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Posted - 2004.02.20 20:34:00 - [1]

Edited by: Pulgor on 21/02/2004 01:34:45

"Sir! Shields have failed! We have micro fractures forming on sections 3 - 14!"

"Fire missiles at the target sitting at vector 5 mark 3!"

"Yes captain! Pulgor, fuse the launcher manifolds. They?ve come loose in the last hit!"

Pulgor nodded and headed to fix the manifolds. The corridors rattled and the sounds of gunfire piercing the hull could be heard as multiple loud clangs. He arrived at the missile launch systems. He saw the problem, the manifold had come straight off the wall and a gaping hole was in its place. Pulgor picked up the manifold and set to work re-attaching it and repairing the wires that had become dislodged.

The intercom came alive, "Pulgor! Have you fixed that manifold!" it screamed.

"Yes sir, the manifold is fixed!"

"Good, I want you to close the launcher shutters and jam as many torpedoes into the launchers as possible!"

"Excuse me sir?"

"We're going to make a pass at the enemy and blast him with everything we got."

"Roger that, rewiring now.? Pulgor rewired the shutters so they would stay closed in the event of a launch. Then he managed to get five torpedoes into the launch tubes."

"Pulgor, get out of there, we?re going to fire the torpedoes! It's going to get real hot in there in about 10 seconds!"

Pulgor left the room and ran down the corridors. Behind him a loud blast sounded the firing of the torpedoes. The concussive force blew the side out of the hull. Blast doors began to close to seal the area. Pulgor grabbed a railing and waited for the blast doors to close. The oxygen rushed through the corridor in a feeble attempt to fill the massive vacuum of space. Pulgor felt as if a hurricane had suddenly entered the ship and was blasting against him trying to throw him from the railing. The blast doors closed and tranquility came over the corridor. It was as quiet as the eye of a storm. Pulgor released the railing and took a moment to catch his breath.


The voice didn't have a source. Pulgor looked around but couldn't identify where it was coming from.

"Pulgor!" The voice said again, sounding more insistent this time.

Pulgor looked around, the voice had no source. It was all around him. Pulgor began to panic.

Pulgor snapped awake. He was sleeping. He remembered now. He was waiting for the crew to load ammunition aboard. Officer Johnson, the head of the skeleton crew was overseeing the loading of the cargo.

"Yes Johnson, I must have dozed off. What is it?"

"Pulgor, sir, we have completed loading of the ammunition. I also received this communication for you, sir."

Pulgor grabbed the data pad from Johnson. He read the contents:

"Pulgor, I hope this message finds you well. I have a task for you. I wish you to take your ship to the Golgothan Fields and find the data storage unit of a ship for me. I cannot say this will be an easy task. Pirates have taken refuge in these wreckage fields and will defend them furiously. However should you succeed, I will reward you handsomely. I have included the location of the unit in this transmission.

- Republic Fleet Agent #621"

Pulgor remembered the Golgothan Fields, it was the last stand of the Minmatar against the Amarr Empire. Pulgor didn't like the thought of going there. "Officer Johnson, ready the CMS: Rapture for departure!"

"Yes sir!"

Pulgor went to a comm.. screen and dialed a number for Amarr space. "Bhurak here! I've got shuttle deals so crazy you'll think I've gone mad! MAD I SAY! MAD!"

"Uhh Bhurak, I need a shuttle delivered to these coordinates that I'm uploading now. I'll pay 15k for it."

"Okay, as soon as the credits are transferred to my account I'll deliver a shuttle there. These coordinates are in the middle of space, I assume you'll pick it up from there?"

"Yes Bhurak, Don't worry about that, just make sure the shuttle gets there."

"Will do!"

The CMS: Rapture floated majestically through the empty void of space. Very near to it a shuttle was adrift. It did not look like it had been there long. A small pod sailed through space and attached it self to the shuttle. It then sank into the shuttle and was enclosed from the top. Pulgor adjusted to the space in the shuttle. He opened a comm. link to his ship, "Johnson, keep the ship here. If I'm gone for more then an hour, come into the fields and see if you can find me."

"Wouldn't it be safer for us to escort you?"

"No, there are dangerous pirates all over these fields. A big ship will attract their attention. This shuttle shouldn't."

"Roger that sir."

Pulgor then steered his shuttle into the stargate and it transported him into the wreckage fields. He found the floating piece of wreckage that was indicated by the signature that his agent gave him. The hair on his back began to tingle. Pulgor felt a connection with the wreckage, he couldn't identify it.

Posted - 2004.02.20 20:35:00 - [2]

Edited by: Pulgor on 20/02/2004 20:48:35
The wreckage appeared to be the hull of a Tempest class battleship. It was rotating adrift in space. Pulgor then saw the connection. The hull rotated and revealed a gigantic hole in the side of the ship, right where the missile launchers would be. He knew what it was, the ship was the RFS: Infinity. He allowed his memory to continue where the disturbing dream left off.

Pulgor found an open docking port. He checked the life support systems, they were online, and a stable oxygen atmosphere was present. Just as I left it, Pulgor thought to himself. Pulgor opened the hatch on the shuttle and entered the wrecked ship. The corridors were dank and the plating was peeling and all warped. No internal lighting was active. He used a flashlight to find his way through the corridors.

The inside was eerily silent. All that could be heard was bulkheads folding in on them selves occasionally. He found a passage to engineering. In engineering he searched he found what he was looking for. Something was odd however; a note was attached to the data module:

"Pulgor, I am glad you have decided to return. I thought just maybe you wouldn't come. However if you're reading this then you have decided to come! It makes me delighted. I want you to meet me back at the station. Room 28, Section 12.

- Archannon"

Pulgor saw the name. He immediately grabbed the data module and sprinted back for the shuttle. His journey was uninterrupted. Pulgor launched the shuttle; the engines whirred and then cut out. He tried again, same result. He checked the self diagnostic systems. The engine fused up, it would take hours to fix it, "That crazy bastard of a Ni-Kunni! No wonder these things are so cheap!" Pulgor pounded his fist on the hull plating.

Pulgor slumped beside the shuttle, nothing to do but wait. He thought of the note and realized there was no point in trying to fool himself. Pulgor's mind wondered back to the old RFS:Infinity. Not distorted and torn by the rifts of time.

Renik had managed to get the life support system operational again. However they all knew that all the systems were beyond repair. There were provisions, but not enough. They had to resort to drawing lots to determine who would eat, and who would not. Whoever drew the number 4 was the one to starve to death. 4 was picked as it was the number of days the Infinity lasted before being disabled. Pulgor had difficulty imagining the morality of denying someone food based on a number they drew from a metal basket. If the person fought, they were shot with the only pistol on the ship. The captain held it at all times. At least until it was his turn to go:

"Whew, number 6! Now I'm going to have some of those Minmatar rations."

"Number 2, thank god, hey cap, what number you draw?"

The captain had a tear forming in his eye. He flipped the card, it was a 4. He stood up and held his pistol out, "I will not starve! You cannot make me! I am your captain!"

Pulgor got up and tried to get him to put the gun down, "We all agreed to this. Someone has to sacrifice so the rest can live?."

"NO! I will not! Get back! Get back!" The captain held his pistol at Pulgor.

"Captain. Put the gun down?" Pulgor spoke very calmly.
The captain's hand wavered a little, but then he rose and fired. Pulgor barely dodged the shot. Half an inch more and Pulgor would be dead. Pulgor rushed forward and snatched the pistol from the captai'?s hand. He kicked the captain down.

"I won't die! You hear me! I have a family, a wife and two kids! I cannot let them not have a father, not at any cost! As captain I order you to give me the phase pistol!"

"I won't do it captain. You drew a 4."

"The Minmatar government has given me the authority over this ship! I decide who lives and who dies! Give me the phase pistol NOW!"

Then the captain jumped to his feet and rushed Pulgor. Pulgor had little time to react, he quickly shot the captain. By pure luck, or maybe misfortune depending on the point of view, the shot hit the captain square in the forehead. He was knocked back and then laid lifeless.

For the next 10 seconds all was still. In Pulgor's mind emotions ran amok. At first he felt victory. He had won the right to survive! Fair and square, the captain drew a 4, he dies, not Pulgor! Then he felt guilty, the captain had a family whereas Pulgor did not. Maybe the captain was right. He felt angry next, the captain broke the rules of the game. He should have died. Remorse was next up to bat, the captain was a good man. He did not deserve his fate. Finally rage, I couldn?t have done anything else! I couldn?t save him, or anyone else! I have failed in my duty as an officer. Finally it was redemption. "I couldn't save him from this." The 2 remaining crewmen agreed with him.

Posted - 2004.02.20 20:46:00 - [3]

Edited by: Pulgor on 20/02/2004 20:47:46
He then aimed his new phase pistol at the food ration container. "We all die together. This cannot go on!" The officers immediately cried out for him to stop. However it was too late, the phase pistol vaporized the rations at the pull of the trigger. The officers tried to murder Pulgor, blaming him for everyone's death. Pulgor shot them both. He then dropped the pistol and cried. Figuring out how to live with himself for murdering three people. It wasn't just murder, he had partook in thousands perhaps millions of murders. Being in the RFS was all about war with Amarr. He betrayed these men. He shot them down in cold blood. He could have wounded them but his instinct was to kill. He figured he killed them because he didn't want to hear them blame him for their starving to death. The worst part was that only 12 hours later someone found them. No one had to die there by his hand. However unbeknownst to Pulgor then, that was when the real hell began. The rescuers were from the winning Amarr fleet. The cruiser that rescued him was owned by an Amarrian who was more sick and twisted then Pulgor knew he could ever become. If he had personally killed a million men he would not become as crazy as the man that was known as Archannon.

* * *
This is part 1.

Imperial Shipment
Posted - 2004.02.20 22:01:00 - [4]

The horors of war are legion.


He checked the self diagnostic systems. The engine fused up, it would take hours to fix it, "That crazy bastard of a Ni-Kunni! No wonder these things are so cheap!"

I maintain that was a user error. Your fuel mix was too rich.

Posted - 2004.02.21 00:59:00 - [5]

By the way, the forum system replaced a lot of my punctuation with question marks. I fixed most of it. I'm still looking for more. I won't be copying and pasting text from ms-word anymore, that's for sure =)

Posted - 2004.02.23 06:01:00 - [6]

Edited by: Pulgor on 23/02/2004 06:06:28
Part 2.

Pulgor lay on the ground face up. The pistol that he had used to kill several Minmatar Officers lay just out of reach of his right hand. Pulgor was still in a daze over what he did. Pulgor’s eyes were closed. He thought he felt something tap his head. He couldn’t be sure and so he just stayed there, in a daze, letting his mind do the wondering. Trying to figure out what he’s done. Suddenly a loud blast resounded in his ears. He opened his eyes and saw an ugly Amarrian staring down at him. “Your lucky I missed, Minmatar filth, now get up!” The Amarrian grabbed him by the front and yanked him to his feat. Pulgor saw the blast shot steaming in the cement, but a few inches from where his head was laying. Pulgor then had a noose type device around his neck, it was tightened and he was pulled along by a long pole. “Come along, the captain will want a good look at you.”

Pulgor was now in the brig on an Amarr ship. No one had talked to him for a long while. Pulgor was still dazed from what happened on the Infinity. He couldn’t focus on the events happening now. He was still. He sat on the floor staring at a wall. The captain must have come in at some point as Pulgor finally registered someone yelling at him, “You Minmatar filth! Turn around! Let me get a good look at you! If you don’t do as I say now, you will be nerve stapled!”

Pulgor pivoted himself around and saw the captain. He had a name tag that said “Archannon” on it. Archannon spoke, “Hrmph. You killed the others didn’t you?”

Pulgor was silent. Archannon spoke again, “I know you did. You can admit it.”

“I did.” Pulgor said in dead pan tone

“I knew it. You have demonstrated a treachery that is beyond anything I have ever seen. To slaughter your own officers so you can live. You’re too good to be a slave. No, I think I am going to allow you to become free.”

Pulgor looked at him. Pulgor didn’t care either way.

“Here, take this.” Archannon tossed Pulgor a pistol. “Kill me with it. Surly you feel some hatred and contempt for me.”

Pulgor let the pistol slide to his feet. He picked it up and examined it for a second. He had done enough killing. He would not do it. He would not kill again for himself. Pulgor tossed the pistol aside. “I won’t kill again. Not to free myself from your prision. I murdered my officers because I didn’t want to see them die in the ration lottery. I didn’t want to have to see anyone die because they didn’t want to starve to death.”

“Are you having a crises of conscience?” Archannon said in a childish voice. “If you cannot handle killing someone, why on earth did you join the army? It’s no matter, I will desensitize you to violence.” With that he left.

It wasn’t that Pulgor couldn’t handle violence. It was that he couldn’t deal with himself for killing his own officers over rations. He couldn’t deal with killing fellow Minmatar. They weren’t the enemy. The captain didn’t deserve to die because he didn’t want to starve to death. Neither did the others.

A few days passed and Pulgor saw no one but the occasional slave that brought his food. Pulgor was still dazed and trapped within his own mind. Trying to grip with what he’s done. Then the captain Archannon showed up again. “Pulgor, I believe I’ve found out how to help you!” He lowered the force field. He could barely contain his excitement. A guard came in and they escorted Pulgor along some corridors. Archannon wasn’t saying anything. However his excitement was incredible. Then they entered a room. In the room were several slaves standing in a line. There was a semi-automatic phase cannon on one end and the slaves at the other. “Pulgor, this may be obvious but I’ll explain. I want you to kill all of these slaves.”

The slaves had sad looks in their eyes. Pulgor examined them. They were all Minmatar slaves, seven of them, 4 male, 3 female. Pulgor stepped over to the semi-auto Phase Cannon. It is a two handed weapon. He picked it up. Examined it and put it back down. “I had a feeling you would do this. You want to spare them don’t you?”

Pulgor nodded his head, “I will not kill again. Not for your pleasure.”

“I’ve got it! Since you cannot kill them, I will do it. See these slaves have had several days without vitoc. They are about to go into withdrawal. The virus will begin to give them the most excruciating pain possible until their deaths 13 hours later. You are providing them a mercy by killing them now.”

Suddenly one of the slaves began twitching, mildly first and then erratically. Within 10 minutes they were all on the ground. Pulgor watched in horror as they began to scream out in pain. Pulgor couldn’t take it. He picked up the phase cannon and shot Archannon’s guard. The guard had no time to react, he fell to the floor. He pointed it at Archannon, “Give them the Vitoc.”

Posted - 2004.02.23 06:07:00 - [7]

“Wow, how delightful! You CAN kill. I knew it! I knew you were a bloodthirsty Minmatar killer. Just took a little to bring it out of you. It’s sad that he had to die to prove a point.” Then Archannon summoned another guard and escorted Pulgor to his cell. The slaves received their vitoc and they felt better within moments.

Pulgor put his head in his hands. He had killed again. Maybe the captain was correct. Maybe he was a bloodthirsty Minmatar killing machine. He waited a few hours and then Archannon came again. “You have done well! I have another test for you!”

“I’ve had it with your tests, Archannon.” Pulgor calmly stated.

“No! Now come with me.”

The force field was lowered and another guard came to escort Pulgor. They led him to another room. This one had seven more slaves. He could tell if these were the same ones as last time. They wore rags and stood there without moving a muscle. “Pulgor, here’s how this works. I will continue to kill slaves with this pistol, until you strike me down. However if I kill them all, then I will give you a shuttle and set you free. I know you’re a blood thirsty being. I probably won’t even get to kill three of them, sadly.” He looked at the guard, “Leave us, guard the door, if he comes out, kill him.” The guard left. “You can try to escape, it could be hard.” Then Archannon aimed at the first slave and shot the pistol. The slave crumpled to the floor. “What you must realize, is that they are my property and mine to do with as I please. I am trying to tell you this!” He shot the second one, and the slave fell to the ground with a thud. “You must learn to tolerate our ways. When you stop hating me for this, you will be free of your savageness. I really don’t think that you Minmatar filth will ever evolve beyond this though.” Archannon was aiming for the third slave and then Pulgor shot him in the leg. “Aaaahhhh!” Archannon screamed. Pulgor shot him in the mouth next to silence him. Pulgor examined him, “He’ll live” he said to him self quietly. Pulgor examined the one console in the room, it had scanner access. He searched Archannon’s body and grabbed his security cards. He then used it to activate the console. The console showed them in central Amarrian space. “I think that the ACS may be interested to know what Archannon is doing with his time.” Pulgor whispered to himself. He wrote out a quick message and sent it off. He then walked up to the door and it opened. The guard was there, before the guard could react Pulgor shot him. The escape was a valiant one, filled with the bloodshead of Amarrian officers. Pulgor made his way to the escape pods and launched one. He managed to mask the signature and flew away from the ship. Pulgor then fell asleep in the pod, as he tried to digest the recent events.

Pulgor snapped awake. His ship had arrived. “This is Officer Johnson, Pulgor are you alright?” Pulgor answered, “Yeah this shuttle broke down. Send a pod here and I’ll climb in it.” Pulgor’s brief trip through memory lane dazed him. Once he got back to the ship he opened up a can marked “Q-Pill” it was a drink he had perfected. He had found that by mixing Blue Pill and Quafe, it made blue pill’s forgetful effects go from short term memory to long term. He didn’t remember the first 3/4ths of his life after he drank a cup. Somehow he felt it was better this way. He sipped the mug and ordered the ship back to the station.


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