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Soeniss Delazur
Blue Republic
Posted - 2007.10.31 14:20:00 - [1]

Im very new to jump clones and don't find the info on the website very clear. I wondered if somebody could spend 5 minutes answering the following questions!

Lets say Im in high sec with my main clone (location A) and I want an access point to a given station in low sec (location B).

I want to freely integrate my "body" in A and B. I suppose my standings against the station owners in both A and B are above 8.0.

1- I surely need to create a jump clone in B. Do I need to create one in A too?

2- Do I need to update my clones in both A and B to insure a SP loss if I get podkilled?

3- If I get podkilled in my jump clone from B, do I wake up in B? Do I lose anything or need to redefine my jump clone in B?


Species 5618
Posted - 2007.10.31 14:23:00 - [2]

You place a jump clone somewhere you have standings to do so. You clone jump to it. Your old body (implants and all) becomes a new jump clone (no standings required) at the station you jumped from and you lose your jump clone at the station you just jumped to (you are, after all, walking around in it at the moment). If podded, you wake up wherever your medical clone is set to.

Throughout all of this, your medical clone never changes. You only ever update it when you have more SP than it covers.

Dawn of a new Empire
The Initiative.
Posted - 2007.10.31 14:56:00 - [3]

Edited by: niroshido on 31/10/2007 14:57:01
you need a very high standing with the NPC corperation u intend on placing a clone with.
you need to be part of a corp or an alliance who has exclusive rights to an outpost or allied outpost to place clones

if u have set a jump clone in an outpost in 0.0, and u are in empire, you can jump clone to your 0.0 jump clone, WHILE the clone u just left, remains in empire

its kinda difficult to understand (what im saying) but u cant INSTALL jump clones in empire unless you have some excellent standings with the owner of the station, but u can ABANDON your clone to jump to another clone

it takes 1 clone to make a jump, and thats asuming the jump clone has been INSTALLED at where u want to go, u simply ABANDON the clone u were in, previous to jumping

Durn Loze
Posted - 2007.10.31 15:01:00 - [4]

Edited by: Durn Loze on 31/10/2007 15:11:20

1- Where you create the JCs does not matter. Where you are when you jump from your existing clone determines what station you have JCs. So you buy a JC in A which stays there. You then fly to B and you jump back to A. When you jump, you activate the JC in A and the body you leave behind in B becomes a JC in that station.

2- No. Your medical clone and JC are not connected in any way. No matter how many JCs you have spread over how many stations, if you die in any body, you always appear in your medical clone, where ever you have it.

3-No. See #2.

The easy way to think about it is that you are in a JC right now, when you are playing and flying around space. So, everyone starts the game with one JC which is them. That is their "active" JC. But without a second JC to jump into, its not of much use. When you buy a second JC, you now have two bodies or two JCs to jump between. One is active, the one you are using, and one is inactive sitting in a station somewhere. When you jump, you deactivate the JC in the station you are at and leave it there and activate the JC in the other station.

To put a JC in a station you merely have to fly there and jump back to an inactive JC in another station. So, buy a JC in station A which places an inactive JC in station A, fly the active JC (You) to station B and jump back to station A. This deactivates your JC in station B and activates the one in station A. Buy another JC in station A, fly to station C and jump back to station A, buy another JC in station A, fly to station D and jump back to station A. You now have inactive JCs in B, C and D and your active JC, which is you, in station A.

Do not jump from a station where you have an existing inactive JC. This would put two inactive JCs at the same stations which doesn't work and one JC will be destroyed.



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