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Posted - 2007.10.17 19:18:00 - [6811]

They should do this once a month.

Minerva Vulcan
Ctrl Alt Elites
Posted - 2007.10.17 19:21:00 - [6812]

Can't believe the GMs are actually going through this thread and sending warnings to people. I'm up to number 4.

Go answer some petitions you bums!

Sol Flare
Tenth Legion
Posted - 2007.10.17 19:35:00 - [6813]

Wow... Why would CCP want to do this again? All I see are complaints and whines.

I got in after about 1 hour of trying and even then it took me about an hour to fit and 5 minutes to die. \o/

I enjoyed it CCP. Thanks for another Armageddon day... but next time.. throttle the test server to 100 people to really get the flames roar'n on these threads. mmkay... My day would have been boring if I didn't have 220 pages of people to make fun of! Laughing


Center for Advanced Studies
Posted - 2007.10.17 19:52:00 - [6814]

Edited by: Moralitis on 17/10/2007 20:21:38
It was a blast....thanks ccp
even got to try this out A spot of miningTwisted Evil

Its a shame supercaps wernt seeded somehow tho... the lolqual would have been funLaughing

Posted - 2007.10.17 20:10:00 - [6815]


Great fun CCP, nice work on the SiSi server.

I'm sure we all appreciate the devs working so long and so hard on getting SiSi stable for us to play on. Great work.
If I were in charge you guys would get some bonuses or days off ;)

I think all who trashed CCP for the poor start to the event need to apologise. The SiSi server is a test server after all and the dev team sure made some herculean efforts to make this day work.

Great stuff CCP and I hope you learned a ton for making Tranquility more reliable too. With 2000 players on SiSi, almost all of them in combat with 16 fighters out or dreads in siege mode, I'm sure you got tons of good data :)

National Health Service
Posted - 2007.10.17 20:34:00 - [6816]

OMG they give Concord the day and you went mining :-)

Posted - 2007.10.17 20:48:00 - [6817]

Veisto was a fun system right until AGONY turned up and lagged the place to hell, lol.

Fighting carriers and dreads outside the station rocked.

With all level 5 skills it was damn easy to fit a good tank too :)

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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