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Utopian Research I.E.L.
Hedonistic Imperative
Posted - 2007.08.07 12:28:00 - [1]

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Greetings :)

Utopian Research Independent Experimental Laboratories [URIEL] is looking to add to it's numbers pilots interested to living 'on the edge and between the cracks' *love that tag <3*
Edit - Eek! censorship! - that word in there is like a fissure, rhymes with 'quack' btw .... :P

Bored of missioning in Empire?, Want more iskies for your trouble?, Like the look of a shiney Cartel ship? Relish the thought of being on-guard almost constantly and wondering if there's a camp of reds on the other side of that gate?
Annoyed at finding yet another same-old hacking site in 0.4 that really isn't going to inflate your wallet incredibly?
Just not found that lucrative trade-route for yr transport ship you know must be out there?
Or maybe you're a pirate sick of just blowing up miners and NPC'ers for no reason other than 'you can'? .... URIEL could give you that reason :D

We live (primarily) in Curse and run missions for the Angel Cartel and Serpentis corps that have stations there, explore, trade, build stuff and sell it, fly round looking for 'opportunity' ... All the time with a wise eye on Local for reds, neutrals and friendly blues [of which there are quite a few surprisingly]
Although not primarily an RP corp, immersion is encouraged as we do [as far as I know] represent the largest grouping of players allied to the Angel Cartel .... and live an Eve-life in accordance with the criminality associated with that faction.
And that's just us - not to forget we are a member of Hedonistic Imperative alliance [RELAX] which opens up a whole range of other similarly 'below-the-counter' activities to become involved in.

We are looking for pilots from all aspects of Eve, noob to vet, but with some things in common - an urge to have fun, not to take things too seriously and to have fun (did I mention that already?) .... all under the auspices of the fairly amoral, criminal aura that is the Angel Cartel :). I run the corp in a laid-back manner and see my job as CEO to enable members to get the most from Eve, helping out wherever I can, while trying to avoid getting destroyed (again) doing something ridiculous (again) ...

Please mail me and/or drop into channel 'UTOPIAN' if at all interested for a chat with a URIEL representative, plus check out the following links:


Tides of Change

Fly Safe, but not that safe ;) ... Babel (URIEL CEO)

Posted - 2007.08.07 13:32:00 - [2]

sounds very good

Nyktobia Shaeris
Posted - 2007.08.07 14:12:00 - [3]

Sounds great, you'll be hearing from me quite soon.

See you in-game.

Jules Vega
Posted - 2007.08.07 21:22:00 - [4]

Could be interesting. I'll look you up next time I hit space.

Yaran Bei
Posted - 2007.08.07 21:36:00 - [5]

It sounds like a good corp tbh, and i have had a number of chats with Babel about joining but just think it is to early for me personal.

But if i every looked for a corp this is the one i would look for.

Drop in Public channel and have a nice friendly chat aswell it is always goodVery Happy.

Posted - 2007.08.08 03:59:00 - [6]

Recently back to the game, I have found Hedonistic Imperative a welcome mix of roleplay and real-life comradeship; that, and Babel is a stand-up, consistent backbone of a guy, with a good sense of humor too.

Babel's group is a proven corp (with the standings to match) that could find it's way amongst any alliance; with that point in mind, and the open member response I've encountered from Utopian since my corp has come back online, I do not hesitate to recommend them to any mid-to long range skill level players who want to grow the boundaries of their game(s).

HI -- Hedonsitic Imperative alliance -- are semi-roleplay, pvp, manufacturing, mission-runners, and full-time smugglers, per our home corp, Es & Whizz, founding members of the modern EvE smuggling culture.

If you're two years old, of sound playing character but still have no clue where to turn for comradeship, we have it all, we don't flaunt it, and we understand unique personalities...

Talk with Babel, in Utopian, or any Es & Whizz member; we're die-hard, soft-spoken, and multi-talented. Join us.

-- Elange4

Posted - 2007.08.08 03:59:00 - [7]

URIEL rocks. Babel knows his Shiznit. Plus you have access to one of the coolest Alliances in the game - The best source for Boosters, the drug-dealing, hit-and-run, friendly neighborhood bada** criminals, Hedonistic Imperative (RELAX). Rock on Utopian.

Nyktobia Shaeris
Posted - 2007.08.08 07:32:00 - [8]

Edited by: Nyktobia Shaeris on 08/08/2007 07:39:54

Had a nice chat with the people in the public channel and felt right at home. If you're looking for 0.0 action with minimum alliance drama this is the place to be.

Yaran Bei: It is never too early to jump in low-zero sec, if nothing else you're better off "learning the ropes" while your ships and clones are still cheap Very Happy

Papa Boats
Northstar Cabal
Posted - 2007.08.08 15:18:00 - [9]

I have known Babel And Uriel since b4 the alliance days. Since then we have had great times cleaning up low sec areas. Heading out to curse, and even going to the south of 0.0 b4 the war took its tolls oun us. They are a fun bunch to fly with and can handle there own assets in a pinch.

With Uriel you get some of the best HI has to offer. With Babels leadership you will in no time learn how to run past those dreaded dictor bubbles camps and have fun laughing that you know you can do it again. The life of a smuggler is a fun one and working against the empire is even better. So why not have fun missioning for the angles.

Keep up the good work Bable.

Utopian Research I.E.L.
Hedonistic Imperative
Posted - 2007.08.09 11:38:00 - [10]

Cheers Muchly for all your wonderful replies \o/


porkchop hill
Posted - 2007.08.09 20:51:00 - [11]

if interested contact porkchop hill or umakai ingame

Es and Whizz
Hedonistic Imperative
Posted - 2007.08.10 20:50:00 - [12]

Come join a world of lawlessness and crime!

Free Exotic Dancers and/or Marines to all who join! (I'll throw in a janitor for the messy ones.)

DJ Static
Eve Radio Corporation
Eve Radio Alliance
Posted - 2007.08.10 22:23:00 - [13]

I owe my entire Eve experience to Babel's experience and benevolence. Knows his stuff, an awesome CEO and an even better person.

Don't hesitate to join.

Utopian Research I.E.L.
Hedonistic Imperative
Posted - 2007.08.14 11:02:00 - [14]


Well, one week in and acquired some sterling peeps up for Angelly and Serpy fun in Curse and around :D
Need more ofc tho so let me *bump* anyone interested in the direction of coming to say Hi :)

Cheers, Babel

Corp 1 Allstars
The Requiem
Posted - 2007.08.14 15:47:00 - [15]

bump for a great corp :)

Utopian Research I.E.L.
Hedonistic Imperative
Posted - 2007.08.16 11:40:00 - [16]

Great excuse for a little bumpage .....

I found this in the vaults :) ... Sabahl's Angel Poem

Posted - 2007.08.16 16:02:00 - [17]

Friendly bump for a good corp and a great CEO. Very Happy

Utopian Research I.E.L.
Hedonistic Imperative
Posted - 2007.08.20 11:18:00 - [18]


Look! .. Over There! ... a Badger with a gun .. :o !

Shey Navarr
Middleton and Mercer LLP
Posted - 2007.08.27 04:35:00 - [19]

Edited by: Shey Navarr on 27/08/2007 04:36:05
Sent you an evemail.

Utopian Research I.E.L.
Hedonistic Imperative
Posted - 2007.09.01 00:41:00 - [20]

Hello World o/ :)

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2007.09.02 20:02:00 - [21]

A bump for... future reference, yeah that's it.

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2007.09.06 14:00:00 - [22]

Bump for my new home.

Kyoko Sakoda
Veto Corp
Posted - 2007.09.06 14:49:00 - [23]

I actually don't know much about you guys but wish I did. Angels for ze win. \o/

ISD Kreul Intentions

ISD Interstellar Correspondents
Posted - 2007.09.06 15:43:00 - [24]

Bumping a post is allowed once per day as per the rules. If the OP is no longer doing the bumping, please select 1 person to do this. Anymore excessive bumping will result in warnings and locking of the thread.

Utopian Research I.E.L.
Hedonistic Imperative
Posted - 2007.09.07 09:32:00 - [25]

Originally by: Kreul Intentions
Bumping a post is allowed once per day as per the rules. If the OP is no longer doing the bumping, please select 1 person to do this. Anymore excessive bumping will result in warnings and locking of the thread.

I believe the last was an unsolicited [but appreciated] 'reply' rather than a 'bump' :)
Would kinda suck if replies were restricted to one a day also - *thinks spam all the other recruit threads to lock them* ....... Neutral ... can you clarify please KI?

Thanks, Babel

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2007.09.07 15:38:00 - [26]

Very sorry had I known someone was going to post 49 minutes after I did, I would not have bumped it. Please do forgive my lack of foresight.

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2007.09.07 18:19:00 - [27]

Kruel if you are referring too post #21 then #22, I was not in this Fine Corp until post #22. Post #21 was so that I could find it easier, not able to BM it at the time.

And seeing how I was bored of Empire and that game I wanted to contact Babel later to ask some questions about his Great Corp. As you can see I liked the answers, like player's spread throughout timezones, a growing corp. in a growing Alliance. No POS warfare, not a blob.

Anyways sorry for making your job difficult mate, cheers.

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2007.09.10 19:35:00 - [28]

Some may ask what it's like out on the fringe. Well kinda like this.

Chaomos Skynard
Anarchistic Carebears
Posted - 2007.09.10 22:09:00 - [29]

Have to agree, a great bunch who just happen to be in the best drug related alliance there is. Join 'em and come help get the univers HIgh. Shocked

Boost to top

Utopian Research I.E.L.
Hedonistic Imperative
Posted - 2007.09.13 11:12:00 - [30]

~~ Minor Bumperry ~~ :)

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