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Kallanagh Tellen
Royal Fleet Auxiliary
Collegium Amarria
Posted - 2004.02.20 10:27:00 - [1]

The faint light of the distant star illuminated the ancient asteroid field in a sickly yellow hue. Innumerable monoliths stood their silent vigil in the cold vacuum of space, entombed within their icy graves in a system on the fringes of the Amarr Empire, long forgotten by its citizens… except for two. Amidst the silent, unflinching rank and file of crystalline rock formations floated a single shuttle, its golden surface showing no sign of lights nor activity. It didn’t want to be found.
“Oh man, oh man, they know we’re coming! Let’s just dump the stuff and run!” whimpered a flutelike musical voice within the darkness of the cabin.
“We haven’t got much choice, if the Angels don’t get this, we’re…” sounded a harsher voice, trailing off as the sudden implications of capture hit home. “We’ll wait here powered down, let the patrol ships pass and get underway in a few hours.”
“Jaress man, we haven’t heard from Rolin or Padd since they found us at the meeting point… you think…”
“Kinn they’ll be fine! They know to meet at Yulai, if they’ve been captured… God help them.” The pair looked behind them at the small cargo container, barely 3 feet across as it lay quietly humming and secure. It looked so innocent, but both knew its deadly cargo.
Kinn looked at Jaress; his thin and angular Gallente features did nothing to disguise the terror in his eyes. “Is it worth it?”
“The profit is more than enough” mumbled Jaress, his Caldari heritage brought to the fore, a streak of rugged determination playing across his face.
A solid ’Whomm’ reverberated round the cabin as the shuttle shuddered slightly, the tremor caused by the near path opening of a ship dropping out of warp.

They were not alone.

Kallanagh Tellen
Royal Fleet Auxiliary
Collegium Amarria
Posted - 2004.02.20 10:30:00 - [2]

‘Ping’… sounded the passive sensor, and icy feeling of dread enveloped the two smugglers as the system registered a solid metallic mass within the belt, a mass that was not at all like the mass of their feeble shuttle, something bigger. Kinn flinched as he reached for the camera drone controls, his hand slapped away from the frowning Caldari features of Jaress.
“Idiot! The drones generate a power surge; it’ll tip ‘em off as to where we are!”
“S…ss…sorry.” Replied Kinn meekly, the pressure affecting him dramatically as he began to rock to and fro in his harness. “First they’ll find us, then they’ll find the cargo, then its game over man, game over!”

‘Ping’… ‘Ping’…

“Dimmitt these Amarr are determined, I hoped they would have figured that we’d kept on running but this one’s being thorough. Damned patrol ships.” Jaress grinned as he fished around in his overalls pocket for a cigar, he figured he’d better smoke it now, he might not get the chance to smoke another for a LONG time. He knew that doing ‘odd jobs’ for the Angel cartel has its moments, hell he enjoyed the suspense that high earning missions paid. Perhaps this one was a bit too much of a price to pay.

‘Ping’… ‘Ping’… ‘Ping’…

He struck a match against the side of the console, lighting the foul smelling cigar as began to draw slow and pondering breaths. Maybe its time to do a runner.
“Alright Kinn lets make a run for it” barked Jaress as he buckled his harness. “For Gods sake man, stop snivelling and man the engine controls!” He reached over to the command controls and engaged the system warm-up sequence, a audible whine initiated as lights and systems displays flickered into life.
“I’ve got both the warp drive on standby, bb… but it’ll take 15 seconds for us to clear the ‘roid field. Sub light drives on standby.”

‘Ping’… ‘Ping’… ‘Ping’… ‘Ping’… ‘Ping’…

“That’s it, I’m not being anyone’s tea boy for the rest of my daysss! Lets do it!”

Kallanagh Tellen
Royal Fleet Auxiliary
Collegium Amarria
Posted - 2004.02.20 10:30:00 - [3]

Jaress punched the power up control for the engines, kicking the drives to live as the final systems flooded the pair with information.
“Going to full speed!” shouted Kinn, “approaching maximum velocity!” The little shuttle shot out from its hiding place, zipping between the ice encrusted boulders as it streamed towards the light of open space. It rolled and banked, its nimble streamlined hugging the rock face of one of the largest of the rocks, in a desperate attempt to disguise itself from its would be pursuer. The shuttle rounded this final hurdle at it sped for freedom, meeting head on its foe.
“Feck! Amarr Apocalypse battleship dead ahead! Range 4000m, back into the rocks!”

Too late.

The drive system squealed as the shuttle was engulfed in a ghostly bluish glow. The engine spluttered under the strain of an unknown force. Then fell to complete silence. A voice appeared on the ships intercom, a voice dripping with loathing and yet satisfaction upon the completion of its task.

“Unknown vessel, this is the Imperial Interdiction Patrol vessel Kaeron. Power down your shields and prepare to be boarded. Consider yourselves guests of the Empire, we have some matters to discusss.”

Gaius Kador
PIE Inc.
Posted - 2004.02.25 03:55:00 - [4]

Waiting for next chapter ;)

Imperial Shipment
Posted - 2004.02.25 05:03:00 - [5]

keep it up


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