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Tok Narok
Posted - 2004.02.11 13:48:00 - [1]

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Colonel Narok was tired. In fact, he was exhausted. The battle to ebb the perpetual flow of the Empires enemies takes its toll on every man.

The Divine Will was on its last leg of the return journey from deep space into the Home Worlds. At last he felt himself relax, and the entire ship seemed to breathe a sign of relief with him. He closed his eyes and tried to forget for a second the horrors he had seen.

He longed to return to his family, to his wife and son. The boy was growing up so fast, already top of his class in the Imperial Academy. The Colonel smiled to himself as he drifted off into sleep.

He was woken by a gentle hand on his shoulder, the hand of a Sebiestor. His name was Uthraii, and he was probably the Colonels most trusted companion. Uthraii had been born into the life of a slave. From the moment he had been conceived onboard a slave transport, his destiny had seemed predetermined. The Colonel had changed that.

"Colonel, we're docked in Tash-Murkon Prime."

"Thank you Uthraii." he replied rubbing his weary eyes. He could feel the beginnings of a headache forming. Not that it mattered, he was home at last. Regaining his composure, he barked into the ships ComNet.

"Narok to bridge, anything to report?"

"No Colonel nothing to report. Ship status 100% operational, everything is normal Sir."

Normal. He hated that word. "Narok to bridge, perform a full system scan."

"Aye Sir." the exasperation evident in the bridge officers’ voice. Uthraii grinned. Everyone wanted to get off this ship. Everyone was longing for something.

The reply came a few seconds later. "Sir... we appear to have an enemy vessel in system."

"Appear?" Colonel Narok closed his eyes again, and sat motionless for a second.

"Aye Sir! Blackbird class cruiser registered to SHC Corporation."

SHC? What the hell where they doing here? Such a long way from home, and in a combat vessel. It couldn't be a good sign. His family would have to wait. Once again.

"Undock the ship."

Uthraii looked down at him and nodded. The high-pitched whine of the Ion drives could be heard reverberating around the inside of the docking bay. The station authorities granted the undocking request and the Divine Will slid slowly into the airlock. This was the part he hated most - the transition back into the void.

He heard the airlock doors close behind the ship, trapping them in a bubble of air. His family behind him, his enemy in front. The way it should be. The way of the protector. The hiss of the outer doors opening was sharply cut short as always. The ship was in the void once again, yet still confined by the station. Sound was no more. He felt claustrophobic and the ship continued its journey slowly onwards.

"Plot interception course and engage warp when clear." he commanded.

"Aye Sir."

The shudder of the warp drive came almost immediately, the ship listing as it aligned. It felt as though the ship was shivering from being in the freezing depths of space. Every fibre of the Colonels body tensed, in an attempt to steel himself for the acceleration about to come. Sometimes he wondered how his crew survived; at least he had the relative safety of his control capsule.

As the ship accelerated he wondered if he should hail the enemy ship. Perhaps the Matari corporation had a legitimate reason to send a Blackbird cruiser into the heart of the Empire... Perhaps. The Divine Will dropped out of warp with a bone-rattling shudder.

"Sir! Enemy Blackbird class cruiser sighted, range 36km and closing!"

The fear in the young officers voice was tangible, and with good reason. If properly equipped, the enemy ship could render the Divine Will useless.

"Engage sensor boosters and lock the target." the Colonel replied calmly.

The response came in record time. "Target acquired Sir!"

Closing his eyes as he spoke, the he ordered the destruction of the enemy vessel.

"Fire guns 1 through 4. Fire torpedo 1."

"Firing guns 1 through 4, firing torpedo 1. Aye sir!"

The sound of the tachyon beam weapons firing came moments later. They screamed their destruction around the hull of the ship. In truth Narok found them awe-inspiring and terrifying. The sound was of a thousand souls, wailing their repentance to God.

The tachyons finished their firing cycle and there was silence again. Colonel Narok held his breath and so did the Divine Will. He knew the torpedo would hit before then next tachyon cycle. He braced himself for a retaliatory attack from the Blackbird.

"Sir, target damage at critical levels. He's got no shields left Sir and we're through most of his armour."

The torpedo struck. The shockwave could be felt from their range of 22km. Torpedo shockwaves are like no other, they seem to rip apart the very fabric of space, and shake it out like a blanket.

Tok Narok
Posted - 2004.02.11 13:55:00 - [2]

"Target destroyed Sir!"

Colonel Narok opened his eyes once more. He imagined the fear that the enemy pilot felt. So vulnerable. So alone. Floating in the void, with nothing more than a survival capsule keeping you alive.

For a second, the two vessels appeared to stop and appraise one-another. One a minuscule egg, the other an Apocalypse class battleship. Two extremes.

"Let's go home." the Colonel sighed.

The ship began to align as the "Aye Sir." came, and the Divine Will slid into warp.

Ard Adunaphel
Posted - 2004.02.11 14:01:00 - [3]

Interesting ... almost human that one here?

Horatio Starkiller
Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2004.02.11 14:11:00 - [4]

Tash Murkon Prime eh? Thanks for the info Wink

Mijstor Jedann
IT Alliance
Posted - 2004.02.11 21:12:00 - [5]

Very nice read, brings a tear to my eye Wink

Enjoy every moment you have with your family Colonel, the enemies of the Empire are lurking...

give my regards to the wife and Tok Jr.

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2004.02.11 21:40:00 - [6]

Intresting story, nice to read :)

Gaius Kador
PIE Inc.
Posted - 2004.02.11 23:20:00 - [7]

A glorious account of the encounter, Colonel Narok.

Horatio, little pup, come to Tash Murkon then, if you feel the information was useful. It is a hub system, frequented by both the DS and PIE. We should be able to 'entertain' you to the point of death.

Long live the CVA! Long live the Emperor!

Zibun Ionic
Cloaca Maxima
Posted - 2004.02.12 17:51:00 - [8]

Tok, your tip of the pen is skillful and sharp as is your tonque, but I wonder if your combat skills are as masterful?

May we meet again one day.


Polaris Corporation
Posted - 2004.02.13 00:00:00 - [9]

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