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Kazundo Gouda
Posted - 2007.10.10 10:07:00 - [1]

Yes, this isn't the char in question, to keep my ingame mail box empty of spam. I'm looking for a professional 0.0 based pvp outfit to join, Euro TZ. also have a 26mil sp indy/carrier alt to play with. post here telling me abit about your corp if you're interested, slaves, bears or kids with naked man sigs need not apply

Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2007.10.10 10:23:00 - [2]

Edited by: Mnem0nic on 10/10/2007 10:23:44

Hi Kazundo,

Check out what MisFunk Inc. is about here. If you have any questions or think this is you, give me a convo ingame or Eve-mail me. Cool


CEO - Misfunk Inc.
Frontline. Executor

Quadix Leime
Tropical Killer Bananas
Posted - 2007.10.10 11:19:00 - [3]

Tropical Killer Bananas (T-K-B) is looking for PVP pilots with at least t2 ships and t2 gun skills in one race.
At the moment we are part of the ISS alliance and help ISS to defend the Esoteria region and be part in roaming gangs.
Most of the pilots in the corp have a lot of PVP experience (fleet ops and also small/medium roaming gangs).
We have the experience and can help you to grow further in the game.

You should be self supported, but the corp will help you if needed with equipment and ships. Also the alliance can provide at cheap prices ships and other stuff.

What we offer:

Arrow 0.0 Access for ratting (nice Sansha npc's)
Arrow Good 0.0 market with almost everything available
Arrow PvP Operations (small roaming gangs and fleet ops)
Arrow Carrier support by corp/alliance to move stuff to Esoteria
Arrow Lots of fun (thats the important part of this game!!)
Arrow Support from corp members in PVP training and ship setups
Arrow Own room at Ventrillo server

What we looking for:

Exclamation Mature players
Exclamation At least specialist in one race t2 guns and t2 ships
Exclamation At least 10 million skill points in pvp
Exclamation Dedicated players that are willing to fight
Exclamation RL counts! So we understand when a player couldnt be online for a while because of real life issues.

Please contact Shas'o H'dam, The Equinox or Quadix Leime ingame or join channel tkb_friends or leave a message at this post if you want to join our corporation!

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2007.10.10 11:53:00 - [4]

Rabble-Rabble has officially opened its doors for new members of all kinds !

Rabble-Rabble is a corp of friends who have gamed together within Eve-online for years. We are looking to add quality members that we can call friends and that want to be part of building one of the premier corporations within our universe.

We are currently looking for the following types of members:
Miners with Pitchforks (we live in 0.0 and you need to be willing/able to defend it)
Mission runners
PVE players
PVP’ers (daily alliance ops and corp ops are coming soon)
We will also accept small corps wishing to merge

Rabble-Rabble offers:
Capital ship: Carriers, Dreads and Freighters
Access to 0.0 space
Twisted EvilCorp pvp opsTwisted Evil
Twisted EvilAlliance PVP opsTwisted Evil
Huge Blueprint collection
Access to high end ore
Ability to make you rich

Coolwe were named one of the top ten production corporations in issue #007 of EON magazine.Cool

For further information please eve mail Bodolf or godby.

0m3g4 w34p0n
Suicidal Office Clerks
Posted - 2007.10.10 12:47:00 - [5]

hey kazundo just thought i'd let you know a bit about C.N.R.

we're a pvp corp that is based in deklain and part of the preas alliance (the one with the name u can't say next to tri)
we're blue to tri and not many others

we're a mainly british corp that means that we're normally on in the eu timezone but have us members if your up that late

for more info drop me a line or drider deluxe and have a look at out recuitment thread for more info

hope to hear from you soon

omega, well you would't want a warm beer now would you?

Saint Luka
Darkness Rising Alliance
Posted - 2007.10.10 12:50:00 - [6]

Edited by: Saint Luka on 10/10/2007 12:52:23

If you can drop me a mail and able to provide me with a corp/pvp history/experiance we might have a place for you.

Triumvirate, enough said.

Bombus polaris
Posted - 2007.10.10 13:07:00 - [7]

Hi there m8

We are NFF, a pure pvp corp. We fly nanogangs in 0.0 and low sec.

Check our Killboard and our post

Join Pub-Nff for a chat

Dark Tornado
Ethereal Dawn
Posted - 2007.10.10 15:02:00 - [8]

We are a pure pvp corp and i dont do the copy and paste thing so if you want some info contact me ingame.

Wreckless Abandon
Un-Natural Selection
Posted - 2007.10.10 16:37:00 - [9]

Hello Kazundo,

I would like to invite you to take a look at Elite Storm Enterprises. We are a 140+ man/woman (Active, Mature, Family Oriented) CORP and the founders of the Storm Armada Alliance. Our CEO has been a pilot in EVE for over three years and is one of the original founders of the FIX Alliance. A finer CEO or Fleet Commander you will not find anywhere in EVE. We currently live in 0.0 space, and have many programs to support our pilots

  • Free tech 1 Frigates and Cruisers
  • Free tech 1 ammo, mods and drones
  • Ship production for our pilots at or below the best empire pricing
  • Station Access in 0.0
  • Team Speak for Voice Comms

Please take a look at the public area of our website and forum located here
--> ESE Website
We also have a recruitment post on the EVE forums with information as well. It is located here
--> EVE Recruitment Post

If what you see interests you then please contact one of the following in game (Convo or EVE mail).

Limewax – Recruitment Officer
Antiquis – Deputy Chief of Personnel
Dentari Moore - Chief of Personnel
Wraithstorm – CEO

Caffeine Overdose
The Initiative.
Posted - 2007.10.10 18:39:00 - [10]

COLD-FURY recruitmentpost

Some things have changed since that thread was made, such as, we now use vent and have moved to feythabolis etc. join "cold-fury public" for more info :)

Stupid People Always Need Killing
Posted - 2007.10.10 21:03:00 - [11]

Originally by: Kazundo Gouda
Yes, this isn't the char in question, to keep my ingame mail box empty of spam. I'm looking for a professional 0.0 based pvp outfit to join, Euro TZ. also have a 26mil sp indy/carrier alt to play with. post here telling me abit about your corp if you're interested, slaves, bears or kids with naked man sigs need not apply

hello kazundo,
i would like you to consider us [SP4NK] we are a pvp corp with a lil dabbel in indy. We are a small but fastly growing corp we are some of the great pvpers in game, most from GNW days. We reside in 0.0 and have an active allaince. Op's are run daily.
plz contact myself , riker, crimsonjade for more detals.
hope to hear from you.

[SP4NK] Ziriam

Huan CK
Garoun Investment Bank
Posted - 2007.10.11 11:07:00 - [12]

Hey mate, its alot, but I hope worth reading

The corporations ingame history and some facts

Our corporation is about half a year old, started recruiting end of april, now having a playerbase of about 50 people. Counting alts, we got about 40 players, where 25 are very active and 10 show regular playtimes. We're still recruiting and growing and became a decent corp from our point of view :) Looking into my past corp and past 3 alliances, I must admit, I was positively surprised by our members in this corp, I never expected as much. My standards used to be low, but our members prove quite frequently that they are very capable, can take care of themselves, play together, get gangs going daily. The group activities and planned ops are increasing constantly.
We have a fair understanding of game mechanics and widely spread experiences. I myself have experienced almost any aspects of the game. I run 3 accounts and each one is dedicated to another field of gameplay, so I know what I'm talking about :P
We've got fresh players, as well as high-skilled players in the corp. Gangs go up frequently and contain cheap-**** pvp as well as serious group pvp in recon squads for example. The teamwork and willingness to fly in groups is high, and therefore the corp spirit quite strong.
Maybe I exaggerate a bit, but hey, I'm the CEO, it's my point of view, I'm prejudiced :D

What we do and what we can offer

As the name implies, we're anti-pirate(at least that was the idea - In every Bounty-Hunter there is a small Pirate ;) ). We occationally hunt players if paid for it or if we find someone with a juicy bounty or if they got a bad security status. We also kill rats (getting bounties ;) ) or do missions (getting bounties and helping the empire factions sweaping the galaxy from its pirate scum). Occational and increasing pvp too, though no hauler or miner ganking ;) (Unless they are suspected macroers or hostile towards us)
Anything else you'll have to experience for yourself.

*0.0 presence in South Syndicate (Serpentis Rats)
*High-sec presence in Sinq Laisson
*PVE - Ratting, Exploration, LvL 4
*PVP - Cheap-ass cruiser ops, serious pvp with t2 ships and fits, on a corp as well as alliance level. Competent PvP training maintained by the alliance
*Mining - explains itself ;)
*High-Sec Research - We have a pos in high-sec, let us know if you need a research job done :)
*Research and Production - We invent//produce regular t1 items and ships as well as any t2 gallente ship up to cruisers, some t2 components and produce the t2 items we invent,as well as sell capital ship bpc (me2) of Obelisk/Charon/Thanatos/Moros/Rorqual(rorqual takes a bit of time, will need some research done)/ (more to come)
*A friendly, mature and fun environment in the corporation - We have a 0-tolerance policy for smack and trash-talk.
*Help and advice where needed and possible

What you should do:
*Your primary employment doesn't matter. You're not an employee :)
*Be nice and polite to corp-mates
*Offer help for corp-mates if you can without compromising your playstyle
*Ask for help if you need it ;)
*Spare at least 1 pvp-ship and set it up in the PvP-Region of the alliance to respond to a possible Call-To-Arms to defend alliance territory. You'll not be asked to participate in all pvp ops, we prefer to run our operations on a voluntary basis, but for defense anyone should be able to field a combat ship (EW-Cruiser at least).

Corp mostly EU, quite some US, Ally is active 23/7 with major TZ being the US ones.

Friends are always welcome.

Interested? Contact me, Miss Blonde, Zoroette, Helen Bak, or join our public channel, BH-DL, and we'll answer all your questions.


Latin Assassin
Posted - 2007.10.11 11:49:00 - [13]

Hey Kazundo Gouda,

The NYIT Gangstaz is a self sufficient 0.0 corp. We have almost 200 members with a great balance between industry and pvp. We like to do small gangs, large gangs, fleet ops, gate camps, and we do mining ops as well. Although all members dont participate in both aspects of the game, we do enjoy picking up quality members of both sides.

We have a Superior Jump Bridge Network that gets you throughout our region and into empire space. We are starting to platform our Cap Ship Program. Our Largest Time zones are European and All USA times zones.

This corp is built around team work and a lot of fun. If your looking for a place to relax with a bunch of guys and ladies then this is the place to be. We are vent and ts friendly. Convo me to learn more.


Latin Assassin
NYIT Gangstaz CEO
Smashkill Alliance

The Graduates
Brutally Clever Empire
Posted - 2007.10.11 22:32:00 - [14]


Take a look at The Graduates. We are based in Syndicate (0.0 NPC space). Our current corporation size is 250+ (part of the 1500+ member BRUCE alliance), with wide time-zone coverage.

About us:
- We offer freedom to experience everything Eve offers whether its 0.0 space, PvP, Industry, Trade, Mining, Missions, Ratting, POS administration, Research, Alliances, etc.
- Secure constellations, 4 jumps from Empire space
- Excellent Logistics
- Unaffiliated in the “The Great War”
- All industrial ops are voluntary. No Forced ops & no corporation slavery.
- PvP friendly with a PvP ship replacement policy.
- A capital ship fleet.

What do we ask of members joining “The Graduates”?
- No scammers & metagamers
- A positive, friendly, and mature attitude
- Smacking 1337s kids need not apply

Contact me anytime, or click the link under my signature.

Firey Inferno
Imperial Shipment
Posted - 2007.10.12 12:18:00 - [15]

No naked man sigs here :( but anyway...

You seem the type of pilot we are looking for. We believe that real life comes first, but when playing eve we all want to have fun, and that fun usually evolves making someone else's day hell by killing them :)

We are currently located in syndicate with our alliance dogs of war. Now syndicate isn't the best place of 0.0 but we are here merely to make ISK and build on our numbers until we are ready to invade and capture our own outposts / stations.

The alliance wants to eventually be "what MC should be" which is a merc alliance with its own space that doesn't have any real ties to other alliances. We want to work contracts "abroad" while we can make ISK at home so to speak.

We have Vent and alliance forums. Our KB is located here : (available on request)

Please let me know if your interested in joining us.

Firey Inferno

Priory Of The Lemon
Atlas Alliance
Posted - 2007.10.12 13:08:00 - [16]

We live in syndicate a nice well known and experiance pvp group.

Part of the HUZZAH Federation we a great reputation and lot of respect from the people in syndicate.

Please whack me an evemail or convo me if i am online so we can have a chat...


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