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Posted - 2004.02.29 06:32:00 - [1]

It is with great pleasure that as High Priest of the Q-Religion, I bestow these scriptures upon you. Grow wise from them.

1:1 - At first there was nothing. An empty, black place the universe was. It remained this way for quite some time. Q came to the nothingness, he saw much potential. He saw the potential for life. He saw the potential for happiness. He held out his hand and transferred a small portion of his essence to the nothingness. This essence began to expand. It stretched and as it did it created cosmos, planets, planetoids, and all things solid. Then Q took the first planet created, and he took another part of his essence and made the first people. They wondered how they got there and Q said to them, “I have created you from myself. Feel free to use what I have given you to create for yourselves. I will be watching.” With that he left and the people began to seek food and shelter. Q had created animals for them to hunt. He created trees that they could use to create shelter. Life prospered in perfect harmony.


2:1 – Years passed and the original people had built a small village. They had mastered many craftsmen arts and their structures became greater by the day. Eventually Q came down again and said to them, “My children, you have done so well for yourselves. I want you to pick a first, someone to represent your tribe. When you have picked one, ring this bell.” Q created a magical bell in the center of town.

2:2 – The villagers struggled, who should be given this honor. They knew they were all created from the same essence, all had equal potential. They decided to pick the oldest, most wise man to be their first. That man was Jorahl. The vote was almost unanimous, there was another man who felt he was a better pick for the job, and his name was Hordahl. At the selection ceremony he felt a strange emotion, he was angry that Jorahl had been selected instead of himself. This emotion was new, no one had ever heard of it, or at least never spoke of it. Hordahl suppressed this emotion and feigned happiness for his comrade.

2:3 – Jorahl rang the magical bell Q had placed. Q came down from the heavens and spoke, “You have selected a first?”

“Yes, my lord, we have. I am the first.” Jorahl kneeled and spoke.

“Excellent, Jorahl, I have endowed you with some of my power. I have also endowed you with the gift of agelessness. Now Jorahl, for your first duty as first, you must pick a second, someone to accompany you.”

“The choice is easy, lord. I choose Hordahl! He is second only to me in knowledge. Surly we will accomplish more together then apart!”

“Very well then, Hordahl, I have given you a portion of my power. Not as much as Jorahl but enough to make you ageless as well, enough to help Jorahl lead. With your new powers the first task is for you to discover new lands. Populate this world with your presence. Only consume what you need, however.”

2:4 – A few years had since passed. Jorhal and Hordahl explored the lands. They discovered new animals, new lands not yet graced by Q’s people. They were in the mountains when Hordahl began to feel the strange emotions that haunted him before. As each day passed he began to develop contempt for Jorahl. As Jorhal shared his wisdom with Hordahl, Hordahl felt only more contempt and jealousy for Jorhal. One night while camping in a cave, Hordahl finally reached his breaking point. Jorhal was sleeping and Hordahl had his hands around a spear. He felt the power course through his veins. He brought the spear to bear on Jorhal’s heart. Jorhal never awoke that morning, or ever again.

2:5 – Hordahl felt no remorse for what he had done. The next morning he walked out of the cave and left Jorhal there to rot. Hordahl began his journey back to the village with Jorhal’s journal in hand. He whistled happily as he walked through the woods, he imagined all the people welcoming him back home. Their joy as he showed them the new settlements they could set up. He was so busy he didn’t notice someone falling into step beside him. Hordahl finally noticed his new companion, “Hello Q.”

“Hello child. I know what you did.”

Hordahl felt a chill down his back, “You do?”

“You can’t hide anything from me. They will not follow you.”

“They will follow me!” Hordahl argued angrily.

“No, they won’t. The river of consequence will flow against you. You will be brought to bear for your actions.”

“You can’t do anything to me! Stay away from me Q!” Hordahl angrily asserted.

“I will not be the one to make you answer for your actions. The tribe will.” Q calmly answered.

“They will not! They will be loyal to me! More loyal then they are to you! They will become my people! You cannot do anything to change that!”

“You are free to use whatever means in your disposal to try and change the fact that they are my people. I will not interfere.” Q asserted.

“I will!” Hordahl shouted angrily and then ran towards the village.

Posted - 2004.02.29 06:33:00 - [2]

Edited by: Pulgor on 29/02/2004 07:39:26
2:6 Hordahl returned to the village with the journal. The villagers wanted to know where Jorhal was. Hordahl decided to tell them that Jorhal was attacked by wild animals and killed. The towns people congratulated Hordahl on bringing the journal back. Hordahl was hailed as a messiah, however only temporarily. As new settlements were established people began to grieve for Jorahl, the first. Eventually it became Jorhal who had settlements named after him. Hordahl never had a settlement named after him and never had any worshipers.

2:7 – One time whilst exploring the mountains, a young lad named Defel found a skeleton in the caves, a spear sticking in it. The villagers of that settlement naturally concluded that it was Jorhdal’s body. The three existing settlements were summoned to the cave, there was only three. This was the first time they’d seen murder. Before the only thing Q’s people died of, was old age. Hordahl was summoned to explain the death of Jorahl. It was then that Hordahl confessed. “I killed him!” Hordahl hissed.

“He was too smart, too smug. He would have been the death of us. I killed him so we live!”

However the villagers disagreed, Q would not have wanted his children to murder each other they thought. Therefore they decided the only way to make Hordahl atone for his crime was to imprison him in the cave. Hordahl began to feel guilty. He snatched the spear, and he was about to impale himself when Q appeared again, “was I correct?” Q asked.

“Yes, they never named a village after me. They never worshipped me as a new god. You were correct, Q.”

“I suppose there’s only one thing left…” Hordahl said and with that he stabbed himself with the spear. However he didn’t die, the wound began to heal itself and the spear began to glow a red color.

“You cannot die. You have some of my power now. And now that you tried to die with that spear, the same one that was used to kill Jordahl, you have his power now.” Q stated.

“I see… you must realize I will defy you with every turn. I will attempt to foil your people and lead them down the wrong path. I will attempt to turn them against you at every turn and have them service me.”

“I know that, Hordahl. It was a balance that had to be implemented. This utopia could not be forever. This cave has become tainted with the crime committed here. It has become evil as you now have. I wish you well Hordahl. I hope that someday you can rejoin us in the light.”


3:1 – Many years had passed since Hordahl became evil. There were over 50 villages established all thought the land. The one beside the mountains was renamed to “Jorahl” the former settlement bearing the Jorahl name was renamed “Hordahl”. In the Jordahl settlement, food merchants were suffering a shortage. Farms could not produce enough for the people. People prayed daily for a solution however none came. One Merchant named Fidel was summoned by Hordahl. At Fidel would not answer the devils call, however he eventually succumbed to curiosity. He went into the mouth of the cave, like very few others have before. Hordahl did attract some followers. The ones he did attract became disfigured. They became Hordahl’s minions. Hordahl was waiting for Fidel. Hordahl maintained his human form. Only through his own power which came from Q could he do this. Otherwise he was a demon like creature like his followers. “Welcome to my lair.” Hordahl said to Fidel as he entered.

“I know you don’t really look human. That’s a trick.”

“Of course it is, Fidel. However that’s not important. What is important is that I can help you.” Hordahl said.

“How can you help me?” Fidel asked, with a sign of contempt.

3:2 – Hordahl paused a second and then said, “Your town is suffering a food shortage, correct?”

“Yes, it is. We merchants can’t keep up with the demand for food. Farmers fields are running dry.” Fidel noted.

“Then can I give you a gift?” Hordahl asked.

“Let’s see it!” Fidel demanded, wanting to leave this place.

Hordahl waved his hands and before him appeared a small device. It had a handle on the top, a long shaft to a disk on the bottom. 1/3erd way down the shaft it had a platform with some dials on it and some blinking lights. “Use this on your own crops. They will grow while others do not.”

“How does it work?” Fidel asked.

Hordahl held up his hand and suddenly Fidel was embued with the knowledge of how it works. “There is one condition, however.” Hordahl mentioned.

“What is that?” Fidel asked.

“You cannot share it, or any crops it helps to produce with anyone else. It will only work on your crops. No one else will be able to use it. This is YOUR gift.” Hordahl specified.

“I think I can live with that.” Fidel said happily, he then took the device and left the cave.

Posted - 2004.02.29 06:34:00 - [3]

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3:3 – Months passed and Fidel’s shop prospered. Other shops began to shut down, unable to compete. Soon only Fidel’s shop was left. His shop prospered and Fidel began to raise prices as his shop was the only source of food. Eventually he controlled the land and all the farms. This didn’t quench his greed. He became even greedier. Now called the Fidel Food Imperium he expanded his business. He supplied food to 60% of the settlements. However his prices became so high that some people couldn’t afford to pay them. However Fidel cared not for them. He cared about the silvers he was collecting. There was much death, eventually the High Priest of all the settlements made a pilgrimage to Jorahl Settlement to talk with Fidel.

3:4 – The High Priest was a woman named Kyla. She talked with Fidel about what he was doing.

“Fidel, people are dieing because they cannot afford to pay you what you demand. You must lower your prices, or donate some food.”

“Hah! I don’t think so, Kyla. I have a business to run!” Fidel snorted.

“I see, and what about those who cannot afford your prices? You’re content to just let them starve to death?” Kyla demanded.

“They’re problems are no concern of mine.” Fidel responded, emotionless.

“I see, I don’t think you’ll be able to get away with this much longer.” Kyla responded.

“Whatever.” Then Fidel made her leave.

3:5 – After Kyla announced the results of her conversation, mass riots began. Fidel lost everything, even the guards revolted and turned his entire crops to dust. Fidel ran to Hordahl’s cave. “How nice to see you again Fidel, how is the business going.”

“I’ve lost everything, Hordahl.” Fidel cried.

“I’m very sorry to hear that.” Hordahl said with what sounded like genuine compassion.

“The people are after me, they want to kill me.”

“You know there’s only one way out of this, don’t you Fidel?” Hordahl said.

Fidel thought for a second, and then he said, “Yes, I know.” There was a tear streaming down his cheek now. Hordahl handed Fidel the spear that he used to murder Jorahl with. Fidel grabbed it slowly and then trudged to the cave entrance. The masses would not go inside the cave. They held vigil out side it. Fidel appeared. He said, “I have wronged you all, there is no redemption for me!” He held up a key, “This is the key to the food storehouse. It will work on all the store houses. Please use it and feed yourselves.” He threw the key at the masses. Then he took the spear and plunged himself right in the heart with it. He rolled over and was dead. Hordahl’s minion’s grabbed the corpse and took it into the cave with them.

For his pact with Hordahl, Fidel became an arch demon. He cast off the name “Fidel” and became Lazelb, king of the underworld.
I will reveal more as the proper time approaches.

Posted - 2004.03.04 04:46:00 - [4]


4:1 – Time ebbed and flowed as it does and soon there were many settlements, many kingdoms and castles. One such kingdom was “Jerall” named after king Jerall. Jerall’s kingdom was in discontent. His people were in turmoil. Starving on the streets from lack of food, and the trees were not fit for building shelters. Shelters collapsed regularly in the storms that frequented the area. Jerall cried to the lord for help.

4:2 – A man by the name of Frejal heard him. He was a prophet of Q. The prophets were tasked with spreading the word of Q thought the land. Frejal entered the kingdom of Jerall. “What troubles you, my child?” Frejal asked.

“My people, they’re dieing and I want to help them. I don’t know what to do! We have no source of food, and we have no source of shelter. What we do have takes too much work to mold into food and shelter.”

“You must move to the east, and work with neighboring kingdoms to achive your goals.”

“I’ll take that into consideration.” Jerall said.

4:3 – Jerall didn’t want to share his kingdom with others. He wanted to be self-sufficient. He wanted his kingdom to be the one to rule them all. It was then that another man came to his kingdom. It was Hordahl in disguise. The man called himself Tekel. He demanded audience with the king.

“Your kingdom is suffering I see.” Tekel said.

“Yes, I have appealed to the lord, but have received no help.” Jerall said.

“I can help you, the food here would be useful if harvested enough correct? The surrounding brush could be used for shelter if molded together enough right?” Tekel said.

“Yes, Tekel, it would, but the people would riot. They would die before working that hard to make the kingdom powerful.”

“I have your solution.” Tekel produced an artifact. “This device will make your people into slaves. You will be their master, they will only listen to you. They will no longer need food or tire out. They will have no will of their own. There is a condition to this gift however, once used it can never be taken off. Do you accept my gift?”

Jerall thought for a second. Then he let his lust for power get the better of him, “I’ll take your contraption.” He said to Tekel.

Tekel waved his hand and suddenly Jerall knew how to use this strange artifact, he then took the artifact and began to employ it.

4:4 – The Artifact worked instantly. The people of his kingdom began to work for him devoid of free will. Very rapidly food and shelter were produced. He gave his people enough to survive and work, and they built for him an empire. As the years passed it grew larger until Jerall had the largest empire of them all.

4:5 – Soon Jerall’s empire expanded so much that it’s boarders touched with the other kingdoms. However Jerall’s thirst for power was unquenchable as lust for power always is. He began to invade kingdoms. Other kingdoms decided to look the other way. They didn’t want to send men to die. Jerall’s troops had no will of they’re own, they were killing machines. One after another Jerall’s kingdom steamrolled over others and as they were conquered, the people became mindless slaves thanks to Hordahl’s device.

4:6 – Eventually the other kingdoms realized that he wasn’t going to stop. They united against him in a Holy War. The war lasted for many years and Jerall had all the power because they tried appeasement in the first place. However the Holy Forces won out in the end, as they rallied at Jerall’s castle, Jerall was inside. Q appeared before him, and Jerall asked him, “My lord, where did I go wrong?” A tear flowed down his cheek.

“Your hunger for power is unquenchable, as are all who give in to it. You turned your people into slaves, robbing them of their free will. You had no right to own another person. They cannot defend you now. They are thoughtless drones. Thralls if you will, one effect of freedom is the ability to be loyal. Slaves are not loyal, they are drones and now they abandon you as you suffer.” Q stated.

With that Q disappeared and Tekel stood there, “Can you help me! Please help me!” Jerall begged as the throng of soldiers began knocking down his keep door. “There is only one thing you can do.” With that Tekel handed Jerall the spear that had killed Jorhal. Jerall took the spear and stabbed himself in the heart with it, not wanting to face the throng of soldiers.

4:7 – Jerall joined Hordahl’s ranks. He became lord of the mines. Anyone who works with Jerall becomes a thrall, an unwilling slave to serve his masses.

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4:8 – Q saw his people in peril and he gave some directives to the head Priest of the Q-Religion at the time, his name was Calic.

The directives were as follows:

1 – No one shall ever consume god’s resources for themselves alone. They were created for everyone and will be used by everyone.
2 – No one shall ever exploit labor for personal gain. Everyone is entitled to compensation for their efforts.

3 – Never will one murder another.

4 – Never will one take the possessions of another. To do so disrespects those possessions and the labor to attain them.

5 – Ownership cannot be claimed on a living being. They were created free and shall be free for all time. Freedom is god’s gift, not humans’.

6 – Societies law is to be treated as god’s law in all matters except for these directives.

7 – Those that do not follow these directives work for Hordahl, and will join him in Vekal when they leave this plain.

(Chapters missing, the search continues to find them)


5:1 – The people evolved and eventually became space faring. Exploring the cosmos that Q created for them. They settled other planets and soon other galaxies and universes. These original people were the “First People.” Many lost their way. They could not escape Hordahl or his minion’s influence.

5:2 - The nature of the cosmos changed such that their ships could no longer travel. It was very strange as a whole universe of “The first people” began to regress back to the old tribal ways. There was one universe of people that did re-evolve, they became space faring once more and they also discovered a gateway. This gate way allowed them to explore another galaxy. These people had much rife and vileness, however. They exploited and cheated one another. Q saw these people, and he thought, “My wonderful children, what has Hordahl done to you.” And he saw as Hordahl and his followers wrecked havoc upon his people. Murder, death, violence, and all other evil was commonplace. Q had enough. He decided a new beginning was for the better. Q’s hand came down and he pushed the gateway with his hand, he broke the link it once had. The gateway no longer functioned. Hordahl’s minions trapped on one side, and a pure people on the other side.

5:3 – Two paths began to form. On Hordahl’s side, the vileness continued and their civilization evolved at the expense human freedom. On the other side they regressed as they were dependent on Hordahl, however that soon past. They began once again to evolve on their own terms. They may have been sealed off from Hordahl’s minions. however they were not exiled from Hordahl. Hordahl used his power to travel through the gate. He could not influence the people directly as he could before. He instead found a people influenced easily.

5:4 – He whispered in the ears of one of their leaders. Hordahl said to him, “These people have not earned their freedom to choose. Look at them squabbling about instead of building your empire. Would you have that? You are a great man and your vision should be upheld at all costs.” Hordahl said. The leader was weak. He felt it was true even before Hordahl spoke to him. It was then that Hordahl made him emperor of a new religion. Instead of an artifact, this leader used whips and chains to keep slaves in line.

5:5 – He said unto them, “You will evolve to earn your freedom when you see things the way I do. Until then you are indebted to me and to god.” Over time they forgot the name Hordahl. They instead just used the name god. Hordahl showed them the secrets of technology. He showed them how to wield it, how to use it. The only condition was to worship him as god.

5:6 – As time went on, the new religion Hordahl created for them worked wonderfully. They discovered space travel first, and began to conquer as Jerall had done before them. It was at this point that the same downfall that happened to Jerall happened to these new people. Others united against them, and fought instead of being conquered. Hordahl however was still in control, and he wouldn’t let them die out as Jerall’s followers did. Therefore he called for the man he made emperor to stop. And it was done.

5:7 – to this day those people still practice Hordahl’s religion. However once Hordahl’s forces come through the gate once more, Hordahl’s new minions will still be no match for them and they will be no longer needed. Like most things that Hordahl no longer needs, they will perish.


A: What’s Q’s full name? Well signs indicate it to be Quanas, however there is no certainty in it. In nearly every documentation discovered says ‘Q’.

B: Why hasn’t anyone spoken of Q-Religion until now? Well as the last chapter indicates, it seems people forgot the faith. It wasn’t until recently that Q communicated to Pulgor in a vision and that the faith was rediscovered. Currently the Q-Religion is on a search for books that would prove t


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