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Nate D
Hell's Rejects
The Council.
Posted - 2007.08.15 18:05:00 - [1]

New feature implemented in EVE Voice on sisi.

You can listen to multiple channels at once and talk on one at a time. This is perfect for fleet-op organization, keeping in touch with conversation with friends while on an ops, etc.

How-to Use:
There is no longer a "Join Voice" option on a channel. This has been replaced by two new options labeled "Join Audio" and "Make Speaking Channel."

You must first "Join Audio" on a channel. This puts you into a listen only mode so you can hear the activity on that channel. You can then "Make Speaking Channel" which allows you to speak in that channel.

You can "Join Audio in multiple channels however you can only "Make Speaking Channel" on one at a time.

- Joining a fleet/gang - Whenever you join a fleet or a gang you are now automatically connected to the audio channel associated with that gang. You must right click the channel and "Make Speaking Channel" for you to talk in that channel.

New Moderator Controls:
ArrowGang leaders can mute all and exclude people from mute.

After being automatically connected to voice when you join a gang/fleet you are sometimes automatically disconnected.

Requested Features:
ArrowChannel owners/moderators need to have mute all and exclude from mute rights.
ArrowDifferent color chat tab for active speaking channel - Some way to tell when you're not actively speaking in a channel.
ArrowKeybindings to toggle speaking channel.
ArrowEasier/faster way to call people for private chats.

Has anyone else tried the new multichannel features? Please report your experience and new features here.

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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