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ursula miner
Posted - 2007.07.05 11:57:00 - [1]

Interested to know which space-trader games people played on route to the mighty EVE.


Frontier - Elite II (On Amiga 1200)
Privateer 2


ry ry
Posted - 2007.07.05 11:58:00 - [2]

Bins behind Sainsburys -> Eve

Mr Linderman
Veto Corp
Posted - 2007.07.05 12:02:00 - [3]

Tie fighter

Mr L

Kuseka Adama
Northstar Cabal
Posted - 2007.07.05 12:09:00 - [4]

None. My last MMO was Anarchy Online.

The Ressabiators
Posted - 2007.07.05 12:11:00 - [5]

elite II final frontier


and thats its couldīt escape eve

Barbarellas Daughter
Lonely Barbarella
Posted - 2007.07.05 12:28:00 - [6]

just EVE here ugh

A guy i worked with told me about it. I dont know him anymore, but EVE stayed Wink

Some Caldari
Sanguine Legion
Posted - 2007.07.05 12:35:00 - [7]

Edited by: Some Caldari on 05/07/2007 12:34:48
Dunno how I found out about EvE think my mate told me about it. The MMOs I played before were petty dire (gildwars and WoW) EVE is the only MMO I actually enjoy.

Cry Havoc.
Posted - 2007.07.05 13:30:00 - [8]

A guy in rehab told me he thought it was pretty sweet. So I shanked him, stole his pc and here I am.

Eve Cluster Explorations
Posted - 2007.07.05 13:32:00 - [9]

Edited by: Crumplecorn on 05/07/2007 13:31:54
EVE was my first real space game. And my first MMORPG. And my first major forum I hung around on.

And just look at me now! \o\ |o| /o/

Republic Military School
Posted - 2007.07.05 13:46:00 - [10]


I played some meaningless mmos before i discovered EVE 3 years ago.

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2007.07.05 14:06:00 - [11]

I first heard of EVE in 7th grade elementary (i was 13 at the time)

My homekeeping(basically cooking) teacher mentioned it, she was a 40 yo woman.

Then i tried it out, didn't play any space games before eve

super canard
United System's Commonwealth
Posted - 2007.07.05 14:10:00 - [12]

hi, I'm supercanard, and I've been playing eve for about 2 years (with a 1 year brake) , I'm highly addicted, and I haven't opened eve in about 9 hours - thank you.

Seriously though, I was browsing for games in my local store about 2 years ago, after playing freelancer - and I saw the eve box (which I STILL own muuaaahahahaaaa) - I just though: "mmmm a game with a red box - this gotta be hot - so I bought it.. installed it - went to sleep while it patched - and 2 hours later woke up - and started shooting at concord - OMFG Hax0r - that concord guy just killed me in like 2 seconds! and he like had so many friends in his faction - how do I join them? (walk of shame) - awww the good memories...

Oh wait.. you just asked.. how we found it - erm yeah.. on a shelve in a gaming store. :D

Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2007.07.05 15:13:00 - [13]

Runescape -> Eve


The Fourth District
Posted - 2007.07.05 15:47:00 - [14]

PC Gamer > Eve

Guvnor RBM
Welsh Commanders
Posted - 2007.07.05 15:51:00 - [15]

I was a FPS guy before EvE.

I took my PC into a new computer shop that opened a few doors down the road from me.

When I picked up my PC the guy who's shop it is says

"Ive installed a game called EVE on your system, used it as a bench mark, try it out if you want, Ive left you a trail CD key"

Well 3 years later he's my CEO, best drinking buddy and still the evil bastard that got me in to this time theft of a game :)

Posted - 2007.07.05 15:52:00 - [16]

Originally by: 50freefly
Runescape -> Eve


Same here :D

Garoun Investment Bank
Posted - 2007.07.05 16:05:00 - [17]

Halo 2>GunZ>EVE

Weird transition.....

Arcane Velshologies
Posted - 2007.07.05 16:22:00 - [18]

My twin brother had been following it for a while but never played, i saw it was released bought it and well been here since june 2003 :\

Posted - 2007.07.05 16:30:00 - [19]

I played alot of DAOC and our gm lived about 2 blocks from my friend and me so occasionaly we'd take our pc's over and have a lan party with him and his 2 kids.
One day he was showing me something on his pc and I was looking at his game shelf and saw a boxs set of EvE on there and was like 'wow, this looks cool'. Been off n on over the last 2 years but I've got a character I really like now.

Posted - 2007.07.05 16:36:00 - [20]

Edited by: P3109 on 05/07/2007 16:37:10
EV nova > EVE

the way i found about it was on the elderscrolls forums, i was reluctant to try it at the time as i was more into fantasy, but about 4 months after i found out about it i heard there was a 14 day trial so i just jumped in.....and never climbed out.

Avery Eclipsen
Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2007.07.05 16:37:00 - [21]

i saw it advertised on fileplanet and the such, that was almost 2 years ago, this is my third charactor since then, sold all my others. met alot of good friends with this game

Bob Clive
Union Jack Purists Cult
Posted - 2007.07.05 22:29:00 - [22]

MMORPG wise...

Tradewars 2002 - 7 years
Everquest 1 - 2+ years (yes, isn't space, but still)
SWG - Original Beta, almost 2 years

Heard about EVE via a Tradewars2002 forum, old friend and very respected known player (both in EVE and TW2002) was telling us about this place... turns out most old Tradewars 2002 people are here.

I was VERY MUCH into SWG at the time I heard of EVE. I logged on EVE, tried it, knew after about 4 days that all of us playing SWG were getting screwed, didnt log on SWG again until about 6 weeks later and gave away all my stuff to friends and never logged in again. Very Happy

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2007.07.05 22:52:00 - [23]

I first played Css and found Eve from my some clan mates around early 2006 but didn't start playing properly till the 06 summer

Veto Corp
Posted - 2007.07.05 23:00:00 - [24]

My Mate > OMG I'm playing Eve-Online beta... omg it rocks... omg it gets released soon.
Me > Hmm... I'll have to try it... they got a site?

...and the rest is history.

Eve is the first, and only MMOG I've played... don't need any other tbh.

Everything I want in a game, right here. Cool

Shalia Ripper
The Elevens
Posted - 2007.07.06 00:36:00 - [25]

How did I get here?

Oh god, what have I done?

This is not my beautiful house.

This is not my beautiful wife.

These random Talking Heads quotes are brought to you by my horrid 80's upbringing.

Dynaverse Corporation
Vertigo Coalition
Posted - 2007.07.06 00:40:00 - [26]

Originally by: Verone

My Mate > OMG I'm playing Eve-Online beta... omg it rocks... omg it gets released soon.
Me > Hmm... I'll have to try it... they got a site?

...and the rest is history.

Eve is the first, and only MMOG I've played... don't need any other tbh.

Everything I want in a game, right here. Cool

same Shocked

Tarquin Tarquinius
Escorts of Eve
Posted - 2007.07.06 02:32:00 - [27]

The only space game I really played before this was Colony Wars. I loved those games.

I found out about EVE in another forum. I was talking about Battlestar Galactica and posted a picture of a Cylon raider. Some dude said it looked like an Amarr frigate and posted the Executioner. I downloaded the game like a week later.

Griffin Industries Ltd
Posted - 2007.07.06 03:18:00 - [28]

let me see...

Ket Halpak
Posted - 2007.07.06 04:45:00 - [29]

Eve Online

GM Voodoo

Posted - 2007.07.06 07:16:00 - [30]

I grew up surrounded by my father's sci-fi collection, so that has always been a penchant of mine. In terms of game progression:

M.U.L.E. -> Elite -> Subtrade: Return to Irata -> Elite II -> Elite: Frontiers -> Privateer I & II -> X Series -> Freelancer -> EVE

Of course that sequence is peppered with other oldies but goldies such as Starglider, Xenon 2, the Wing Commander series, Beneath a Steel Sky, B.A.T. and loads of other sci-fi related adventure/shooter/rpg stuff, but you wanted a sequence of space trader games. Smile

EVE has the same feel as Elite in terms of vastness, but much more freedom and of course much more cunning opponents. The trading and production element attracted me from moment I laid eyes on it, although I got sucked into mission running and some corporation level warfare when I started. Nowadays though you are more likely to find me mining ice and setting up production jobs.

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