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Ann Frost
Posted - 2007.10.14 08:47:00 - [1]

Hello, I am a 22m SP caldari specced pilot and currently looking for a new home, I am english but I am living in South East Asia for the next few years, so a corp near that tz would be ideal.

I can fly the following ships:

ArrowCBCs (Nighthawk only)
ArrowForce Recons
ArrowCov Ops

I have 9m SP in Space Comd so most are at at lvl 5, or the specs at lvl 4. 4m SP in missiles, and the rest geared towards piloting caldari hardware. I have absolutely no industry skills whatsoever, and the thought of getting into an indy makes me want to violently throw up!.

I have 3 years experience of Eve, including 10/10 plexes, gate camps, long wars(ex ASCN), fleet warfare, roaming gangs, cap ships & generally anything EvE has to offer. I enjoy PvP, ratting, making money and then blowing it on dancers and t2 ships.

I am fully self sufficient with over 20 t2 ships and my own dread in 0.4 space (to finish off the training I need about 2 months).

I would like to join a corp that has a good reputation (not Goons) within EvE and has long term goals, with a healthy corp chat room. I am able to use TS for ops & PvP and generally be as helpful as possible, to either HC or to corp members. I can provide screenies if required.


Ann Frost

Alastorr Frost
The Wormhole Mafia
Posted - 2007.10.14 09:10:00 - [2]

Have a look at our recruitment thread... THEMM Recruiting!

PS: We might even be related Razz

spiked amarr
Posted - 2007.10.14 13:54:00 - [3]

Hello m8 i would please ask you to look here and see if Finite Horizon is for you

Vayna Miychovich
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2007.10.14 23:38:00 - [4]

SGHQ was known as the Caldari Navy and has pressence in the Pacific timezone. Goons at the bottom of our list of Alliances that we respect so you friends from the start.


Posted - 2007.10.14 23:51:00 - [5]

Bounteous Immortals is looking for pvp pilots, from interceptors, Stealth Bombers, Recon ships, Hac's, Commandship & Capital ship pilots.

I am taking recruits now, Please message Nok Nok about joining.

You just have to have some pvp experiance, not alot as members of the corporation and alliance can train and skill you in PVP warfare.

We have 0.0 Space and have friendly alliance's sharing this space with us.

If you want to come have fun, enjoy being around and chatting to fun nice people on Teamspeak etc.

Then come join the Bounteous Immortals

Hope to hear from you soon.

The Wild Hunt
Posted - 2007.10.15 00:59:00 - [6]

Ann my dear, give us a look. I think you'd be a great asset to the corp, though not sure our corp chat is healthyRazz

Have a read of our thread and see if we’re what your looking for.

Recruitment Thread

If so, please take our TWH Recruitment Questionnaire if you wish to join us =)

TWH Recruitment Questionnaire

We also like 24

If you want to know anything, just hit me up with a mail in-game or a convo.
Or you can join our in-game channel: "The Wild-Hunt".

Nulli Secunda
Posted - 2007.10.15 07:01:00 - [7]

for a good corp in a very pvp focused alliance contact us

me or Tassill

CI killboard:

Priory Of The Lemon
Atlas Alliance
Posted - 2007.10.15 08:30:00 - [8]

Edited by: Joey1 on 15/10/2007 08:29:46
Join us

Syndicate based


Convo me in game

Ann Frost
Posted - 2007.10.15 11:31:00 - [9]

Found a new home!, woot. Thanks for all the corps who showed interest in me, and good luck for the future.


Ann Frost

The Graduates
Brutally Clever Empire
Posted - 2007.10.15 16:43:00 - [10]


Take a look at The Graduates. We are based in Syndicate (0.0 NPC space). Our current corporation size is 275+ (part of the 1500+ member BRUCE alliance), with wide time-zone coverage.

About us:
- We offer freedom to experience everything Eve offers whether its 0.0 space, PvP, Industry, Trade, Mining, Missions, Ratting, POS administration, Research, Alliances, etc.
- Secure constellations, 4 jumps from Empire space
- Excellent Logistics
- Unaffiliated in the “The Great War”
- All industrial ops are voluntary. No Forced ops & no corporation slavery.
- PvP friendly with a PvP ship replacement policy.
- A capital ship fleet.

What do we ask of members joining “The Graduates”?
- No scammers & metagamers
- A positive, friendly, and mature attitude
- Smacking 1337s kids need not apply

Contact me anytime, visit BRUCE PUB, or click the link under my signature.

Wreckless Abandon
Un-Natural Selection
Posted - 2007.10.15 21:29:00 - [11]

Hello Ann,

I would like to invite you to take a look at Elite Storm Enterprises. We are a 140+ man/woman (Active, Mature, Family Oriented) CORP and the founders of the Storm Armada Alliance. We live and operate in 0.0 space and have both military and industrial divisions. Our CEO has been a pilot in EVE for over three years and is one of the original founders of the FIX Alliance. A finer CEO or Fleet Commander you will not find anywhere in EVE. We currently live in 0.0 space, and have many programs to support our pilots

  • Free tech 1 Frigates and Cruisers
  • Free tech 1 ammo, mods and drones
  • Ship production for our pilots at or below the best empire pricing
  • Station Access in 0.0
  • Team Speak for Voice Comms

Please take a look at the public area of our website and forum located here
--> ESE Website
We also have a recruitment post on the EVE forums with information as well. It is located here
--> EVE Recruitment Post

If what you see interests you then please contact one of the following in game (Convo or EVE mail).

Limewax – Recruitment Officer
Antiquis – Deputy Chief of Personnel
Dentari Moore - Chief of Personnel
Wraithstorm – CEO


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