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Jaccob Millborne
Posted - 2007.08.24 13:20:00 - [1]

Note - Yes this is an alt. Please post here. Do not Eve-mail or try to contact me in-game.

Concept: Focus Corp on Cov Op / Recon ships & skills. With very structured ranking / promotion system and sub-casts (specializations).

To start I am talking pilots with focused skills totaling +/-15 million (Core Group).

Actually - I want the Corp to have Pilots that are MASTERS at their art. Your rank in the corp will reflect your mastery. Example - I would have to say that my Main would have @20+ mill in focused skills and at this point and I wouldn't even qualify for the upper rank - almost though.

I want it so when we show up in a system All allies rejoice and All enemies run for cover.

I have @ 12 pages of prep and concepts on Ranking/Training/Sub-casts/Gang Tactics (Sizes: 2/5/10/multi squads & wings)/Organizational Structure / Ideas on where to go and what to do.

My only restriction is non-pirate / non-scammer. No low sec noob jumping or loot/mineral stealing. Note - enemies are open game to anything / any where.

Picture 8 to 10 stealth bombers and recon ships uncloaking on an enemy gate camp and serving them lunch (HeHe - ugh). Or (dreaming now) locking down a titan with a dozen Bomb armed ships!! For those who are about to die.....Cool

Yes there might be other corps out there doing this but I haven't found any yet that I would consider masters of the trade. If you are please let me know.

So I'm open to CONSTRUCTIVE ideas and coments. I think if WE can come up with 8 - 12 Pilots who think this might work WE can form a Core Corp to kick it off.

I think the only problem will be getting the initial 8-12 premadonas to agree on all the start-up concepts and issues. Speaking about you guys (not me) of course.

Dirt Nap Squad
Dirt Nap Squad.
Posted - 2007.08.24 13:23:00 - [2]

DNS is presently recruiting please visit our web site . Would love to chat with you in game if you havnt already found a corp. We can meet everyone of your request and alot more. We are US based in all time zones and very active at every aspect of the game. I look forward to talking with you on vent or TS and give you the details of what we are about convo me in game if you like a vent inteview

Recruiting Post br

Please read these post

Some key points about DNS

1. 0.0 Space with the best Mins in the game. Bounty Ratting in -1.0 true sec or ratting for compounds
2. PVP all shapes and sizes. ( We like to keep the dust off our Cap fleet plus alot of small gang activity)
3. A strong Cap fleet to defend your assets
4. 2 Outpost
5. 3rd largest alliance in the game with a strong 0.0 market
6. A mature player base and leadership with a good sense of focus and drive.

And of course so much more.

I look forward to speaking with you on vent about The DNS experince.


Jaccob Millborne
Posted - 2007.08.25 11:07:00 - [3]

Bump - OK not much interst / comments. It was only a thought.

Merrick Tolkien
Shadow Company
Posted - 2007.08.25 11:47:00 - [4]

Its a cool idea but many corps already have the really good covert pvpers. Prising them away from those corps will be a problem.

If your inrested in flying with good recon pilots or covert ops then look us up, we have a few. personaly i fly the arazu and rapier in combo, love them to bits and recon 5 FTW


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