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Napalm Death Industries
War and Pestilence
Posted - 2008.03.24 05:39:00 - [61]

Originally by: Aeo IV
And how does this help the 'good guys'?

The reason you have to grind rats to get back sec status is very simple; risk vs reward. The reward for being a pirate is generally very high, at the same time, you run the risk that you'll be ganked by CONCORD the next time you enter a 0.5+ system.

It's not that your idea isn't interesting, it would probably cut down on weekend pirates, but it shouldn't replace the outlaw system.

Ok, someone must talk in the name of industrials. Many of them do not read this kind of posts. And yes, EVE will loose tons of carebears if changes are not carefully implemented.

I don't see living aside pirates as a big problem. This makes EVE less boring. I agree that we should provide some mechanics to allow pirates to go to high sec to stop with this ALT story, and provide a way to ppl become real pirate hunters (bounty hunters would sound better, but since we all have ALTs, no bounty system is possible).

But just giving pirates more freedom ("options") to blow the tiny industrial ships and completely forget what an industrial expects from this game is completely unfair.

Industrials do not need revenge. They just need better ships to survive.

Since the transport ships and exhummers were released, their defense capabilities are nothing compared to the firepower of pirate ships. 1 or 2 shots or 2 smartbomb shockwaves are enough to destroy many industrial ships.

It also makes no sense ppl mining in high sec using a Battleship because of pirates/gankers freedom. It makes no sense to me to spend months of training to fly a transport ship at lvl 5 and see that I still can't handle enough fire to safely fly in high-sec using autopilot settings just because my cargo worths more than a fitted battleship.

You want a cold harsh world? This must apply to industrials AND pirates/gankers. Let's make it harder to blow up an exhummer or a transport ship. Check the cold harsh world CONCORD will show to you if you choose the wrong hauler/barge to smartbomb.

Don't forget the huge gap between industrial ships/transport ships and freighters. And even freighters can be destroyed by gankers.

- Create a new exhummer that tanks much better, lets say like a batlecruiser, but does not mine as much as the Hulk or the Mackinaw.

- Revisit "deep space" transport ships so that they can hold a lot of fire like a Battleship does, but no weapons on it. Sure, with 75% of the cargo space that a tech 1 hauler holds, and taking the same time to warp.

- Create a new transport ship to hold more cargo than tech 1 haulers, although it warps slower and is as fragile as a tech 1 hauler. Many industrials will use this because it is more profitable, until they get blown up by gankers. Maybe new models for these ships would be a nice idea, something larger than haulers and smaller than freighters.

You can check more ideas at this industrial wishlist.

CCP: You want profit? Check out WOW's profit. You want a cold harsh world going down as soon as another decent and well balanced space simulation MMO arrives? Keep implementing unbalanced changes in this game.

Posted - 2008.03.24 06:45:00 - [62]

I said it was good earlier in the post but.....

If im a pirate ... (which i am .. yarr eat me ect) there is still gonna be the 15m timer where concord and sentry shoots me yeah (atfer i kill / attack sum1).

All this is doing is changing the fact that there is no sec status just global kill rights ... so if i have 10 hours i can still happily go to jita in my battleship just loads of people will try to kill me.

This doesn't effect a person who goes into low sec for fun once in a while but does effect people who always are pirates which is cool ?

I think there should be a limit on the time though if i kill lots of stuffs and have like 2 years of pirate status and no way of making it better that sux :(

Maybe adding this in.

If you kill a guy with "wanted" status and is in a frig it takes 30 mins off your timer (killing a outlaw ur helping)

cruiser - 45 mins
bc- 1 hour
bs - 2 hour
carrier - 3
dread 3.5
ms - 4
titan - 5

(just a guess)

So at least this way if you want to repent your ways you have to kill other pirates, but killing 50 pirate frigates isnt gonna help much.

Reggie Stoneloader
Posted - 2008.05.06 19:31:00 - [63]

I was thinking about factional warfare, and was reminded of this thread, so I'm semi-necroing it (not quite 90 days).

If faction warfare ever rolls out (just after planetary flight and Duke Nukem Forever, I suspect), how about making "wanted" status as described here apply to faction sovreignty? So you can be Wanted in Minmatar space, but not Cadari space, allowing you to raid across the border, then flee to "home turf" high-sec to hide behind Concord while your timer ticks down.

That would make the borders far hotter in terms of PvP than the low-sec areas in a single empire's space, since crimes committed in Amarr low-sec would make you fair game in Amarr high-sec, but if you pop over to Gallente high-sec nobody can follow you with gankage.

It wouldn't introduce new safety for criminals, it would just introduce new vulnerability for them, so read carefully before you accuse me of wanting to get more carebears murdered.

Fox Ogmo
Net 7
The Last Brigade
Posted - 2008.05.07 01:28:00 - [64]

I'm sure the sec status system will be revisited with the introduction of factional warfare (and keenly look forward to it, writing this whilst cloaked here in someone or other's 0.0 space in the middle of a ratting stint), it just wouldn't be compatible the way it is now...

Galan Amarias
Kantian Principle
Posted - 2008.05.07 05:19:00 - [65]

This idea is full of win. I'd like pod agression to be identical to ship agression, aside from that, awesomness all arround.


Northstar Cabal
Posted - 2008.05.08 05:25:00 - [66]

So instead of Concordokkens, you become a big juicy target to player ships?

Awesome... I don't pirate at all and I'll sign this!

*grins* no more true "safe" space keh keh keh

Raven Timoshenko
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2008.05.08 05:38:00 - [67]

This would be great, more opportunities to PvP then.

Reven Cordelle
Total Mayhem.
Cry Havoc.
Posted - 2008.05.08 08:29:00 - [68]

A good idea, I wouldn't mind getting vicious with people because they're evil. Increases PVP instances more often, as people from low sec will come to high to get their stuff, but may get ganked by bounty hunters.

Hey, look at that.. two way risks!

Its high risk for newbies in Low Sec due to the pirates, but possibly High risk for pirates in High Sec due to high sec bounty hunter fleets.

A nice addition says I, im all for it. Okay so it may be a little biased in the fact that you're considered a target to anyone in high sec.. but to be honest, if you're a pirate, you've earned that risk in High Sec, you disobeyed the rules, so now you contend with the bounty hunters.

To the person that suggested Bounty Hunter Gatecamps, big deal, right now people get blown up for no reason at gate camps, itll be decent to add a reason to camp the gate, rather than just for killmails.

Its great, adds more PVP around the universe, and stops it from being a mostly low sec affair.

Love that idea, all for it.

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