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Fedaykin Zensunni
Posted - 2008.03.02 20:59:00 - [121]

Every year Gardner Dozois releases a awesome short story anthology called "The Year's Best Science Fiction". I believe they are up to 24 now with the 25th one set to be released in July 08. Those are definitely highly recommended.
Fitzpatrick's War by Theodore Judson is also a amazing sci-fi book, too bad he hasn't written anything else though.

Channa ErOs
Rebuck Holdings
Posted - 2008.03.02 21:09:00 - [122]

Edited by: Channa ErOs on 02/03/2008 21:16:17
Originally by: Frater Perdurabo
Alfred Bester - The Starts My Destination

Should be: The Stars My Destination...

Agree though great story.

Jack L Chalker - Series that includes Pirates of the Thunder.

Think all of my others have been mentioned but only reading page three atm.

Alan Dean Foster's Aliens has been mentioned but as its rather sub par Wink please add the Flinx in Flux series.

Jaedar Metron
Posted - 2008.03.02 21:30:00 - [123]

Whee, nice list. Will have to check a couple of these :)

Kinda ashamed to say that of all the books there I have only read the Ender Saga Embarassed

Missiles 'R' Us
Posted - 2008.03.02 21:50:00 - [124]

Didn't wanna go through all the pages but if i did post anything, it was prolly to promote Jack Vance.

His work should definitly be on the list and is a must read for every scifi novel reader.

If ur not familiar with his work, u should try the Demon Princes and Tschai

Manus Stuprare
Cold Service
Posted - 2008.03.02 21:55:00 - [125]

C.S.Lewis - Perelandra(Voyage to Venus), That Hideous Strength (just to complete the trilogy, last one is my favourite)
David Zindell - Neverness

Mighty Dread
Posted - 2008.03.02 21:59:00 - [126]

Don't know if it's been mentioned yet:

Neuromancer, Idoru, Mona Lisa Smile, all by William Gibson. If for anything because they have Rastas in space :p. Also Isaac Asimov's Robot Series, and the Mission Earth series by L.Ron Hubbard.

Suicidal Tendencies Ltd
Posted - 2008.03.03 12:43:00 - [127]

Please Add :

Jon Courtenay Grimwood - Remix, Redrobe, Neoaddix, Lucifers Dragon
R A Heinlein - Friday, Starship Troopers, The Cat who walks through walls, Glory Road, The moon is a harsh Mistress.

Talon SilverHawk
Patria o Muerte
Posted - 2008.03.03 13:48:00 - [128]

Niel Asher - His polity books are great
Peter Hamilton: The Reality Dysfunction, The Neutronium Alchemist, Night's Dawn Trilogy
Alastair Reynolds: The Revelation Space Series, Chasm City, Pushing Ice, Redemption Art, Galactic North, Absolution Gap, Revalation Space, Century Rain
Ian M Banks
David Webber - Off Armaggedon Reef, 1632 series, Mutineers Moon series
Elizabeth Moon - Vattas War series

Black Library

Sandy Mitchell - Ciaphas Cain
Dan Abnett
Nathan Long

Roy Gordon
Caldari Advanced Response Division
Power Of 3
Posted - 2008.03.03 13:49:00 - [129]

E.E 'Doc' Smith's 'Lensman' series has to be considered A1 essential reading.

Posted - 2008.03.03 14:28:00 - [130]

Edited by: Yazmina on 03/03/2008 14:28:16
William R. Forstchen- I am really surprised that no one mentioned him. He is definately one of the best sci-fi writers I have ever read. His Wing Commander Series is absolutely amazing and a true favorite. I think that anyone who plays Eve would love this series too. Here are a list of the books:

Wing Commander: Action Stations
Wing Commander: End Run
Wing Commander: Fleet Action
Wing Commander: Heart of the Tiger
Wing Commander: False Colors
Wing Commander: The Price of Freedom

All of them are highly recommended. They are in order chronologically. Enjoy!

Anson Niven
Posted - 2008.03.03 14:54:00 - [131]

Samuel R. Delany: Dhalgren

I've read almost everything listed above but in the 'softer' sci-fi category this is my favorite.

Mangus Thermopyle
Divine Retribution
Daisho Syndicate
Posted - 2008.03.03 16:21:00 - [132]

I have read about a gazillion SF books, and here are my top-3:
1. Stephen Donaldsson: The Gap Conflict (5 books). My nick is taken from a character in there.
2. Iain M. Banks books about the Culture.
3. Dan Simmons first 2 books about Hyperion (the third and fourth isnt very good).

Mangus Thermopyle
Divine Retribution
Daisho Syndicate
Posted - 2008.03.03 16:23:00 - [133]

Originally by: Talon SilverHawk
Alastair Reynolds: The Revelation Space Series, Chasm City, Pushing Ice, Redemption Art, Galactic North, Absolution Gap, Revalation Space, Century Rain

That would probably be my fourth choise. Excellent books.

Sue Mee
Posted - 2008.03.03 16:26:00 - [134]

well, maybe not the best sci-fi book, but i remember reading Jurassic Park (from Michael Crichton) and found it increibly better than the movie. i thought it was trully a believable situation and it has a filosophy and mathematical background that i found quite enjoying.

Eben Rochelle
RPS holdings
Posted - 2008.03.03 16:30:00 - [135]

Edited by: Eben Rochelle on 03/03/2008 16:30:45
Tony Ballantyne


Oh and lol @ Lensman. classic but lol

Pegasus Reborn Research Corp
Fidelas Constans
Posted - 2008.03.03 16:33:00 - [136]

Beat ya to it Thermopyle :P I listed it in an earlier page.

On a side note, it's nice to see an actual community thread without the typical carebear/pirate label crap being thrown around

Although, I'd bet Thermopyle is a pirate!!


Posted - 2008.03.03 16:41:00 - [137]

Asimov - Nightfall (the novel), The Gods Themselves,
Piers Anthony - Tarot series, Triple Detante, Ghost, Incarnations of Immortality series (combo of sci-fi and fantasy)

Although he's known for his fantasy, Piers Anthony is an excellent sci-fi writer.

Dessa DesPlains
Center for Advanced Studies
Posted - 2008.03.04 00:45:00 - [138]

Fred Saberhagen's Beserkers. Robotic killing machines bent on sterilizing the universe. mmmm sexy.

The Scope
Posted - 2008.03.04 02:19:00 - [139]

i read tons of stuff basically cos im on the grave yard shift all the dam time , so i read a lot of stephen king stuff .black ice was awesome by dan verton , and so was teenage hackers but cant recall the authors name off hand but i read that twice
the world of warcraft books are also a pretty kewl read , apart from that i read a lot of 2nd world war stuff

Ged Satti
Satti Research and Development
Gunboat Diplomacy
Posted - 2008.03.04 04:09:00 - [140]

Edited by: Ged Satti on 04/03/2008 04:09:15
As much as it pains me to say it Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon probably shouldn't be on the list since it's really just fiction and not Sci-Fi, though an amazing piece of fiction it is. In fact everyone who was planning on trying to gank me this week drop those plans and go read some Stephenson instead. Very Happy

Also unless he's gotten better than what I read of his I can't believe people are touting Kevin J Anderson on here. It's like he read "sci-fi/fantasy writing for dummies" and decided to give it a go.

RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2008.03.04 05:05:00 - [141]

Matthew Stover: Traitor

If you're into Star Wars you'll love it. It's part of the New Jedi Order series, which starts a few years after Episode 6. An alien race from another galaxy is invading - they use biotechnology exclusively (their weapons, their armors, even their spaceships are bio-engineered organisms) and perform self mutilation to come close to their gods. And strangely enough, they appear to be non-existent in the Force...

Spacy Tracy
Science and Trade Institute
Posted - 2008.03.04 05:22:00 - [142]

Edited by: Spacy Tracy on 04/03/2008 05:27:27
>32. Stephen Donaldson: The Gap Series

Dark, dark, dark stuff. Very Eve-like in it's grimness. Highly recommended.

Haven't seen it mentioned so far, but:

David Zindell's Neverness series (Neverness, The Broken God, The Wild, War In Heaven). Also vaguely Eve-like. Superhuman pilots solving math equations to traverse space. Trippy, and little on the long-winded mystical side, but very good stuff.

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