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Burga Galti
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2004.02.18 18:14:00 - [1]

It was a day like any other when I undocked my Imicus from the Federation Navy Assembly Planet in Luminaire and headed outbound to Memtat. Iíd bought eighty thousand units of mexallon somewhere in Heimater the day. I canít tell you where because all those Minmitar names confuse the hell out of me. Language Translators or not, I just canít remember their names save Pator perhaps.
Iíd set out early in the afternoon and flow to Amarr to scout the prices in the Domain and Iíd found a buyer in Memtat who wanted to buy my nice Mexallon for 17isk each, making me a tidy profit in the process.

So here I was flying through the empire. Iíd never really been fond of the Amarrians. Their slavers ways and strict religious beliefs had always been off putting to me, but business is business so into their space I go. My journey was relatively uneventful. In fact I actually took the time out to load sections of an old novel through the ships computer to help the time pass. Alas my peace was not to last.

I was only one jump away from my destination system when I heard the familiar sound of my ship targeting another. It took a few seconds to register that my ship would be targeting only if I was already targeted. I jumped into full throttle, forgetting my nice novel, and ordered my ship to cease the autopilot. I then thought quick and swiftly about what I needed to do. I felt the first impact on my shield as I ordered my ship into a turn. It was more powerful than I had expected. I realised that dodging would not suffice in this dogfight and I would not survive if I stayed.

Thinking fast I ordered up the navigation menu, feeling another thump on my shield as I did, and quickly gave the order for my ship to turn full circle and head to the other stargate. I felt another hit on my shield, then another. I started to pray that I would make it through this in one piece. As my shield disappeared my heart was pounding in my chest and I began to get ready to give my pod orders, another hit on my hull made me scream in agony in my capsule. It was then I felt the familiar shudder of my ship as it went to warp. I took a deep breath and began to relax again.

Halfway to the other stargate my ship dropped out of warp, it seemed I hadnít had enough capacitor to get the whole way. I ordered my ship back on course thinking about what to do. My buyer was on the other side of that gate, and it would have to go back two systems to check the market for a new one. As I was deciding I dropped out of warp and saw two cargo containers floating in space near me. Thinking I was in luck and that this may pay off I ordered my ship towards them to go take a look.

Now let this be a lesson to you, do not inspect a floating can without first checking if someone is guarding it. The first I knew of the vessel nearby was the sound of the targeting computer establishing a lock. I reacted fast checking giving my ship new orders to head to one of the planets in the system, away from danger. I felt more hits on my newly recharged shield. Blow after blow landed as my ship turned around. More fell on my already weakened armour as my ship began to accelerate to maximum velocity. As my armour was almost depleted I started to think the worst. Just then my ship shuddered and sped off into the distance leaving my assailant behind.

As I arrived in orbit of the planet I was thinking of how I was going to get out of this one. Iíd managed to get myself trapped in system with a 0.1 security rating and only two stargates, both of which were guarded. I realised that the pirate guarding the gate to my destination might simply be looked for payment so I checked the logs of the local communications network. Sure enough there was a statement from Antdung that if I paid him he would let me pass.

I contacted him on the channel, keeping a wary eye on the space around me for any unwelcome visitors, to see how much he wanted. 100K was his price, not too much for a pilot with 2 months experience flying a frigate he told me. I thought about his offer and checked my proposed profits for my sale. They stood at 170K. This pirate wanted to take over half my work. That just wasnít going to happen. I waited for my shield to repair and checked the concord intelligence on Antdung, turned out he had been piloting much longer than I. For almost half an EVE standard year longer in fact.

Burga Galti
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2004.02.18 18:15:00 - [2]

I set a course back to the Unifseh gate as soon as my shields were up again. Warping in as close as I possibly could to the gate I set my throttles to full when I came out of warp. It didnít take long for that thing of Sanshaís to start trying to kill me again. The shots landed on me again and again as I closed the distance between my ship and the gate. I watched the distance between us fall in desperation, my shield fell all to fast and I started taking more damage to my amour. It was gone in a single hit and all I had left for defence was the hull of my ship. The blows continued to rain down on me but I was only 3400m from the gate now. I willed every last bit of thrust out of my engines as I felt more and more blows hitting my sides. 3000m, 2800m, 2600m, 2400m I brought up the navigation menu as quick as I could and punched in the command for ĎJumpí. My ship began the cloak and I disappeared down the plughole.

When I emerged on the other side I took a deep breath and flow back to the nearest station to find another sell point. Thankfully there was another buyer just three jumps away. I set a course and continued on. Before I got there though, I sent a message to the man who had pirated me. I sent to him my thanks for adding some excitement to my day and told him that it was rare for a blockade to stop me. True since I passed through several on my way to Stain just two days earlier. A few minutes later I got a reply from him. He told me quite simply that it was rare for people to get away from him, and told me that it was a relief to meet someone who didnít have a problem with being shot at in low security space. Well that wasnít what he actually said, but close enough.

Now, youíre probably left wondering what the moral to this story is. They say every story has one. I guess for this tale of mine it would simply be take care, watch your local communications network and be alert when out in low security space. And if you do get someone who tries to toll you, be nice. Theyíre only trying to get by in the world like the rest of us and at least they didnít just kill you on sight.


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