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Radix Salvilines
legion industries ltd
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Posted - 2007.07.08 23:14:00 - [1]

Edited by: Radix Salvilines on 08/07/2007 23:52:25
We have webbers and scramblers, so POSes do :D
Now those big thingies have cyno scramblers - why shouldnt standard ships have them? :D

This would bring more tactics and strategy to battles... say Small, Medium and Large Cynosural field inhibitors would have 2AU, 4AU, 16AU working range (all present cynos in this radius are being closed and no new ones can be deployed), outside of this range cynos can be normally deployed.
And one XLarge Inhibitor that kills all cynos and prevent the new ones to be deployed system-wide. Using this thingy would offcourse render the user immobile and unable to use any other modules till inhibitors cycle expires.
Making every ship able to use them is a bit an overkill - making capitals useless in fleet assaults, thou perhaps make it like Smalls due to their cpu requirements usable only on battlecruisers and bigger, Medium BS only, and Large for other capitals in system.
The XLarge one would require a special ship - maby give only recon ships the ability to use them or hmm... well everyones thinking about a new good role for the new t2 battleships (flagships) - there u go :D Make t2 battleships being the only ships to use the ultimate cyno inhibitting powers :D

+ of course there should be some nice fuel requirements for these and they should need some time to start to operate after deployment... S- 10minutes, Medium- 30minutes, Large - 50 minutes, and XLarge- 1,5 hour.

What would this all cause, well... think about it yourself i just made an idea Cool If ull make up your mind share it with us :D

Say... no-more suicide cynomakers bringing in titans to blow up everything hehe


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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