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Martin Mckenna
Posted - 2007.10.20 13:50:00 - [1]

Ok just watched the 17th episode of EVE TV and yet again its all about the GBC and RAGoon.....again. Can we start to get a bigger picture of whats going on in EVE please. For example cover these bits of space and topics :

The new drone regions - whats going on and whos new in that area
The north - hows Razor, MM, Tri ect doing
Empire wars - any big merc contracts happening and who killing who

TBH I find this "war" crap news. Its all about lag, blobs and forum "propaganda". The north is alot smaller. The drone regions and the north dont have as much big wars as the south. But I think alot of people will agree with me that due to the smaller amount of blob and lag fights it makes the game a hell of a lot more interesting

Posted - 2007.10.20 14:04:00 - [2]

This is exactly why we created News Clones as announced in our dev blog a couple weeks back. We now have some 20+ News Clone reporters who's first lot of stories should be appearing from the next show onwards making sure we cover as many events as possible.

Feel free to apply Very Happy.

Veto Corp
Posted - 2007.10.22 16:37:00 - [3]

The "problem" is that the GBC/RAGOON war is pretty much the biggest thing going on in eve at the moment and pretty much everyone in the universe is affected by it in some way even if it's just the cost of ships.

so there is obviously gonna be more news on it, if only because there are more people talking about it.

The news clones should help of course, but the vast death machine thats churning up the south is always going to be the focus of a lot of attention, the northern politics and landscapes has been massively changed largely because of the southern war. Fair enough there is a lot of internal politics specific to the various northern alliances however the current situation is undeniably rooted in the war.

Im not too up to speed on the whole drone regions myself, simply as nothing affecting me has come out of it, and above the level of alliances actually living there how many people can say they have been affected by fighting/politics/industry and trade from the drone regions......I know a couple of stations have changed hands, some rather quickly, but on a large scale what difference has that made to eve?

EVETV has to cater to a rather difficult target audience, hugely opinionated, very geeky, and split into so many factions and camps its beyond belief, how else do you cater to that audience other than to find the largest common denominator and attempt to entertain them with things theyll find relevant. The sheer number of players involved both directly and indirectly with the BloBswarm war pretty much makes them the biggest target audience. Trying to cater to everyone would probably require a lot longer show, and lets face it, for every person that complains about bob new, there will be someone complaining about TRI news or MM news, saying, and rightly so, that its not relevant to them and why not have news on XYZ allance.

now we can say EVETV doesnt MAKE the news, they only REPORT it. unless spiral does something silly.

Seems to me, TRI want to get some news clones, and get out there making some news for us all to watch

Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2007.10.22 21:18:00 - [4]

I've moaned to Spiral countless times to bring more Northern coverage to EVETV, but it rarely happens. Just make sure in the next episode you guys mention MM and Razor's significant presence down South at the moment, and i'll be happy.

I don't have the time or permissions to be a news clone, or else i'd snap up the chance.

Omnious Prime
Posted - 2007.10.28 06:53:00 - [5]

Well you should be happy with this weeks ep (18) its filled with news from all over the galaxy. Even an article from the drone regions written by yours truly. Smile


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