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Talon Alliance
Posted - 2007.08.22 14:40:00 - [1]

Edited by: SamtheDog on 22/08/2007 14:50:12
Edited by: SamtheDog on 22/08/2007 14:41:02
Does your current corp make you feel like your'e working a 2nd job?
Are you sick of being told where to go, what to do & when to mine "or else" from your leadership or alliance politics?
Do you ever log into the game wondering what the hell you are doing all this work for in the first place?

SINGULARITY is a 0.0 based pvp corp that is based on 2 founding principles in eve.

1) Get rich
2) Have fun doing it

Composed of players who choose to band together for the enjoyment of the game with a general common goal, corp members enjoy the freedom which most other corps would view as too good to be true. We focus mostly on guerilla warfare, capital ops & the occasional large scale fleet battles alongside friendly alliances.

We're looking for players who want to create their own niche in the game & use 0.0 space for their own personal purposes wether it be ratting, production or just good ol pvp. We mutually support each other in our own way through combat to logistics & production. For those who enjoy having fun empire ganking...we do lots of that too. YARRRR!! The bottom line, enjoy your experience while sharing it with others on coms in 0.0.

We're looking for people who aren't afraid of the challenges of 0.0 & who look forward to the rewards that 0.0 space can provide.

Feel free to msg or chat SamtheDog / Mart Sturmer / Rayvonuk / Potatocat / Gian Bial for more info.

See you in space!



Phoenix Club
Posted - 2007.08.22 17:47:00 - [2]

Lots of fun to be had and ISK to be made here folks.
Jump aboard !

Fallen Souls
Posted - 2007.08.23 07:38:00 - [3]

As you see we have a few locals that don't seem to like us! :)

Yes you can sit in station if you want, rat yourself silly when the need or feeling arises or enjoy some interesting banter with the local guys in red! :)

Fallen Souls
Posted - 2007.08.23 07:42:00 - [4]

Forgot ... we are a group of like minded individuals who do what we want to do NOT what a single person dictates. :)

If a group decides to do something you don't feel you want to do ... put forward your reasons and don't participate. If you have an idea you think may be of interest put it forwrd. You will NOT be penalised for independant thinking and ideas! (Unlike a lot of other corps out thereWink)

Cruel Fox
Divine Power.
Posted - 2007.08.23 11:14:00 - [5]

free bump for nice corp name :)

ISD Kreul Intentions

ISD Interstellar Correspondents
Posted - 2007.08.23 13:06:00 - [6]

Reminder - Please do not try to derail another corp's recruitment thread. Offending posts have been removed.

Thank you.

Talon Alliance
Posted - 2007.08.24 11:58:00 - [7]

It's taken a while to find a place to call home, but I am having a blast in Singularity. We all play to have fun and it's a blast.

Black Lance
Posted - 2007.08.25 11:16:00 - [8]

(un)friendly bumb from hostile neighbour Twisted Evil

Gl Sam


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