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Posted - 2007.08.20 01:35:00 - [1]

Metal, Earths most common mineral. Everyone has heard of it, everyone uses something that is made up of it, but not many people have tried moving it.

To make anything on Earth, you need a lot of Metal, it's the way of Earth. A Battleship, for example (to satisfy all those Sea users [NERF SEA]) takes 18,420 (Eighteen Thousand, Four Hundred and Twenty) tons of Metal to build, before skills. A Volkswagen Beetle can hold about 3(Three )Tons Of Metal

So, to move enough Metal with a Volkswagen Beetle to build a Battleship will take about 6140 (rounded up to 5) trips. So depending on how many drives to the docks you need to do, this can take a really long time.

With Metal being the most common Mineral, you would think that someone would come up with a way to compress the Metal so that it takes up less VB^3. (Volkswagen Beetles Cubed)

So what I suggest is one or two things:

1: Make it so that Metal takes up half as much Volkswagen Beetles (from 0.01VB^3 to 0.005VB^3) so that it is actually time efficient to move Metal. Because, lets admit, we all don't have hours on end to move Minerals.

2: Make a module or a kitchen appliance that you can use to compress Metal and maybe other low end Minerals like Plastic.


Posted - 2007.08.20 01:38:00 - [2]

Please, we dont need this type of thread on the forums. If you feel strongly about this topic, please create a well thought out post in the proper forum.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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