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Drek Grapper
Posted - 2007.11.19 00:06:00 - [61]

Glad to see another 'buff AF's' thread. Very Happy

I would like to see-

4th bonus
Weight reduction
Web Immunity Bonus
AB Bonus

Very good ideas taking the above into account in this thread...i really hope CCP are listening. Wink

Please CCP, please.

Sort it out yeah?


LUH 3471
Posted - 2007.11.19 00:16:00 - [62]

Edited by: LUH 3471 on 19/11/2007 00:18:47
id like to see assault frigs doing more damage overall and having better speed
plus having some special bonus which i cant make my mind up about yet

also sokrateszs idea sounds good to me

Kantos Dal'mak
Posted - 2007.11.19 00:57:00 - [63]

just keeping the thread on top

AFs need to be buffed- i'll risk sounding like a parrot and repeat
add a 4th bonus and reduce the mass on the ships. im looking at my enyo and thinking "there's no way that thing weighs that much" I'd like to have a more useable ship than what AFs are currently offering... of course it may be that im sore about getting AF 5 and realizing that i should have gone with interceptors 5 first...

CCP fix AF!

Sons of Tangra
Posted - 2007.11.19 06:33:00 - [64]

Just give them back their 4th bonus and boost ABs (which need a boost outside of the context of AFs anyway.)Its better to tweak things rather than redo the game every patch.

Saietor Blackgreen
Armored Saints
Posted - 2007.11.19 09:29:00 - [65]


1) Build-in resist roles
2) Put back the base boni of T1 counterpart
3) Reduce mass/increase speed to T1 counterpart's level

Concerning AB - I dont think AF need bonus of any kind regarding AB. I strongly believe that the whole system of Web-AB-MWD need to be reworked. Webs should not affect top speed of the ship directly. They should reduce it to much lesser extent, BUT hit the efficiency of MWD big time.

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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