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Slate Fistcrunch
Red Federation
Posted - 2007.08.17 05:26:00 - [1]

A while back I looked at the lock time of the electronic batteries and found their 10mm scan resolution terribly lacking. I noticed you recently updated the scan resolution of the POS arrays for 2.2. I wanted to run the numbers for the new scan resolutions but ran into a snag when I went to find the lock time formula again. Apparently the EVE community is in disagreement to what the actual lock time formula is.

Could a dev / GM confirm what the lock time formula is. I'd also like to know if POS arrays use the same lock time formula and if there is a max lock time (ceiling).

If I can get a clear answer I'll throw some graphs up to see what these new POS arrays are capable of.

Formula I have on file is:
X = scan resolution of your ship
Y = sig radius of the target

Is this what is used still for ship and array lock time?

Posted - 2007.08.17 06:14:00 - [2]

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Mr Krosis
The humble Crew
Posted - 2007.08.17 06:42:00 - [3]

Scan Resolution vs Signature Radius

There's a calculator at the end that should be accurate through the full practical range. I have the skill to control pos guns, and in my experience there is no difference in lock times for pos guns vs player ships (you get a targeting bar when controlling pos guns too).

There is a hard cap of 180 seconds for any targeting.

Jurgen Cartis
Interstellar Corporation of Exploration
Posted - 2007.08.17 21:33:00 - [4]

There was another thread on this a few months back, unfortunately I can't find it at the moment (eve forum's built in search ftl).

What are the new Rev 2.2 scan resolutions, anyway?

Mr Krosis
The humble Crew
Posted - 2007.08.18 11:25:00 - [5]

Edited by: Mr Krosis on 18/08/2007 11:33:32
I made a table of lock times for current pos structures, and the ones as they currently are on test server with new scan resolutions.

POS Structure Target Times

The columns are increasing signature radius from 25 - 1000. The first set of 3 is current pos structures, the bottom part is structures as they are on sisi right now.

As with everything on sisi, these numbers may not be final. It seems dampener batteries are the only ones that didn't get a boost which I'm guessing is unintentional.

Also, faction pos structures have actually had their lock time nerfed on sisi, reduced from +50%/+100% scan res to +10%/+20%, so for example domination small artillery batteries which are currently 500mm scan res on tranq, are now 300mm scan res on sisi.

This table uses the current best known targeting time formula as found in the thread I linked above. A simple calculator using that formula can be found here.

Edit: I forgot the mention, actual targeting time is capped at 180 seconds, the table I posted does not take that into account.


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