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Sedai Hara
Space PoIice
Posted - 2007.08.18 18:44:00 - [1]

Edited by: Sedai Hara on 21/08/2007 20:34:25
Edited by: Sedai Hara on 18/08/2007 20:00:57
For the first time, The Forsakened Companions have opened its doors and are accepting applications!

TFC is a "business" oriented corp, to explain this further we simply donít work for just directors or the CEO`s interest. Instead, we work under the old JQA alliance construction (as old members) and this is the foundation of our corp, and will be followed at all times.

Everyone has a voice in TFC as long as you are accepted as a full member, and we work under the majority of our members voices, your "voice" or "vote" is rated by your amount of corporate shares, but of course every share counts and there is a maximum limit (democracy based).

We all admire team play and work together to have as much fun as possible; these are our top priorities. We all help each other out and try to look after each other in all aspects of EVE. We will not force you to come to 0.0, but if you do join, we expect that you to do participate in whichever way suits your play style. We also expect you to download the Team Speak client. This is our major form of communication for corp meetings and operations. English speaking is preferred

TFC isnít your mainstream 0.0 corp. we are all passionate about this game, and we have several 2003 players, who play all the time, but donít let that scare off you younger guys, we all play on the same level and have same rights.

We run allot of PvP, and in all of its forms, small gang, pikey tours, camps, fleets, recon ops, capital fleets you name it, we do it all.

Also we are proud of our strong manufacturing department, we had invention going the first week it came and are now running it regularly. We also build t1 and t2 ships and modules, even capital ships and their modules of all types and sizes. This is also backed up by strong mining operations witch are often planned by the corp for the corp members to earn easy isk safe in a belt.

If you have any interest in applying please be sure to check out our forums. Under the recruitment tab you will find even more information, you can post your application there or feel free to ask for any further information if you have any questions.

Also, feel free to convo me in-game or send me an eve-mail and I will answer as soon as I possibly can, you can also post here and I will contact YOU!

But be warned: when you join TFC, we wonít guarantee you can leave again, its too addictive!

Hopes to hear from you soon!

TFC [DoR] Sedai Hara

(OBS, English not native language, hence many spell-checks)

Sedai Hara
Space PoIice
Posted - 2007.08.18 21:50:00 - [2]

A gentle little bump

Still looking for applications guys and girls

Sedai Hara
Space PoIice
Posted - 2007.08.19 14:13:00 - [3]

another bump.

Still looking for new members ^^

Iron Jaw
The Wild Bunch
Electus Matari
Posted - 2007.08.19 20:03:00 - [4]

Looking at my bump bump - check it out....

Sedai Hara
Space PoIice
Posted - 2007.08.21 20:34:00 - [5]


still looking for new members

(update on the recruit info)

Sedai Hara
Space PoIice
Posted - 2007.08.23 12:38:00 - [6]

Updated recruitment info :D keep the applies comeing!!

TFC [DoR] Sedai

Sedai Hara
Space PoIice
Posted - 2007.08.25 23:13:00 - [7]


also look up our recruitment channel! for fast answers.

TFC Recruitment


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