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Tim Tebow
Posted - 2007.07.17 22:28:00 - [1]

Edited by: Tim Tebow on 17/07/2007 22:28:39

I created my character and did my starting skills with a strong leaning towards industry and mining. I have virtually no combat skills. As such, I'm finding I'm struggling with level 1 missions.

I'm also confused with what to do with rats in .8 and below systems. Should I equip weapons and lose a mining laser, lowering my efficiency?

I've invested my time in the game training learning skills up pretty heavily, so I'm not sure I want to start over. But if the best answer is starting over to a soldier or spec ops so I can handle rats and missions better, I'm willing to do that.

Species 5618
Posted - 2007.07.17 22:36:00 - [2]

What ship are you trying to handle the missions in? All level ones (except for a few specific tricky ones) should be very doable in one of your race's main combat frigates.

Anyway, don't mix guns/mining lasers. Mine in groups, or stick to higher security systems, or in the absolute worst case just dock and switch to a combat ship.

Derovius Vaden
Posted - 2007.07.17 22:41:00 - [3]

You should be either:

a) exclusively mining
b) exclusively killing

Never, ever mix the two in terms of turrets or the like. Always fill all your possible turrets with miners, and if you have a drone bay, use them to defend yourself. Better yet, get a shield booster and just tank the NPC pirates. Many people in the best mining ships (exhumers) either active tank NPC's (repairing their damaged shields with modules) or using drones to just get rid of the nuisance.

I use a passive tank because I can't be bothered to screw around with pirates anymore, they never get me below 75% shields anyways.

Nyte Rayne
Posted - 2007.07.17 22:52:00 - [4]

You really don't want to mix weapons and mining lasers. For self defense, learn some drone skills and let those protect you while you mine. I am brand new and was running into the same problem. Honestly, I just jumped from belt to belt looking for one with no rats, then rush in and mine until my hold was full or rats appeared. In the beginning, you are not going to get a whole lot of ore, especially if you don't have someone flying cover or some good drones and/or a good tank.

To put it in perspective, last night I sat in a belt that my alt had during his mission in the middle of dead space. I brought my main out and started to mine into a can and moved my alt back to get his hauler. I spent the next 1.5-2 hours mining with my Miner I and Miner II lasers on my tormentor (don't have the room to mount two Miner IIs yet). While I was doing that, I was listening to some friends on Ventrillo who were mining a system with one Hulk and a hauler. In the time I got about 70k ore (split between Veld, Pyro, and Plag), my friends had got about 2.5-3 million ore, including over 1 million Omber. Sigh, and they don't even have the 'God Mode' set up of miners. Mining is tough in the beginning, but it can get very good.

Ashen Angel
Scarey Contractors
Posted - 2007.07.18 01:53:00 - [5]

If you have a racial cruiser that is geared towards mining, use it.

I use a scythe as my miner right now with 3 named lasers (gaussan), 2 std missile launchers, a combat drone (hornet) with a small shield booster, 2 cap recharger, and 3 expanded cargo holds

I started as combat, but am working into mining for isk (hence not trying to fit miner 2s on there, would need to drop the cargo expanders if i did anyway for co-processors)


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