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Nihm Vaako
Posted - 2007.10.25 06:03:00 - [1]

Edited by: Nihm Vaako on 25/10/2007 15:59:22
Edited by: Nihm Vaako on 25/10/2007 06:24:13
Greetings all,
Before you even think-- yes, i have read the multitudes of posts about the crc error. I happen to have this same thing and not due to patching. My system was fine one day and hit with a virus later. Needless to say its long since gone and im left with an unplayable eve client--
Tha Goods
win xp sp2/ dual boot win vista ult
(2gig corsair) -yes they tested fine
nvidia 7600gtxxx 256
360gig seagate
no heating probs no overclocking

I have downloaded other games (just to make sure) and been online with BF series (notoriously picky) and they all work fine. My only issue is eve.
i have downloaded eve client no less than 10 times (various ones) and installed in different settings (safe mode-winxp-using /NCRC) all to no avail.
I have cleaned ccp and eve traces from my comp ughto the extent of the hidden files and registry they are stored in. Have reinstalled windows installer 3.1 for the heck of it just in case-- and yet i get the same error which looks like this
Verification Failure
Your EVE client installation may have modified, damaged or corrupt files. Please re-install the game client
Verification failed: "C:\Program Files\CCP\EVE\bin\exefile.exe", crc:8e1939ce, expected:1c7f1cbc.
Verification failed: "C:\Program Files\CCP\EVE\eve.exe", crc:f01451c5, expected:f7a3b867.

OHH the Bane of my existence -- under this facade of humor im actually rather frustrated. I happen to like playing EVE a good bit and oh yeah i pay to play as well :)
No i havent submit an email/trouble ticket/gm request/(insert mmorpg help request here) as to the expediency i wish to get a response. If anyone has any suggestions (ligitimate ones) and a HD wipe is not a desired action or system restore since all good viruses attack that first of course!!! Thank you in advance and thank you for your time
Nihm Vaako

update: yes installs fine on vista(same installer used with xp)but after initial splash screen the usual login screen is pitch black -- working on that issue as well... what this does is narrow my problem down to and installer issue and non checking service with exe fiel through XP
update 2: ok works fine now on vista (goto properties in vista and tell it to treat as if winxp progy)
still would like to play eve in xp though --Wink

Posted - 2007.11.02 02:20:00 - [2]

Same exact problem as I am having. Why hasn't a Dev or GM responded to this post? I get this same error on 2 different machines. what would cause the same CRC error on 3 different machines all different download/installs? I'm about to throw my pc's out into the yard LOL

Evil or Very Mad

Posted - 2007.11.07 21:32:00 - [3]

I'm getting the exact same bug too, and was running fine one day then suddenly not the next. Reinstalling doesn't do anything. Unfortunately I have XP not Vista, so I can't get around it.

Posted - 2007.11.08 01:16:00 - [4]

Argh, computer deleted post - basically, I'm having the same problem and have found no way to fix it :-( Hoping the next version of the client comes soon, and works...

Posted - 2007.11.08 07:42:00 - [5]

I found a (hopefully temporary) fix for this - register a new user account with Windows XP, then switch over to that user and reinstall EVE there. A bit annoying, but it works.

Eva Ignosius
Posted - 2007.11.13 11:11:00 - [6]

I'm having a similar issue on my Mac... Can't stay logged on for more than 2 min at a time and if I'm lucky I can catch the error window before it closes:

Cider C Runtime Library
Runtime Error
Abnormal Program Termination

Very annoying.. a friend and I started the trial together 6 days ago and so far i'm not past the third step of the tutuorial... I greated a petition and the response I got was "try keeping the help channel up to keep a steady flow of data, maybe that will keep your connection running." I'm about to just drop the game ><. I


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