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Posted - 2007.10.25 21:03:00 - [91]

Originally by: Long3130
Even though BRUCE are not the best PVPers I fought they definitely know how to play this game... unlike OSS.
OSS keeps loosing good pvp member corps for the past 8 months :(
I believe the reason is that the alliance is simply vegetating in JQV without any clue on how its future will look like. OSS directors keep claiming that the "big daddies" will come up and help if things get nasty and that never happens!

BOS left the OSS, then there were a few smaller corps with decent number of kills, then there was the big blow up with BULG and KMV leaving, then it was the Groon and NOTR.

BECKS was the ****tiest pvp corp when we joined OSS and atm is the in top 3 killers for a few months now - for me that means one thing - OSS is doomed if ppl don't start playing the game as it should be played instead of kicking each others balls internally!

Respect to BRUCE. See you soon in lower Synd :)

PS: guys pls try to engage us with less then 3:1 ships at least once - will be a lot more fun :)

Gonna have to agree with pretty much all of this. Over the past 8+ months, OSS has slowly lost some of its power while all the while BRUCE was picking up more and more corps and members. When I first joined OSS in March, we had the numbers to compete with BRUCE. Corps like VLINC, BULG, KMV and others gave us the edge in Euro TZ and while BRUCE always had more US TZ people, we could at least compete with them. During that time, even number fights almost always went in OSS's favor and on more than one occasion, we went into PC9 with a smaller than BRUCE force, gave as good as we took and then left when their home field advantage proved to be too much.

Things changed over time though. BRUCE actively recruited corps and players and while we did have new corps join, we experienced a net loss in both corps and players which accelerated in the last 2 months or so. We also did ourselves no favor by letting former staunch allies Huzzah drift in the wind, a move that did not sit well with a number of players. The result is nothing short of predictable: BRUCE took advantage of their overwhelming numerical advantage and now occupies "OSS space". Although it *is* syndicate (and the plethora of npc stations makes true eradication impossible), OSS had neither the strength nor the will to resist against BRUCE in the end.

The Nomad's
Posted - 2007.11.02 21:26:00 - [92]

w00t so far ive spent around a bil on the war efforts in this last month with all the hostiles we have lol prettymuch broke now but had a blast think i need a break you guys are turning me into a hobo lol.have fun see you later o7

Starbucks Partner
Posted - 2007.11.02 21:45:00 - [93]

geez necro much

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