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uoY delliK
Detached Regiment
Posted - 2007.09.22 03:57:00 - [1]

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2 characters...

Character a) 17 Mil SP (minmatar spec'd) hacs, recons, af/inty, t2 fittings for BS
Character b) 17.5 Mil SP (Variety of specs) exhumers 5, industrial 5, t2 heavy drones, dominix, curse/pilgrim, no gunnery/missiles, but awesome drones.

Contact me in game, just seeing whats available to me, before I make any decisions.

Posts here wont be answered, if you have a question or position for me, convo ingame.

Also, prefer small gangs where tactics/specialization prevails rather than blob-warfare.

Thanks, fly safe.

uoY delliK
Detached Regiment
Posted - 2007.09.22 03:59:00 - [2]

Might as well point out, if you're newer than I am... If i accept your convo its probably to ridicule you for trying to recruit someone older than you... I prefer HIGH SP corps, I dont train, and I dont deal well with "what does a smartbomb do?" type questions.

Aurora Polaris
The Babylon Consortium
Posted - 2007.09.22 12:00:00 - [3]

Hi, dont know if im older then you, but i do have more sp's Shocked

Anyway look at our corp... or at our alliance Let our actions speak for itself... not age or sp's Cool

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2007.09.22 12:09:00 - [4]

I'm pushing 65 mill sp is that good ? Shocked

Rabble-Rabble has officially opened its doors for new members of all kinds !

Rabble-Rabble is a corp of friends who have gamed together within Eve-online for years. We are looking to add quality members that we can call friends and that want to be part of building one of the premier corporations within our universe.

We are currently looking for the following types of members:
Miners with Pitchforks (we live in 0.0 and you need to be willing/able to defend it)
Mission runners
PVE players
PVP’ers (daily alliance ops and corp ops are coming soon)
We will also accept small corps wishing to merge

Rabble-Rabble offers:
Capital ship: Carriers, Dreads and Freighters
Access to 0.0 space
Alliance PVP ops
Huge Blueprint collection
Access to high end ore
Ability to make you rich

CoolCoolwe were named one of the top ten production corporations in issue #007 of EON magazine.CoolCool

For further information please eve mail Bodolf or godby.

uoY delliK
Detached Regiment
Posted - 2007.09.22 15:43:00 - [5]

Aparently people dont read.... Anyways, bump.


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