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Posted - 2007.10.30 01:38:00 - [1]

A fine example of CCP's and Paybycash Customer service;

On the 22nd of oktober, I pay for -1- month using paybycash.
Paybycash takes the amount from my bank account.
Paybycash pays CCP, and I get 1 month gametime.
3 minutes later, paybycash makes -another- 1 month payment in error.
1,5 days later Paybycash realises this and reverses the -last- payment.
CCP suspends my account even while the 1st payment is STILL THERE and OK.

I file a petition, and mail Paybycash (they claim to respond in 15-30mins).

Get ignored for 5 days by both CCP and Paybycash, no response what so ever. Not even a 'sorry' or 'working on it'. They dont even tell me what the actual problem is. Just total communication silence.

I file a 'stuck' petition, as I am stuck. I paid, but cannot even login. If that aint stuck! It gets a response withit 10minutes 'wait for other petiton' and a warning.

What kind of customer support is this?

I am a paying customer, CCP and Paybycash both make a mistake, and now I am the one who should shut up and wait? Sorry? I've waited for 5 days now, I am sick of it. I am sure my legal insurance can handle this matter is there is no response within the next 24h. And that would mean leaving eve-online. But to be honest, with this kind of support, I dont even want to play.

Just wanted to inform people about the state of the customer service, and how important CCP finds its paying customers.

Lol, just mentioned the above in my response to a petition:


As this is now a legal matter I am now closing this petition.

Best regards,
GM Tacgnol
EvE Online Customer Service Support

So they are saying they will not solve it in the next 24h.


Posted - 2007.10.30 02:08:00 - [2]

Dont cross post.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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