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Maud Dib
The Bleeding Heart Cult
Posted - 2004.02.19 14:33:00 - [1]

Eight…nine…ten…the barbell settled into the bench arms with a loud clatter that seemed to fill the empty room. Maud Dib reached for his towel and wiped the sweat from his face. The silence was the worst part he thought, no easy going ribbing, no good natured insults. When you are the Captain you workout alone. Your very presence seems to disrupt the relaxation of the crew. How do you go from being at the academy and dreaming of being in command of your own badger 2 to being responsible for ship of the line and all of it’s crew he thought.
Just then the wall comm started to beep. With a slight sigh Maud moved to the slightly worn unit and activated the link. "Yes?" he asked, " Sorry to interrupt you Captain but we have an urgent message from the Lady Jade". Maud Dib smiled at that, his crew had taken to using the archaic manner of speech that he used in his somewhat useless attempt to make the universe more civil. " I’ll take it here Galen and thank you." There was a slight pause and then the voice of Jade Constantine filled the room. " Please for give me for sending a message out to all of you at once instead of personal conversation but this is a matter of some importance. " It seems ladies and gentlemen that we find ourselves at war again." She continued" I have forwarded the information concerning our foes to your databanks for your study. Our spies have already noted the location of their main fleet assets and their combat capabilities. Good fortune and god speed to you all." The link went dead and silence filled the room again.
Maud Dib voice broke the silence as be bellowed into the comm " Set course for HQ to refit. Max speed if you please." He headed out of the gym and started running down the access tunnels that made up his running track. Jade seemed to be pleased that war had come to them again. In fact he thought, she had embraced combat like a lover since their exodus from Venal. Venal, god I miss it he thought as his feet pounded out his progress. His thoughts wandered to the north where old comrades once again battled to defend their home against invaders. It still did not seem right that it was not his duty to defend it but such are the fortunes of politics.
It was just as well perhaps, he thought. As there was one among the invaders whom he could not bear to fire upon. The Steel Maiden his crew called her when they thought he could not hear them. It had been too long since they had been together and the sight of his cold bed was a nightly mocking reminder of the price of duty. Still he had memories enough to warm him and that gave hope of a time when they might once again visit the fire pits of Amarr or watch the children do the tribal dances on Pator. "Enough" he said aloud shaking his head. "If you wander too far in those memories this night you will never sleep."

Maud Dib
The Bleeding Heart Cult
Posted - 2004.02.19 15:31:00 - [2]

Ok that is the first installment. Flames, rants comments. Shall I post the second install ment?

ooc: Why do I have paragraph indentions in the text box but when I post it they go away?

George Carter
Posted - 2004.02.19 15:52:00 - [3]

Nice intro and well written M8 - will be following this oneVery Happy

Imperial Shipment
Posted - 2004.02.19 16:03:00 - [4]

keep it up

Darrin Tobruk
Stonecutter's Guild
Posted - 2004.02.19 16:32:00 - [5]

I like it.

Khal St
Triax Inc
Posted - 2004.02.19 17:25:00 - [6]

Why do I have paragraph indentions in the text box

Don't think it supports the indentations Maudy..

Look forward to more....

Maud Dib
The Bleeding Heart Cult
Posted - 2004.02.20 16:18:00 - [7]

"Ahhhhh" exclaimed maud as the first spray of hot water hit him. Having a private shower was a perk of being captain that he enjoyed a great deal. The tensions of the day seemed to melt away under the pulsing jets of the shower and he found his thoughts becoming more focused. Another war, they were starting to seem to run together. The Lady Jade it seemed was pacticularly offended by bad piracy and determined to destroy those corps that weren't very good at it. This of course delighted those among his comrades who longed for any excuse to take up frigate raiding again. The Lady j0sephine has under her command a fearsome Scorpian class battleship but he had no doubt at all that when the fleet linked up she would be in command of sort sort of fast attack frigate crewed by her finest. The rest of her crew would no doubt be enjoying some unexpected R&R on the company.
The Lady j0sephine, if his crew called Jade "lady" out of love they called j0 "lady" out of fear. Few pilots in the cluster know more about their, and their opponents ships capabilities than j0 and more than once Maud had gone to her for advice when uncertain about technical matters. it would not surprise him if she had liked up with Captain Shin and were already engaing the foe in advance of the main fleet.
Now Shin was all instinct and nerve. Willing to throw herself and her ship into the fray on a hunch or a guess. It was truely something to behold. Shin was living proof of the old saying "fortune favor's the brave.". Maud just hoped it stayed that way.
He step out of the shower and quickly dried off with the Jovian cotton towel. The he laughed " This towel is more suited to a pleasure house on Luminarie than a warship.". That was the way of it in Jericho though, every luxury you can fit in. he sat at the overfolwing desk and with a sigh dug in to the paperwork that seemed to be slowly comsuming the desk. If I can just make a dent in this and put this war behind us quickly then perhaps I can put in for some R&R, he thought. His last comm with the Steel Maiden had not gone well and he was hoping some time for them alone together would set thing to right.
His thought's were inturupted by the beeping of his desk comm. " Yes Galen what is it?" he said coming out of his reverie. " Captain we have a live comm from Captain Harkhonen, priority two."."I'll take it Galen and thank you." he replied switching to video. " Hark my old friend how can I be of aid?"
Captain Harkhonen was one of Mauds oldest friends. They had been in the Academy together and had both joined the same corporations. There were better pilots than hark but not better friends and that was what matters most. " Maud, I was on my way to the rally point when I got hailed by some locals who were being overrun by Serpentis pirates. I stoped to give assistance but quite frankly we can't seem to take them out. Is there anyway you can roll that big war pig of yours through here and put them down for good? I love my ship but a Caracal just isn't enough right now."
" Send your coordinates to my helmsman, I'm on my way. Now get back to the battle you old sack." He said with a laugh and closed the comm. Weariness had crept up on him and he seemed crushed by the need to sleep. Rising slowly he turned off the lights and crawled into bed. As he drifter off to sleep he wondered what it would be like to live a normal life.


Polaris Corporation
Posted - 2004.02.20 19:53:00 - [8]

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