Arrow Tired of 9hr mandatory 0.0 ops?
    Arrow Need a stable Corp? weve been killen for 3.5yrs in eve.
    ArrowNeed a brotherhood whos loyal and been gaming with each other since ultima online?

    --We do everything so join and do pirating or empire wars and if you have 2 characters do both :-D.
    -PLS Pay attention you dont need 2 characters its just a bonus for people who do.

    Check us out :-)

    Contact: me, Geoff C, Atomusuku, Harukoha

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