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Posted - 2007.09.14 05:48:00 - [1]

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14.5m skill points and is training Heavy Drones up.
2.0 security status
Does NOT have a negative balance.
Is not in a war, does not have enemies or any bounties on him.
In the Garoun Investment Bank NPC corp.
Full +3 implant set.
I will, as required by CCP, pay the transfer price upon completion of the auction.

20 intelligence
20 perception
10 charisma
18 willpower
20 memory

Skills of Note:

AF/HAC both IV
Exhumers III
Gallente BS IV
Covert Ops V
Mechanic V
Engineering V
Electronics V

Follow this link to the Voogru page with my toon's skills.

Feel free to contact me in-game as either XiaoCiao or Otokani with offers.
Starting Bid: 1b
Bid Increment: 100 million
Reserve Price: 2b
Buy Out Price: 3b
Sniper Rule: 15 minutes
Closing Date: Saturday Sept. 22nd at midnight or when the Buy Out price is met.
The following is just a list of the better stuff on my toon--there's also a lot of other random stuff.


Megathron (LARP II, Cap Recharger II x2, 350mm prototype gauss, linear flux stabilizer I, armor kin/therm hardener II, energized adaptive nano membrane II, damage control II, 100mn afterburner I) This was recently purchased and thus doesn't have many guns installed compared to the other ships I have.

Myrmidon (Medium Armor Rep II, 10mn afterburner I, 250mm scout accelerator cannons x5, drone augmentation link, barton reactors x4) Great ship. Served me all through my level 3 mission days.

Helios (Covert Ops Cloaking Device II, Scan Probe Launcher, Codebreaker/Analyzer I, and a couple other mods) This was used for exploration. Also comes with a bunch of probes except for the LADAR variety.

Hulk (Strip Miner Is x3, barton cap charger, intertia stab Is x2) There are a couple modules like the cargo expanders that go with it for hauling all that ore.

Nemesis (Arbalest Cruise Launchers x3, balmer series targetting inhibitor, passive targeter, sensor booster II x2, ballistic control system II x2) Still has room for a couple small guns and this character auction includes an Improved Cloaking Device II.


472k isogen
34 megacyte
35k mexallon
8 morphite
80k nocxium
161k pyerite
1.37m tritanium


Large Hull Rep II, Tracking Computer II, Armor Explosive Hardener II (for the Megathron)
N-Type Explosive/Kinetic/Therm Hardeners
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane I
2 Medium Accommodation Armor Reps
Several named heavy/heavy assault launchers, 250mm scout accelerator cannons, miner IIs and a bunch of other odds'n'ends.


An assortment of light, medium, heavy and sentry drones (including some T2 mediums).
Various ship logs, DNAs, caldari/amarr insignias and tags (including the Sansha Silver one to unlock the bonus area in Massive Attack),
Some BPOs of hybrid charges and titanium sabot M, Celestis and Iteron V BPOs, and multispectral frequency probe BPO. All are non-researched.
A lot of heavy missiles, lead M charges and a few pyroxeres T2 mining crystals.
Hemorphite, jaspet and kernite processing, energy emission systems and electronic warface skillbooks.
And last but not least a ton of ore scattered at a few of the stations.

The character has an 8.8 standing with the Gallente Federation Intelligence Office and access to a L4 Q18 agent in Auvergne plus a L3 Q0 agent in Grinacanne. He currently has about 113k LPs saved up.

All the toon's stuff is in high-sec space including the character himself.

Lastly Otokani will be the one receiving the money

Posted - 2007.09.14 05:48:00 - [2]

Confirming this is the toon that will receive the ISK.

Posted - 2007.09.14 09:45:00 - [3]


this is a buyout. 3 bil sent to Otokani.

Please transfer the character as soon as possible.



Posted - 2007.09.14 17:57:00 - [4]

Buy Out received. This auction is now closed.


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