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Vanguard Imperium
Posted - 2007.07.06 19:27:00 - [1]

This ship would be a Container Ship. stats as follows.

No slots


Tier 1 No containers 500 m/s With containers 145 m/s
Tier 2 No containers 450 m/s With containers 123 m/s

Signature Radius

Tier 1 50m as containers added signature radius increases by 30m/ per
Tier 2 80m as containers added signature radius increases by 30m/ per

Inertia Modifier

Tier 1 No containers 3.1 With Containers 0.88
Tier 2 no containers 2.6 with containers 0.76


Resistances would be 45% across the board

Tier 1 7,000 hit point with a recharge time of 1,500 sec.
Tier 2 9,000 hit point with a recharge time of 2,300 sec


Resistances would be 25% across the board

Tier 1 1,094 HP
Tier 2 1,363 HP


Tier 1 1,094 HP
Tier 2 1,363 HP

Skill required

Race Industrial Ship Level 5
Anchoring Level 3
Spaceship Command Level 4


5% to speed per level
5% to Inertia modifier. Per level

Capacity of ship

Tier 1 can hold 4 containers
Tier 2 can hold 6 containers

The ship containers would have a capacity of 10.000m3

Speed is reduced when only one container if fitted due to the energy field the engine generate effecting the magnetic clamps. This is also why the Inertia Modifier reduces as the power needed to warp must be increased slowly so not to reduce the power to the clamps and resulting in loosing a container

The ship would be able to deploy these containers in space both empty and full for both a mining op or as ammo containers in a fleet battle. There would be a 10 sec delay in swapping containers.

These containers could be used for contract hauling were the owner could password the container to stop the hauler pilot from being able to steel the cargo.

If attacked in space when the ship is destroyed at least one of the containers would be jettisoned and if the container has a password then the password is deleted. This would also happen if the hauler pilot jettisoned the containers while being attacked to run away after the Structure had dropped below 15%, but is unable to jettison containers when being attacked before his shields reach this level. This could be adapted so if / when subsystem targeting comes in the attacking player could target the Magnetic clamps and literally shoot the containers off the ship.

For the hauler pilot to manage the containers on board their ship they would just right click on the ship as per carriers with they corp hanger.

Well be kind with the replyVery Happy

Helped your subject to be more precise. -Wachtmeister

Posted - 2007.07.06 20:58:00 - [2]

I've always liked the idea of a ship who's cargo hold IS the containers that it carries. Kind of a modular storage idea. I'm not entirely sure this is the way to do it, but I like the concept.

I'd settle for a ship that could carry one feight container, but could drop it off and pick it up in space.


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