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Tiberius Amzadee
Posted - 2004.02.13 04:21:00 - [1]

Edited by: Tiberius Amzadee on 13/02/2004 04:23:03
After a few years of attempting to gain members for his corp without success,Tiberius gives up and closes shop in Vakir station. In days of selling most of his assets and finding a new station to call home,he gives himself a vacation back on his home planet of Matar where he thinks about the future,as usual of himself and his people.

Under a golden afternoon sky he stands upon a sea shore and closes his eyes as he listens to the winds and waves,unbenounced to him,falls into a shallow trance and begins to daydream.

"Suddenly snapping his eyes open,startled from the unexpected sounds of muffled explosions and the rumble of dark talon shaped dropships passing overhead in the now evening sky,he turns around and stares in disbelief towards a city in the distance consumed in flames as its torn apart by orbital bombardment.
While spotlights shine down from the dropships hovering above,he can see thousands of matari fleeing the burning city only to be vaporized by energy beams cutting across the land.
As if Tiberius was frozen in his own time bubble,all he could do was watch in dispair,then suddenly a spotlight focuses itself upon where he stands.
In a swift motion he raises his arm to shield his silver eyes,his dispair turned into pure rage as he reconized the familiar golden hulls and talon shapes as amarr design.
In the distance not far from the burning city,armed amarr soldiers pour out of their bestower ship transports killing any resistance while rounding up survivors soon to be slaves.
Silently knowing it was the end for him as he stands under the spotlight focused on him he howls in defiance towards the dropships above as a energy beam engulfs his body to send him into an oblivion of pure light."

In a gasped breath,he opens his eyes upon a evening sky and glances around his surroundings in a sweat expecting to find chaos around him,but finds a peacefull shimmering city in the distance as other matari around him enjoy their own evening out along the shore where he still stands as children are hurried back to their homes for dinner.
As his scences slowly return to normal a passerby notices him,her hand touching his shoulder lightly,he turns to stare upon a fierce tatooed face of a beautiful sebeistor woman as she asks him if he was alright.
With a gentle and polite smile,he nods,half lieing to her.
A smile is returned as she nods back to him,staring into his eyes for a moment,slowly lets her hand slide away from his shoulder as she turns and moves on.
In silence,he watches her for a while and looks back towards the sea and then up towards the stars above as he folds his arms over his chest,silently making plans in his mind to return to space.


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