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Madame Foster
Posted - 2007.08.24 22:02:00 - [1]

Edited by: Madame Foster on 24/08/2007 22:06:01
Hi, I'm the dread pilot.
My main and I are looking for a 0.0 based, pure pvp corp.
Politics don't matter, i'll say that my main is in a bob-allied ally.

24mln sp.
4mln in drones
t2 lazerz, getting t2 hybrids
recons 5
gallente/amarr cruiser 5
recon ships 5
hacs, ceptors, covops, recons, t2 fleet sniper bs

working towards getting amarr/gallente commandships

this char is finishing dreadnoght skills

perfect minmatar spaceship command but it'll be a while when she's pvp capable.

evemail this char

The Wild Hunt
Posted - 2007.08.25 00:29:00 - [2]

Have a read of our thread and see if we’re what your looking for.

Recruitment Thread

If so, please take our TWH Recruitment Questionnaire if you wish to join us =)

TWH Recruitment Questionnaire

We also like 24

If you want to know anything, just hit me up with a mail in-game or a convo.

Vlad Cetes
Cascade Imminent
Posted - 2007.08.25 00:31:00 - [3]


Elite Storm Enterprises sounds like a place for you.

We have a friendly mature player base
Mostly US but with a sprinkling of Euro
Plenty of PvP of whatever flavor you like whether it be POS takedowns, roaming ganks or fleets
0.0 Access
Ships at cost prices to keep you on the battlefield
Most of all a chance to have a lot of fun!

Convo me if your interested.

Merrick Tolkien
Shadow Company
Posted - 2007.08.25 09:01:00 - [4]

Edited by: Merrick Tolkien on 25/08/2007 09:02:00
When ever i see recon 5 i just go woooo! i love them and recon level 5 makes a world of differance to them Very Happy

You've got some nice stats there Madame Foster and shadow company would like to put them to use. We're a 0.0 pvp corp in an 0.0 alliance. Euro and US players, nice balance.

We know each other well and theres strong comradship among us. Most of all we just want to have fun and thats why many of our members have been with us for months and years not weeks.

theres more info on our history and recruitment policy on our website, link in my sig, so have a look over that and see what you think.

if your intrested in joining us then shadowcompanychat should be your first port of call but you can mail or convo me direct, not a problem.

thanks for your time Cool



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