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Crimoria Co
Vera Cruz Alliance
Posted - 2007.12.20 19:13:00 - [1111]

Stop complaining about nerf carriers and let CCP do what they think (or try) to balance EVE,if they think that carrier/mss needs a nerf for some reason, let them nerf it.

freelancers inc
Imperial 0rder
Posted - 2007.12.22 16:25:00 - [1112]

dear ccp i bought a mothership bpo before you came up with this lamer blog... in a few secunds you reduced something with value to basicly crap.... i want you ccp to offer ALL who bought a mothership bpo or carier bpo to get the deal reversed.... you played with my 1 year saving PLUS 1 year of training... thats not damn nice.. not to mention the fraction modules... those i can sell ofc. but the rest is crap now... shame on you ccp... yet again you show that u do not care about hard working players... and nerf due to lamers whining... ANY cap ship is EASILY killed... we saw X13 kill a mom in low sec.. so dont come say its hard.. and that was before the patch.. now with heavy dictors its even more easy...

nerf this and i recon you will loose alot of old school players.. but maybe thats really what you want ? more money in new players ?

just have in mind we are many who invested 4 years into your game.. and you keep ****ing us up... a player who have played for 4 years shouldent be ganked easy by a n00b in a small ship.. wake up.

all the ideas about having players to work together with corp mates might be a posibility.. but how dare u to decide how we run corps... one great thing about eve has always been the many choises u as corp and player have to take... why narrow this down ????


Posted - 2008.01.15 16:29:00 - [1113]

Not having read the last 38 pages of insanity, and instead only the dev blog, let me just say in the vain hope that someone at CCP will read:

I do not entirely disagree with the idea that you have to refit the Carrier/MS for it to be good in other roles. It is true that at present, the Carrier/MS is a reasonable ship for many situations with the same fittings.

That said, I read the devblog and I heard 'it can do too much with no downside'. I agree there may be room for changing it up a bit, but NO downside? NO DOWNSIDE?

Do you know how long it takes to TRAIN to competently fly a Carrier/MS? Do you know how much they COST to buy and fit?

Remember the 1+ year of training time and 2+bn per ship cost when deciding just how much additional 'downside' you want the vessel to have. Thank you.

drayco anasasai
Posted - 2008.01.17 17:51:00 - [1114]

i dont no if anyone has ever thought of it and i dont know if this is already the case but if you are in a fleet y not limit the amount of carriers aloud in fleet mode and then make the abilities it has rely on others in fleet fleet somehow. yes this isnt a solution but if implemented correctly the carrier isnt nerfed and yet it then still relys on a gang of other ships ie bs's etc not a fleet of carriers.

this is a simple solution to what seems a big arguement im a noob aiming for a carrier but if the nerf comes it in the way it suggests it sounds to me like it will be just a big bs rather than a carrier. ie just a dread with huge drone bay.!

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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