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Modok Strongsauce
Merch Industrial
Posted - 2007.07.19 03:57:00 - [1]

Why not remove POS warfare (which everyone hates) and replace it with a planetary first person shooter style running battle for system sovereignty?

Key Points:
1. One planet is designated as a sovereignty controlling planet for each system (constellation etc).

2. Sovereignty over a system etc. is determined by who controls the planet.

3. A planet may be sieged by an invading fleet locking down a system and delivering players, equipment and materials to a sov. controlling planet. All invading players, equipment and materials must be transported to and/or assembled on the planet.

4. Planetary combat is first person shooter based planetary combat. Think Planetside. A running battle is held and the winner holds sov. This could be time based or goal based.

5. Planetary skills could all be completely new skills allowing new players a completely even footing with veterans but only for planetary combat.

6. Defending entities can build basic structures on sov. planets allowing members to instantly arrive and defend the planet. Invaders would not have this ability and would have to physically arrive at the planet. Normal EVE space combat remains the same with defenders strategically operating to block reinforcements for invading forces.

7. No more POS warfare :)

Nyssah Archane
Posted - 2007.07.19 08:33:00 - [2]

Completely defies the point of eve, a space game. Space MMORPG and FPS don't mix full stop, the whole walking around stations is enough, next there will be counter strike matches held in station. I don't agree with this idea at all.

Ellaine TashMurkon
CBC Interstellar
Tactical Narcotics Team
Posted - 2007.07.19 12:26:00 - [3]

The scale.

Why would I ever risk permanent death of my character (no pod no clone sorry) when I can just buy a few millions of marines and drop them? One million army costs less then a fitted carrier :) What would stop me from orbital bombardment anyway?

Eve is a game about domination in space, who dominates space dominates planets. Planetary flight was presented long time ago as a developed element of graphical engine, but nothing is heard about those plans nowadays.

Bosun Shipyards
Posted - 2007.07.21 14:07:00 - [4]

Let's think about this.

1. You move your people to the planets surface.

2. I bomb you from orbit.

3. I win.

EVE is a space game. If you want to play Planetside, play Planetside.

Del Narveux
Dukes of Hazard
Posted - 2007.07.21 14:26:00 - [5]

So basically sov fights change from a lopsided contest to see who can bring the biggest blob to a lopsided contest to see who has the most 1337 skillz? Doesnt seem like a particularly useful change to me.

I do like the idea of an FPS element in an 'eve universe' but this isnt the right application. Thatll make more sense soon(tm).

Sasha Evergreen
Sand Castle Generals
Posted - 2007.07.21 19:05:00 - [6]

The thing about planetary warfare is that it would be strictly dependant on lag or blob, not skill. Unless of course, they make it as complex as space combat, which is not going to happen, considering the amount of effort needed. People would rather get rid of sov alltogether.

Very cool idea, but not for eve (at the moment).

What about fighting in orbit of the planet? It would require a change to planets, turning them into huge objects up close that you could orbit. Shots wouldn't go through planets, and that might open up the game for more arena-like combat if you choose to go there.

Huang Yinglong
Posted - 2007.07.21 20:27:00 - [7]

um first of all eve is a space game.
not a space combat game.

yes it is basically all space combat but they said they are trying to make a a universe, or a scifi game. it is not limited to space combat. however planet interaction is already stated to be a hybrid RTS.

FPS? maybe not, but will you ever get to fire a gun? well in the short stories it talks about people firing guns so it's possible.

but full blown FPS? not unless they find a way for it and the normal space combat to work at the same time.

besides who cares about the planet all the good materials are in space. while a gree something should change maybe... it shouldn't be this different.

the only thing I would agree with when it comes to the possibilty of ground combat because it would fit because this is a SPACE game would be the ability to board ships :) you know, walk up or send a marine into someones ship, and then when they get to the pod blow it up.


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