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Coconut Joe
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2007.10.27 12:04:00 - [1]

Edited by: Coconut Joe on 24/04/2008 22:40:42
Edited by: Coconut Joe on 24/02/2008 17:04:20
Eve shop is an all in one shop and product management system designed for corporations who do not have the in-house technical experience to code a shop for themselves. All you need is a web server with php 4 and mysql 3 and you're ready to go.


1. Administration area that includes:
* Order Management - see what your customer have ordered, and if they want it delivered/picked up.
* Pickup Location Management - easily list where your customers can pick up their orders
* Stock Management - easily select which products you sell from the eve data dump - this means you don't have to manually type in any products info, it's already there with its picture.
* Stock tracking - ensure you don't sell stock you will not have available for a while.
* Sales Management - Set a minimum ammount of a product that can be bought at one time.
* Price Management - easily assign prices to products that you sell and Assign different prices for people belonging to select corp and/or alliances
* Admin Management - Manage which sections of the administration area members of your corporation can access for improved security.
* Email Alerts - can be sent to you every time someone makes an order.
2. Front End that includes:
* Customer basket so they don't forget what they've ordered
* Customer account creation - allows the customer to see their previous orders, as well as saving their current basket so that it can accessed by the customer between the IGB and out of game browsers.
* Intuitively laid out shop menus - allows the customer to quickly find out what she wants.
* IGB compatability - customer can browse for stuff in the game, and allows you to send out eve mails linking to items you sell that the customer can view without leaving the game.
* IGB Trust headers so the customer can easily order products through the IGB
* Limited API key reader for customer identification for foolproof customer identification using an out of game browser.

New features include:

1. Improved admin management
2. Optional flat rate delivery charge
3. Optional reduced pricing for stations you select.
4. Ability to export orders to a spreadsheet.

If you want I'll install it for you for free.

All for a mere ISK 300 million :D.
Please feel free to view the demo site here:
Admin area access available on request.

The Better Guys
Posted - 2007.10.27 13:39:00 - [2]


Please contact me in game.



Drunken Wookies
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2007.10.27 14:07:00 - [3]

reserved for later use

The Better Guys
Posted - 2007.10.28 19:26:00 - [4]

Edited by: Memno on 28/10/2007 19:27:08
Nice bit of work

Best Priced T2 Med Missiles Heavy & Assault Click me to show off Joes work

Many thanks Joe.

Kaeri Corp
Posted - 2007.10.30 13:09:00 - [5]

Jo, can you send some prices vie eve mail to me please


Johnathan Walker
Posted - 2007.10.30 17:19:00 - [6]

Eve mail sent in game.

Johnathan Walker
Posted - 2007.10.31 00:06:00 - [7]


That's all I have to say to this. It's insane. Although the setup was a bit complicated, Coco walked me through each step and even did a bit of modifying for us to get our logo and description up without us doing it.

Definitely will be keeping an eye out for updates and add-ons :D

Templars of Space Shop (Coco's work live!)

White Star Ltd
Mjolnir Alliance
Posted - 2007.10.31 03:27:00 - [8]

hmm 300mil for this... are you going to clean it up to make it more... erm.. Professional looking.. it just looks like you just slap it on there actually...

Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2007.10.31 11:17:00 - [9]

Great tool so far and certainly worth the iskies.

True, layout could be better but i think that's just a matter of time. So far i like it a lot.

Joe, i also found some minor issues. Eve mailed them to you so you can have a look.

Great tool mate, keep up the good work. I'll glaedly test more of it

Posted - 2007.10.31 11:45:00 - [10]

plz contact me ingame

Posted - 2007.10.31 12:40:00 - [11]

contact in game please via eve mail

many thanks

The Better Guys
Posted - 2007.11.04 15:30:00 - [12]

he he nice to see business picking up Joe!!! Well done

Coconut Joe
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2007.11.24 11:31:00 - [13]

Version 1.1 is now out.

Features include:
1: Assign different prices for people belonging to select corp and/or alliances
2: Stock tracking ensures that you don't sell stock you will not have available for a while.
3: Email Alerts can be sent to you every time someone makes an order.
4: Set a minimum amount of a product that can be bought at one time.

More details can be found at

Eve mail me for any enquiries

Henry Fredyericus
H.F. Enterprises
Interstellar Trade Syndicate
Posted - 2007.11.24 14:59:00 - [14]

Nice to see that there are such bright entrepreneurs like Coconut Joe.
Currently the EVE IGB webtrade is a promising future trend and only the ones, who start early, have the best profit advantages. Also there are currently hardly any web developers who would take up the time and effort to make their public business around EVE IGB.

So for conclusion, Coconut Joe is having another interested customer Cool

Keep up the interest, Coconut Joe

Posted - 2007.11.24 17:58:00 - [15]

Mail me price please

Agent Stone
Volition Cult
Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2007.11.27 21:59:00 - [16]


I have poped you an evemail ingame. Please can you contact me ingame or in #assti on

Agent Stone

Agent Stone
Volition Cult
Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2007.11.28 23:54:00 - [17]

Many thanks for your web application, support, and time.

I will be honest and admit that the shop took a while to set up, partly due to my server configuration? However, a few emails, and chats to Joe, and he got back to me this evening after fixing some of the files to work specifically for me, and job done.

It will take us as at Ascendant Strategies Inc. some time to add all of the products, prices and stock we sell, however before now, we had issues tracking orders, using our forums to manage orders, via editing posts, etc.

This application will work wonders for us, and make life a lot easier for tracking all of our pending orders, as well as for our members to make orders. Email Alerts, and Stock Tracking will be especially handy.

Oh, quick wish list, if your ever working on a new version. I was advised by a fellow member that he sales things like Rorquals as Packages normally, where we give a discount when selling it with the mods, and fuel, with the ship. So being able to create items/package deals to be listed would be cool.

We can live without that though easy enough though, as its still a brilliant template that meets 99% of our needs. Well worth the 300mil to be honest.

Many Thanks
Agent Stone

Now a Very Happy Admin of a "Joe's IGB Shop"
Ascendant Strategies Inc. IGB Shop

Ryan Ewans
Posted - 2007.12.02 01:36:00 - [18]

One neat piece of code.

This is easy to set up, and it works!

This is a convenient way to administer what you have to offer, and I have already recieved my fiorst orders, even though it was only set up last night!

Phantom Legion
Posted - 2007.12.02 17:24:00 - [19]

Ok this is one of the best packages i have seen in a LONG time.

I have just installed it onto my webhost and it's real easy to install :)

We are planning to use this shop for Freighter and T2 Module Selling real soon and this will make it ALOT easier for use to keep track of the orders

Nice Work Coconut Joe and thanks for your Support in getting the Shop Online.

Coconut Joe
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2007.12.08 10:07:00 - [20]

Just a message to say that the database has now been updated to be Trinity compatable.

Quantum Industries
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2007.12.21 22:30:00 - [21]

Ever consider adding a back-end section for a corp, that would cover :

Research & Invention : Show which bpo's are being copied, researched, invented

Manufacturing scheduler : Shows the times until a specific item run is done (and if possible, a bpo/c ME/PE calculator with materials required). Add a section that tracks the original purchase price, and the production runs required until the bpo is paid off, and starts being pure profitable. tracking like that for a corp, I think would pay well over 1/2 bil or more for those features alone.

Just some idea's.


Pericle No1
Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2008.01.09 19:31:00 - [22]

This is the best thing that happent to me since i play this game , i used somethin' like this in 2007 but i wasn't able to write the entire database anyway first time i saw this post i knew this must be something i need to get and i'am useing it for almost 2 mounths and everything is working grate.

Josephine Blue
Posted - 2008.01.19 19:30:00 - [23]

I recently purchased this Store template from Coconut Joe, and I cannot express in this post how happy I am with the services rendered. I am not great with database management so he gladly took a few hours out of his day to set it all up for me. Coconut Joe is an altogether Trustworthy, Generous and outstanding businessman. If you have a production chain and want to take it to the next step with sound management, this is the tool for you. Its made my life easier to say the least.

Amy Frost
Einmal mit Profis arbeiten
Posted - 2008.02.02 14:06:00 - [24]

Hey Joe,

I always seem to miss you in-game I've send you an evemail and we're interrested, so contact me or drop by in ixc-live when I'm not around.


Posted - 2008.02.02 14:26:00 - [25]

Separate thousands with a , or space.
Would make it much easier on the eyes ;)

Posted - 2008.02.06 21:32:00 - [26]

Joe this is the best thing i've spent isk on in a long time, it's made our selling tons easier and we have several recuring users after just a few days.
we did have a few issues with setting up but they were soon sorted by joe in game, think it was just us being stupid but still he got us setup in no time.

cheers Joe if you could change just one thing make the thousands seperate apart from that this igb is 1337 and worth every penny

Posted - 2008.02.23 19:59:00 - [27]

thx for nice software Coconut Joe !

our shop you can find under ->

any updates for future? :)

Bryg Philomena
Don't Taze Me Bro
Posted - 2008.02.23 21:04:00 - [28]

does this come with free upgrades? and can you insert commas so the numbers aren't just a string of 0's?

Coconut Joe
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2008.03.01 09:40:00 - [29]

Just a quick not that the prices are now separated by a comma per thousand. Interestingly, I'd already formatted the prices on every other page apart from the most important one, listprices.php. Confused These things happen I guess.

Posted - 2008.03.21 11:37:00 - [30]

Looks promising, I will contact you ingame for some questions. :)

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