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Aurora Tagan
Epic Army
Posted - 2007.10.17 11:10:00 - [31]

No idea to be honest, I keep quitting but something keeps bringing me back and it all happens over again Confused .

Thut'ankh Amon
Posted - 2007.10.17 11:12:00 - [32]

the adrenaline rush i got from first pvp experience - week or 2 into the game and getting popped by thorax in Sosala, while flying mighty Coercer with mix of lasers and artys :P

(at that time this setup - long and short range lasers + 280 howitzer seemed as a good idea)Laughing

Sral TBear
Shipwreck cove
Posted - 2007.10.17 11:18:00 - [33]

I tryed the game out, came into a corp. They acused me of stealing killed me podded me.

Then i trashed that account, made this one and since then i have been waiting, let them forget it and actualy last week i found those who killed me added them to my adress book and now the counter have startet..

Im in this for pay back

I will get pay back

(what is sad that they might have sold of the accounts, but its the ingame charecter i want, not the face behind "its a game ")Wink

And now

soon i will get what i want, its so close i can taste it and its sweet

After this i will enjoy the game as i have learned to doing 2+ years lol Razz

William DeMeo
Genos Occidere
Posted - 2007.10.17 12:18:00 - [34]

Edited by: William DeMeo on 17/10/2007 12:19:50
I got my atron blown up by a guy called Coffe (I think). That's not why I continued playing though, thats just my first loss.

EDIT: reason I continued playing was because Damian Smith was nice and talked me through how to get started with pvp'ing, I wonder if he still remembers me...

Curryzia Kinwurry
Posted - 2007.10.17 15:21:00 - [35]

Because i damn well enjoy it.

Posted - 2007.10.17 15:33:00 - [36]

I want revenge on the first guy who killed me! He still plays, sadly he is blue! that damned Je'hira Osiris

Dominatus Crispus
Nation of Muppets
Posted - 2007.10.17 15:44:00 - [37]

Originally by: Ironass
I want revenge on the first guy who killed me! He still plays, sadly he is blue!

lol, i so understand this one... not sure why i play eve, its kinda fun, but yet i've never even killed anyting other than a rat or to, but one day, i really hope to be some sort of a PITA to someone... j/k Razz

seems like i spend more time researching, planning, and reading the forums than i do actually playing the game. ugh

Posted - 2007.10.17 17:41:00 - [38]

I like really really complicated games, where doing/changing 1 thing that can make/break you. And death actually means something.

Speaking of which *looks for killmail on first ship lost* I should get that guy who trashed my sycthe while I was ratting as a noob.

Mebrithiel Ju'wien
Posted - 2007.10.17 19:06:00 - [39]

It started as just a beautiful and bigger Freelancer with more interesting and complex ship controls.

Then one day I got killed outside the safety of Stacmon and I decided I wanted to do piracy. Moved to Bleak Lands, got caught up in piracy, blood raiders and rp and Meb never looked back.

I've had no real goal, but this game brings great graphics (soon to be better), great gameplay, great community spirit and many good times. I've jammed with corpmates, got drunk on evemeets, and even been lucky enough to help with evetv. Nowerdays there's very few games that compare to Eve and I can't be bothered with them... other than Deus Ex. That's the shizzle tbh.

Finally, Eve has encouraged me to publicise more of my writings (see sig), develop my photoshop and premiere skills, and overall has encouraged me to interact with people all over the world on varying scales.

I wouldn't say I'm addicted to Eve, but to lose Eve would be like losing a favourite pet. I'd be pretty devestated Razz

Garoun Investment Bank
Posted - 2007.10.17 19:43:00 - [40]


I've always loved sci-fi things that take place in space.. Wing Commander, Decent: Freespace, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica.. You name it, I love it. I never knew that this game existed until recently when I saw a simple ad with a link to a 14 day free trial. "This looks sweet", I thought, and took it for a whirl.

From the tutorial mission, I fell in love. THIS was the game I've been looking for my entire life! Screw MMOs like WoW! A game where I can set a skill to train and not have to log on and spend countless hours just to gain ONE level? A game where most of the people are mature adults on which I could have engaging conversations with who share my taste in this type of game? I was hooked.

I got my best bud into the game around the same time as me, and we both decided to spice things up a bit and check out this "lowsec", and see why it's so dangerous. So I take my very flashy and kickass looking Rifter fitted with noob mods, while my buddy brings along his Incursus. We both thought "Ha. No one can hurt us, our ships are amazing!" Lol....

We jump into a .4 system and decide to look around. Though all of this my heart is almost jumping out of my chest by the pure excitement of it all. We go to a belt that was "guarded" by a Myrmidon. Now see I'm a nice, respectful person. I don't insult or smacktalk and I have a strong sense of honor. My friend, on the other hand, seems to have a short temper. Pretty much the convo goes like this:

Myrmidon - You're in my belt. I'll give you 10 seconds to leave *Targets both of us*
My buddy - I don't see your name on it.

This was followed by a brief exchange of words between them which I don't think the moderators would want me to post.. lol.. My friend then tells the guy to **** off and warps away, leaving me there. So I warp to a random planet in the system, thinking I'm safe, and that there was no way I could get SCANNED out. Rolling Eyes

Another person on local decides he wants to get us noobs out of the system. I'm sitting at the planet watching my friend exchange offensive words with him, when suddenly this red flashing ship warps in right beside me. I'm like WTF and engage my warp drive, only to see that something is not letting me warp! I see this red beam hitting my ship and watch in horror as my cap goes to nothing and my beautiful ship goes up in flames.. Then the guy proceeds to pop my pod.

The kicker of this story is the fact that my smacktalking buddy never lost his ship. Laughing

Ever since that day I've been waiting for the chance to have a rematch with the first person to pod me. It doesn't matter if I loose again, I just want to have a fair fight with him. Also I want my corpse back. Laughing

Posted - 2007.10.17 21:40:00 - [41]

I notice a distinct theme of C&P guys getting wtfpwnd/griefed/killed as noobs and then dusting themselves off and deciding to seek revenge on the person who killed them Laughing

A refreshing change from the general discussion guys who throw a hissy fit and quit Razz

Arokan Manturi
Macabre Votum
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2007.10.17 22:24:00 - [42]

I began coz my brother was playing. I remember back then when i had trouble killing the rats in teonusude in my incursus. Also at that time my brother got a stabber WOW that was awesome, and he even went to bosena to mine! I mean OMG i was afraid to go into bosena back then. Tho i wanted to mine the kerniteSmile. Then at one point i was asked to fetch some mining drones (cant remember their name, farmer drone?) from 0.0. That was a really thrilling ride that got my heart pounding several times. Back then Fountain alliance owned Fountain. I got throug their initial camp in my itty II (dont ask me how) and got several jumps into their space, then they caught meSad. They wanted the huge amount of 25mill for a day pass to their space. I borrowed the isk from my brother (kinda stupid when a itty II cost 250k). Then in the last 0.0 system before low-sec, a crow from m0o blew me upugh. Also, back then i could sell isogen for 180iskShocked. Back then were the days, when low-sec and 0.0 were great unknown territories u dared not enter.

Gaige Gamba
The Scope
Posted - 2007.10.17 23:18:00 - [43]

Ah, first few days it happened. I was ratting in a Bantam using civvie guns (on another char mind you, this was way back to wt15 and stuff). A corp mate of mine was getting frusterated with how proud I was of my numerous 1 and 2k isk frigate kills.

So, he decided to warp to the belt in his Succubus and "teach me how easy it is to die in EVE". I managed to warp off in structure, shocked that a corp mate would attack me, try to kill my ship, just because I was a newb.

So, I promised myself to one day build up enough spare isk to fund a merc wardec on him and whatever corp he happened to be in at the time, to repay the lesson in kind. Laughing

Still working on the isk part...

Mr Friendly
The Lost and The Damned
Posted - 2007.10.18 05:53:00 - [44]

Originally by: Arii Smith
Curzon is dead on. The economics on this game overwhelm any of the down-sides and glitches.


everything else seems shallow, even when they look better, run better, are more immediately gratifying and don't have major 4 year old bugs still alive and kicking...

CCP hit one out the park with their player driven 'deep' economy. Where else do 3000 member alliances crumble because they ran out of cash to fit their ships?

Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2007.10.18 06:27:00 - [45]

Edited by: Don ZOLA on 27/10/2007 02:00:04
cuz of chicks ofcourse :D

edit : spelling :/

Kernel of War
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2007.10.18 06:38:00 - [46]

For me it was the revenge thing.

As a couple month old player I was ganked by a Kenneth McCoy. I vowed I would not quit EvE until I was one day able to blow-up his ship like he blew up mine.

I bieded my time, continued to train up my combat skills and read everything I could about fittings. I stayed in the same locations often seeing him on game and awaited my chance.

Then he recruited me into VHI. Confused

Been a blast and the most fun I ever had since becoming part of that corporation. My security stat dropped like a rock. I hope to be part of this virtual universe until I die of old age. Which really isn't that far off. Sad

Galan Amarias
Kantian Principle
Posted - 2007.10.18 09:00:00 - [47]

Originally by: Nocturnal Avenger
My goal is to get rid of all amarr pilots.

Not quite there yet - but I will succeed YARRRR!!

Minmatar ftw Very Happy

Funny you should say that.

I loaded Amarr right from the start. Good imperial civilization, and lasers. Spaceships and lasers! That's all it took for me.

Though these days I live for the space ships, lasers and the squish when their pod dosn't make it out.


ry ry
Posted - 2007.10.18 16:01:00 - [48]

it kills some time.

Beyond Divinity Inc
Posted - 2007.10.18 17:17:00 - [49]

Only in a video game would I allow myself to experience the pure sadistic joy of hurting someone. And the losses in Eve hurt much more deeply than in other games. I like being evil. YARRRR!!

Narciss Sevar
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2007.10.18 17:39:00 - [50]

I dids it for teh lulz

Ikserak tai
Posted - 2007.10.18 18:55:00 - [51]

I was ratting in 0.4 space when in the middle of a fight I took some jarring hits like I'd never had before. My shields, then armor, then structure quickly went red and the "explosion" and my ship was being handed to me in a trashbag by some wanted guy named "Uberfly" who had a 10,000,000 ISK bounty. He was flying a Hurricane, I was in my brand new Omen. He proceeded to warp jam my pod, and said "do you need your pod?" and attempted to extort some ransom. I said "how much?" and he replied "how much will you pay?" At about that time I realized that he had all my stuff from the wreckage, and that I could reincarnate as a clone. I said"I won't be intimidated, go ahead and kill it." He replied with "Ha-ha-ha" and released my pod. I was stunned and a bit down, but vowed to get better and go out and find this guy and collect the bounty. After awhile I realized that in order to do this I'd need a bunch of ISK, a great ship, and skills to go along with it. I realized that low-sec space is open season on the unwary, and that I deserved what I got. (This of course happened more than once in different systems with different ships and adversaries with similar results, to emphasize the lesson, of course.)

This combination of decision making, risk, and seemingly almost infinite challenge beat the heck out of watching the tube. The mental stimulation kick-started my imagination and drive to excel, something that had been dormant for years. I started a corporation with the motto "All we have to offer is the blood of all pirates." A bit grandiose but I'm sure Uberfly would get a kick out of it now.

Rawr Cristina
Posted - 2007.10.18 20:56:00 - [52]

Do you remember why you play EVE?

Not really. I'm sure I had a reason once upon a time, but now it just seems like i'm holding onto the remnants of what used to be Crying or Very sad I still have some fun once in a while though

The Ankou
Posted - 2007.10.19 05:36:00 - [53]

Edited by: wapko on 19/10/2007 05:36:52
Originally by: Nocturnal Avenger
My goal is to get rid of all amarr pilots.

Not quite there yet - but I will succeed YARRRR!!

Minmatar ftw Very Happy

i know this guy, he's dumb and he's an ass.. Laughing

keep on dreaming noc Very Happy

ohh and i like teh purty sssplosions.

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