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Krylon Rhae
Posted - 2007.08.28 12:20:00 - [1]

My idea would be to add drone space to Industrials and Transports so they could hold cargo drones only. Cargo drones would be used to move cargo between ships in space, i.e. a barge or exhumer delivering cargo to a waiting industrial or transport.

The target ship, like a hulk, would be engaged and the cargo drones would scurry back and forth picking up ore from the hulk and storing it in the industrial's cargo hold.

A new skill would be added, cargo drone, that could add volume and speed to the drones per level.

They would be highly vulnerable to rats, just as mining drones are today, and would act very much like mining drones as they scurry from cargohold to cargohold instead of astroid to cargohold.

The drones could come in both a T1 and T2 flavor with added volume, speed and durability to the T2 variant. Lvl 5 skill would be required for the T2 variant or advanced cargo drone skill required for the T2 variant.

Thoughts anyone...

Krylon Rhae
Posted - 2007.08.28 13:02:00 - [2]

Had another thought regarding the cargo drone... using the cargo drone to move cargo from the Industrial/Transport direct to your hanger without docking. The ship could wait outside the station while the cargo drones wiz back and forth putting the goods directly into your Items cargo hold.

Any other ideas for this type of drone???

Jaketh Ivanes
House of El
Posted - 2007.08.28 13:05:00 - [3]

Interresting. But it should have a few drawbacks.

1: The drones, when popped, drops a jet can for thiefs to plunder. The drones should also not cause concord response (kinda like a jet can), but thats up for a serious discussion, as this will remove the need for jet cans (except for solo miners ofcourse).

2: While the cargo drones are working, the mining ship cannot engage any mining lasers. The cargo hold is currently being used, so where should the laser drop the cargo? The cargo hold would be treated as full.

3: If the cargo drones orbit the mining ship and there is a friend in close proximity, the drones will automatically start to transfer ore from the mining ship to the hauler when the hold is full. (Triggered by the same event as the message "hold full, mined ore is lost in space".) Tricky, but could be cool.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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