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Thanos Draicon
Wolf Pack Mentality
Blood and Steel
Posted - 2007.09.10 14:58:00 - [31]

This thread is filled with Nerd Win. Very Happy

Posted - 2007.09.10 16:59:00 - [32]

Originally by: Chribba
Originally by: Nyphur
I am sure I asked this before and got an answer but I forget. How do I search for a given word or phrase but only in dev posts or in posts of a certain author? I was looking for a post kieron wrote once and couldn't find it. That and the queries I made kept timing out and they weren't even that complicated.
You can use (without the brackets):

[author:"Author Name" SearchTerm]
[dev:SearchTerm] or [ccp:SearchTerm] (for gm/isd/dev)

Awesome, thanks :D. I did do the first one but it kept timing out and search terms that didn't time out didn't find the post I was looking for that I KNOW exists.

Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2007.09.19 15:56:00 - [33]

Originally by: Chribba
Originally by: Shinhan
Originally by: Chribba

Originally by: Kuolematon
Not to be an ass or anything but DEV feedback without EVE-TV? It's annoying to have like ONE real DEV post in "new posts" section :Confused
That is a good idea, I will have to give it some thoughts on how to solve such feeds in an easy and not too resource digging way.

EVE-TV usernames start with "EVETV" and real Dev's usernames start with "CCP". Are there any exceptions to this rule?

Just make a new category in dev finder: ALL|DEVS|GM|ISD|EVETV

Thanks for the RSS and keep up the good work!

You're right, I wasn't thinking clearly, I was thinking about the EVETV subforum rather than spiral and Xyl showing up as devs. However starting to filter on names as well is not that good of a solution as currently they get added to the database based upon their "dev" status and not by their name. But I might be able to put them into the ISD category rather than the dev one.

Well, I was thinking of names being used only for changing their "group" from dev to evetv. It is unlikely that there will be many new evetv "devs", so manual change of their status from "dev" to "evetv" shouldnt be a big problem. And it would be a BIG help for a lot of people.

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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