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Posted - 2004.03.01 09:39:00 - [1]

The Rifter class frigate dropped out of warp, the planets blue luminous glow filled the vessel’s light filters. Two Federal navy Dominix battleships and their Vexor cruiser escorts were gliding past in formation, thankfully heading in the opposite direction down the space lane.

The Rifter’s systems complained immediately on dropping out of warp, the sub-warp drives were burning hot again, the radiation sensor threw red warning messages towards the pilot, she mused it seemed sometimes you could almost feel the heat through the pod!

Built for speed rather than safety, it got the job done even if it meant that the Minmatar vessel often lacked mod cons and the smooth lines of a Gallente craft.

Inaki, how long since she had stepped on the homeworld? Too long perhaps? It seemed a lifetime rather than a mere half an EVE standard year.

Often her ‘activities’ led her far a field and away from her planet of birth, she wondered what ‘home’ would be like following her extended time in the stars.

Again reflective, the Inaki considered her sudden decision to return, the request on the ‘black’ channel had come quite out of the blue, the old network was clearly still operational, the call to return home had been compelling, “the domestic situation has changed considerably your presence would be most helpful daughter of the Inaki”.

She altered the approach vector of the Rifter, gunned the micro warp drive, the additional drive shielding kicked in but still sensors leapt straight to danger levels as the vessel tore away from the main space lane, she could have sworn the rear of the pod was two, maybe three degrees warmer, she directed the vessel towards one of the moons, there she could use a smuggler shuttle to reach the planet surface, after all a known supporter for Intaki separatist movement could hardly walk up to fed navy customs.


The Corporation office was quiet, many of the active pilots were out working ‘roid fields or agent running, she wondered slowly around her suite, its plush furnishings littered like some rock star’s hotel room, she raised an eyebrow at the amount of sambuca bottles littered on the self, collecting the last of her belongings she felt would be necessary, the Minmatar side arm slid into its holster, a fine example of functionality over form, fitting that being opposed to some of the more oppressive ‘ideals’ of the Gallente policy she carried a weapon so foreign to the Federation’s passion for style.

She looked across her suite, perhaps the cleaners would be able to shift that stain that damn Caldari had made with his fried cheese and shrimp melt by the time she returned…

She stood and adjusted her catsuit, her svelte figure was done some justice by the garments cut. Her comm implant flared, and the wall mounted holo unit lit up, with a thought she allowed visual to activate, unusually it was the stations comms operator rather than the Corp operator, “We have a secure comm. channel for you ma’am, rerouted through DED’s encryption as well as its own security, will you accept and do you have the necessary cipher?” The Seibestor male looked nervous she thought, “code word?” she replied, “ISK” said the comm. operator, “fine push the message through” she snapped, simultaneously she used her neural ware to update the holo unit with the necessary cipher.

The holo unit sprung to life, the head and upper body of an old acquaintance leapt into view, the Inaki girl rolled her eyes, “monsieur?” she uttered, the man simply smiled and nodded, “my favourite Intaki terrorist!” he exclaimed, “I do hope you haven’t just called to bicker over our positions on freedom fighters again!” a wry smile broke out across her face as she finished her sentence, “ah if only! I am in need of your expertise I’m afraid, I have something that needs doing on Intaki” his broad grin disarmed her normally aggressive tendencies, but only slightly!

Posted - 2004.03.01 09:42:00 - [2]

“What in EVE have you been up to?” she enquired, the broad figure shook his head, he looked frayed, his business activities often left him with ‘problems’, “not so much me, someone representing my interests, lets just say they are not supposed to be on Intaki in the first place…” his voice trailed off, his normally jovial manner seemed a little glum. Clearly she considered, it was not a trivial matter, “and so I need to risk life and limb for you again?” the young woman grinned “what’s the pay like? As I remember I’m still owed some funding!” her contact’s face visibly lifted along with an eyebrow “funding?” he replied, quizzically “a contribution towards my own pet cause, you keep stringing me on you know” her playful tone seemed to have relaxed him further, his grin widened once more and his hand covered his face, “yes your right, I do don’t I! I’m sure I have some dirty cash somewhere, it will find its way into your account over the next few days” the big man responded, his fingers stroked his chin, “I’ll forward the details to you once your underway?” She nodded and closed the channel.


Her second day on Intaki Prime had been a whirlwind of meetings with various cell leaders and supporters, though it was best not to make authorities aware of her return it was vitally important that the movement knew one of its most prolific members was back, and a change in recent Intaki domestic policy meant it was a good opportunity to promote the cause another wave of Gallente regulations were making life needlessly bureaucratic.

On arrival she had told Marcel, her old cell leader, of her extra curricular activity, he had been quick to advise against her course of action, but she had explained though the reward more than accounted for the damage, and by now he was more than accustomed to his protégé’s single mindedness.

He had hope to negotiate with the gang, they were a known cartel, he knew it was unlikely the young Intaki Freedom Fighters reputation lent towards a more ‘aggressive’ policy when it came to mediation, this was how Marcel found himself thinking sat in darkened shipping office hacking through the cartel’s safe house security system his accomplice poised on the circling hover car some hundred metres above their roof.

Marcel’s eyes reflected the holo displays feint light, the guard they had been waiting for moved away from his post inside, he fired a neural comm. message “GO”.

She dived off the hover car’s stabiliser wing into the dark evening air, her delicate nostrils filled with the smells of the harbour and the street market’s barbequed shrimp.

The rush of the jump was exhilarating, adrenaline throbbed into her system, Marcel saw the change in her vitals as they leapt. The ground approached rapidly, she hit the small brake attached to the nanofibre cord which in turn connected her to the hover car above, with a jaw jarring jerk it arrested her descent, scant centimetres from the floor, she unclipped the webbing and flung herself against the wall.

A swift sprint brought her to the rear of the warehouse building, crouching she looked around the service area, the night was generously warm, and though it was late it could hardly be considered dark.

Marcel had applied an infra red filter over the building the two guards patrolling had passed the entry point, again the cyber link confirmed ‘GO’.

Marcel’s signal came through, she leapt over a low barrier and somersaulted through invisible motion beams, she landed next to the door, the quick application of the needle gun removed the lock, she just had to hope Marcel’s security buffer program would hold.

Wrenching the door and stepping inside, her figure caught in the haze moonlight, her figure cut a shadow as the light flooded through the door to show the interior of the warehouse, hmm can’t knock a good catsuit, she thought.

Closing the door she ran towards the office area, crates upon crates of contraband littered the warehouse, considering the volumes of product the ISK value of the boosters had to be in the hundreds of millions.

The office space was illuminated and of course guards, some real resistance, electronic surveillance was easy to bypass if you have the knowledge.

The first guard roared ‘hey what the..’ a forward cartwheel culminating in a drop kick saw her first assailant take an early nap. His body mass managed to partially shatter the reinforced glass of the main office door. Undoubtedly though their would be where her mark was being held.

The second guard hesitated, he looked stared at the lithe Intaki girl as she picked her self off the floor, she rolled her neck and then tensed her shoulders, finally she turned her head to an angle, raising an eyebrow as the guard took flight.

A handful of guards felt the Black Hand’s style of close combat before reaching the cell door.

Posted - 2004.03.01 09:50:00 - [3]

She opened the door to the dimly lit cell, on the floor in his torn trousers sat the Amarri, “Faustian?” she barked, the slumped figure looked up, she now noticed his left foot, crudely bandaged with strips of trouser leg.

“looks like your short on some toenails Faustian” as she spoke the Amarrian stirred, suddenly with surprising speed he hurtled towards her in an attempt to tackle his liberator, a simple twist from her and he ran into the wall, collapsing to the floor, she stepped closer and then crouched close to Faustian’s bruised head.

“Faustian, my name is Miso, your benefactor obviously feels you have some value otherwise he would not have contracted me to secure your release, now can you walk?” her level tone seemed to help the Amarrian relax, “I can run if you can get me out of here Miso” he groaned, Miso helped him to his feet and on to the waiting hover car.

(OOC: thanks to Miso)

Imperial Dreams
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2004.03.01 10:14:00 - [4]

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Miso has so many talents Smile

I may even have to hire her myself one day. Wink

Posted - 2004.03.01 11:48:00 - [5]

Top work Faustian, credit all goes to you...

I can see a joint venture on the cards...

Imperial Shipment
Posted - 2004.03.01 19:56:00 - [6]


Polaris Corporation
Posted - 2004.03.02 05:10:00 - [7]

Topic Moved to library....

Lorna Doone
Hell's Cheerleaders
Posted - 2004.03.03 16:59:00 - [8]

Bravo, Faustian! Very Happy


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