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Krieger Allianz
Posted - 2007.08.28 12:51:00 - [61]

Yup this idea is great, and so is homeworld, ion frigs ftw

Amarr - Siege Ion Beam - (Or sajuks ancient beam)
Caldari - Siege Missile (Big fat jucy launcher or hw2 vaygr Battlecruiser missile battery)
Gallente - Siege Blaster (Or shotgun with the abuility to fire multiple shells)
Minmatar - Siege Burst artillery cannon (3 - 5 shot cannon burst from a big ac)

Jaketh Ivanes
House of El
Posted - 2007.08.28 14:15:00 - [62]

I like this idea. Might be the tool to take down the cyno jammer. Ofcourse, they can't go alone, as they will get shredded by the POS guns and any defence that might be there, but they could have enough firepower to disable the cyno jammer.

Cosmic Cimmerians
Posted - 2007.08.28 14:26:00 - [63]

Haha. Did you play tdzk by anychance?? ;). We had spinal mounted weps in that.

Theyd basically be ships with pretty weak defense but a hell lot of offense. And converting it to eve concept, you'd have to nano them out to hell and back to make them able to hit things. Since you need to turn the whole ship to actually fire at anything :P.

The gun would basically dish out maybe 4x the damage of a normal gun with a 10% chance to have a "critical hit" where it would do x3 damage (12x damage of normal ship). You could increase the chance of a critical by nano'ing it out to crap and adding targeting computers etc etc.

Thats all converted to the eve way anyways. Tdzk was alot of equations :P

Rogen DarHeel
Black Core Federation
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2007.08.28 15:42:00 - [64]

Originally by: Teldar Orion
Originally by: Rogen DarHeel
Great. Another way for noobs to completely own high SP players.. as if things aren't bad enough .. what with any idiot with a warp jammer being able to warp scram a capital ship that wants to be able to lock a target.

If your a High SP player and stand still long enough for one of these to get a bead on you, you probably deserve a Dual giga beam laser 1 to the face.

Months of training for XL guns? Price of guns and ammo? Skill to use one of these without getting exploded by some day frigate pilot orbiting at 1000m with blasters?

Limited in use(Slow/far off BS's, Capships, POS's), Cost, Training time.

All major disadvantages. If your uber-command BC gets owned by one of these, the EVE forums will take a deep breath in and laugh. Hard.
Some of us want to hear the roar of the big guns, without being on the receving end.

How the hell is cap ship going to out run an interceptor?? Inty's go into warp faster, have a higher warp velocity and can fly 100's of circles around a dread before it can even align. Your statements are pure noob-ness. Everyone knows that single high sp players are being made into big cows for noob wolf packs to completely devour and this is just another attempt at it. The more CCP caters to what new players want the more vets are going to quit and when the new players finally realize what we vets are complaining about today.. they will also finally realize thier noob-ness and prolly quit as well.

I hope CCP knows what it's doing when listening to new players... because it sure doesn't look like it.

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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