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Posted - 2007.07.04 08:26:00 - [1]

Edited by: Haffrage on 09/07/2007 10:00:08

...Things that bother me because we don't have them! And instead of just whining about it, I've brought pictures of how *I* think they could be done Very Happy

Be aware, all of these images are of my own photoshopping with a poke here or there from other people (hii pilk) on a couple things (mostly the drone ui I'm not done with yet).
So if you thought that X or Y was awesome, and you proposed an idea with a wall of text, I didn't steal the idea or probably even read your post. I don't like wall of text proposals, tl;dr, etc. But if you DID have the exact same idea, then I agree that it's an awesome idea Smile

ALL links lead to a SFW, IGB compatible website. Go on and forward it to your friends in game.

Skill in Training Tooltip - Fixed!
Scenario: You're in a lagging system. You just want to log. What skill did you set? Is it done in 10 minutes? Try to check your skill and the (1 Skill in Training) message might get chopped off the window all together, so you have to skim twice. And if you have bad eyesight oi, I don't want to think about it.
Shorter Whine: Why is it easier to see your wallet balance than to see how much time is left on your skill?

Unobtrusive Module Cycle Time Indicator - Fixed!
A simple cycle time indicator that would display ANY active timer associated to a module. Many players suggest a clock-style indicator, but that would fade this or that and be, well, obtrusive. So to make better use of the heat damage indicator taking up 3/4's of the module rim, we change the right quarter of the module rim to be a scroll ticker. Heat Damage now takes up left and bottom quarters.
This would display for ALL active timers. When can you launch your next probe? Damnit, when does my heavy nos deactivate, in 1/2 a second or 5 1/2 seconds? My guns? My cyno gen? My siege mod? When is my 30 second recloaking delay up? Etc.
Shorter Whine: I CBA to check when I light cyno, FIX IT CCP!

Warp Core Strength Indicator - Fixed!
Visible indication of how many warp cores your ship has, and how many points are on you. Also has a warp disruptor icon to represent that you're unable to warp. Would glow with an animation.
Shorter Whine: If I need to gtfo can I or not?

Warp Scramble Overview Column - Fixed!
Fairly straight forward, an additional column to display who has how many points on you. One image shows only number of points, the other shows number of points AND the warp disruptor icon because blue stands out over translucent black.
Shorter Whine: How's that Arazu fit?

Autopilot Jump Count - Fixed!
Another fairly straight forward change. When right clicking a system/station/etc. and hitting Add To Autopilot or Set Destination, it doesn't say how far the system is. This adds that.
Shorter Whine: I CBA to open the map, FIX IT CCP!

Ammunition Bay - Fixed!
A novel idea, your ship's cargo hold now has two compartments that share the same space, much like a carrier's corporate hangar bay.
Ammo may be placed in and loaded from either hold, however to keep things more organized in your cargo hold you may place charges into the Ammo Bay. Only charges (cap booster, ammo) may be placed into the Ammo Bay. All the amarr I show it to love it, everybody else is kinda meh about it. Ammo is unloaded into the ammo bay by default.
Shorter Whine: I'm lazy and CBA finding my ammo

Posted - 2007.07.04 08:28:00 - [2]

Edited by: Haffrage on 09/07/2007 09:45:43
Capacitor Readout - Fixed!

Drone UI Redesign - Fix in Progress!
Now HERE's a work in progress. However, even if it isn't done, I feel enough is done to get the point across, and get some feedback on "OMG IT SUCKS WTF IS RONG WIT U WTF."
Most things are explained in the site, so since it's not done I won't bother typing up something here I'll probably change in a few days.

--- UPDATE 7/9 ---

AFK Setting - Fixed!
Details in site

Hide Minimized Window Blink Status - Fixed!
Don't feel like turning off blink on every tab in a panel while it's minimized? There ya go. You can re-enable blink the same way you disable it, or just re-open the panel.

Character Selection Screen Skill in Training Indicator - Fixed!
Don't remember what char was training what? Don't want to log in to the wrong one two times in a row? Pretty simple fix, especially since you get an error if you try to train a skill on the wrong char.

Disable Closing Tab/Window - Fixed!
Got a chat window you don't want to close? Do you keep missing the tiny tiny minimize button? Double it in size, disable closing on that window! The entire window acts like it has Corp, Alliance, or Local channels attached to it, and closing can be disabled the same way you enable it.

Log Revamp & Ewar Monitor - Fix in Progress!
Ewar monitors! Everyone wants one, nobody's got one. I'm not one for annoyingly useless tools, and the log certainly is one of them in its current state. So I'm working on a total revamp, here's what I've got done so far. More details in the site.

Post some feedback, constructive and loaded with angry acronyms, lemme know why I/my ideas suck/rock ugh

Posted - 2007.07.04 08:29:00 - [3]

Reserved for God knows what reason, just in case the second post isn't enough. Always be prepared? Wink

Static Ga'lraith
Gray Hunters
White Noise.
Posted - 2007.07.04 08:36:00 - [4]

Edited by: Static Ga''lraith on 04/07/2007 11:07:04
This is the real reverse edit, accept no substitutes.


Posted - 2007.07.04 08:38:00 - [5]

Haffrage is certainly doing the cooking by the book! Some great ideas. CCP, hire this man!

Sharks With Frickin' Laser Beams
Posted - 2007.07.04 09:31:00 - [6]

Edited by: bsspewer on 04/07/2007 09:48:16
he's got alot of great ideas. Alot of which I support.

Not sure on the drone thing though, it's kinda cluttered; but yes, it needs to be deattached from the overview.

and haff... your face

Eleana Tomelac
Eclats de verre
Posted - 2007.07.04 10:12:00 - [7]

Cap readout, might be useful, helps to know when I get my armor repairer activated and when I do need to eat a booster charge.
Module activation, great, would be mostly useful for armor repairers, AB, MWD and other stuff you really whant to know when it will end.
The warp core strenght is a great idea, this part of the HUD is totally unused (no more see CPU/PWG usage as before, so let's put something useful).

PS : colorblind people may have something to say about the color choice... But that's a detail.

CCP Oveur

Posted - 2007.07.04 10:57:00 - [8]

This thread delivers.

Pics do it for you.

Static Ga'lraith
Gray Hunters
White Noise.
Posted - 2007.07.04 11:05:00 - [9]

Edited by: Static Ga''lraith on 04/07/2007 11:06:34

Static Ga'lraith
Gray Hunters
White Noise.
Posted - 2007.07.04 11:07:00 - [10]

Edited by: Static Ga''lraith on 04/07/2007 11:06:21

Omega Wing
Snatch Victory
Posted - 2007.07.04 11:16:00 - [11]

Edited by: Frug on 04/07/2007 11:17:42
Agree with:

ArrowYour warp strength indicator in the center circle is a top notch idea. It works with the interface, looks good, and is visible and easy to understand.
ArrowAmmunition bay. Self explanatory. We all want it.
ArrowAutopilot Jump Count. Another great place to put the jumps, unobtrusive. Nice. The current workaround of setting a waypoint is lame, only works undocked, and checking the location info takes too long.
ArrowSkill training tooltip. Meh. Why not.

Don't agree with:
ArrowDrone UI is too big. I don't have a better solution but I'm not digging this one.

Not sure about:
ArrowWarp scramble overview column. Not sure I want another column in the ovierview if it could be a background color or something else.
ArrowCycle timers. I think having a clock-like timer inside the module button could look clear and solve what I hate about the glowing green hard to see effect. It couldn't be much harder to see than it is now. Not sure using the rim is best now that damage is there. I'd be up for putting damage somewhere else though.
ArrowAbsolute cap readout. Only because I wouldn't use it. But meh, why not?

Radix Salvilines
legion industries ltd
AAA Citizens
Posted - 2007.07.04 11:47:00 - [12]

Edited by: Radix Salvilines on 04/07/2007 11:48:49
this rox!! Everyone lets keep bumping it!

Ive added thread's link to my sig :D

P.S. Drone UI might be a bit smaller thou :D

The Illuminati.
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2007.07.04 12:03:00 - [13]

Co-sign. These would be some VERY welcome changes, and I love the drone interface. It definitely needs to have it's own HUD, like other weapons systems. I despise the laggy right-click overview drone control menu.

Haffrage FTW!

Tarron Sarek
Biotronics Inc.
Initiative Mercenaries
Posted - 2007.07.04 14:17:00 - [14]

Great suggestions.
But please, don't imply it's the other authors' fault if you didn't bother checking. Just say you didn't bother. Otherwise that remark sounds slightly derogative or even arrogant.
Ah well, just a side note.

Anyway, hey now we know we can lure Oveur with pretty pictures :)
I wish I could illustrate ideas about game-mechanics, with lots of numbers and dry stuff like you did.

Back on topic:

- Skill Training Tooltip
That's a nice one. Easy to implement I guess and very helpful.

- Cycle Time Indicator
Don't really like it, becauee it'd be hard to discern. I would prefer a seperate graphical solution, like a bar or something. Too much colors and blinking already.

- Warp Core Strength Indicator
Nice concept. Would prefer grey as filling color and in order to stay consistent, the red should resemble the module deactivation glow.

- Warp Scrambler Overview Column
Not sure about that. But I guess since it's optional it can't hurt to have that. As long as there's an alternative for those who don't want to clutter their overview.

- Autopilot Jump Count
That one would be very handy and nice to have. Especially helpful if there's just a link and you have got no idea where that system might be. Not too hard to implement. Definitely gets my vote.

- Ammunition Bay
Uhm, well.. meh.. ;) No it's actually quite interesting and probably nice to have. Only practice will show it's real value, though.

- Absolute Capacitor Readout
Why not.

- Drone UI Redesign
Hm, interesting concept, but I have to agree it's too big and at least for me the left side buttons are ugly.
The lower drone window looks cool. Drone icons should be possible to be switched off.
All in all a new drone UI should be resizeable and by default shouldn't take up more space than the current one.

Tareen Kashaar
Gyoza Society
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2007.07.04 14:28:00 - [15]

Very nice suggestions. I'd been working on a concept myself, but I especially like your drone UI, and the warp strength indicator - although more general EW indicators would be preferable imo: Scram, Web (well, there's the speed bar, but doesn't let you know who's doing what), Damp, Jam, Paint, Tracking Disrupt, Nossed... Yes please.

I especially think that there needs to be a reduction in chat functionality as long as you're out in space, or specifically enable "chat mode"... would save screen real estate, could as well serve to reduce local's viability as an intel tool, and free up our entire keyboard for quick hotkeys (right now, every normal keystroke that's not an f-key or ctrl/alt+something puts focus on the last active chat window, making most of our keyboard useless in space).

The UI needs a LOT of love, my dear devs. Please make it a priority.

Tareen Kashaar
Gyoza Society
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2007.07.04 14:33:00 - [16]

As for the cycle time indicator, why not just use the already circular module buttons and do a clock like sweep animation on top of it, like it is done in so many other games. This is such an obvious feature that it's really hard to understand why it isn't in the game.

This post has some of my own suggestions about the UI, and here's a work in progress UI concept. Module grouping for easy access and functionality - one hotkey for guns instead of 8 - ew indicators on overview, module cycle sweep timers, a (compared to yours, crappy) drone UI, etc.

IT Alliance
Posted - 2007.07.04 15:19:00 - [17]

Edited by: Pilk on 04/07/2007 15:18:19
Originally by: Haffrage
Drone UI Redesign
Now HERE's a work in progress. However, even if it isn't done, I feel enough is done to get the point across, and get some feedback on "OMG IT SUCKS WTF IS RONG WIT U WTF."
Most things are explained in the site, so since it's not done I won't bother typing up something here I'll probably change in a few days.
Fix Link

Just because I'm an utter *****, I want to offer my alternate drone interface design, based on Haff's:

Three concepts not immediately obvious:
1) The arrow at the right of the top bar can be clicked to access a library of tabs (==drone groups). Tabs can be dragged onto the bar and moved around to allow for optimal access. Of course, "-ALL-" is fixed in place.
2) Drones who need to tell you something (in my example, the upper-left-most Harvester) have a different "orders" icon. If you hovered over that drone, you'd get a tooltip saying, "Current orders: return to drone bay. Status: My max velocity has been reduced; I'm either stuck on something, or I am webbed." In Haff's version, he does that with different background colors, which is frankly superior, but I only have MSPaint to work with. Wink
3) I use a blue bar to represent "current health" on the drones. Meh. Take it or leave it, I like it.

Originally by: Eleana Tomelac
PS : colorblind people may have something to say about the color choice... But that's a detail.

Overlay a warp scram icon on top of the red semicircle.

Originally by: Haffrage
(hii pilk)

Hii, Doctor Haff! Very Happy


Cardice Makar
Dark Knights of Deneb
Posted - 2007.07.04 15:44:00 - [18]

You officially win EVE.

I want it all. I want it aaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllll.
Especially the drone stuff, and the warp core... and the EVERYTHING.

PS. Can you also do up a revised info box [probably where the drones info used to be] with other ship status effects? Even a list would be fine (Tracking Disrupted x%, ECM x Y, etc)


Gurgleblaster Industries
Posted - 2007.07.04 16:38:00 - [19]

Some good stuff in there (module cycle time, warp scramble indicator), but your drone UI redesign simply does not work.

You run into trouble with that UI design when capital ships are considered.

Posted - 2007.07.04 16:39:00 - [20]

Originally by: Ruato
Some good stuff in there (module cycle time, warp scramble indicator), but your drone UI redesign simply does not work.

You run into trouble with that UI design when capital ships are considered.
Don't worry, ccp won't adress drone ui anyway, they never care about drones.

Dr Shameless
2nd Blood Raven Assault Squad
Majesta Empire
Posted - 2007.07.04 17:20:00 - [21]

good stuff

i have some little proposal for active module animation change Linkage

Bein Glorious
Posted - 2007.07.04 19:25:00 - [22]

Overall I kinda like it, though I don't really know if the Warp Scramble Overview column is necessary, and I feel a little iffy about the drone UI and the Warp Core Strength indicator.

Avalon Ranger
Cold Void Industry and Trading
Posted - 2007.07.04 19:34:00 - [23]

I love all the ideas. Drone UI is a hard thing to do, I think they should have multiple systems and you can choose which one you use in the Esc menu.

The Warp core strength is just a great idea. It's all great! I love it and the picture are the best I've seen.

Well done, good job. I hope this ALL gets added and credit goes to you.

Posted - 2007.07.04 20:06:00 - [24]

Originally by: Tareen Kashaar
... here's a work in progress UI concept...

where i can download this? Very HappyVery HappyVery Happy seriously, this rox Cool

Alpine 69
Rubbish Superheroes
Posted - 2007.07.04 21:16:00 - [25]

Very nice

Selene Le'Cotiere
Farlight Council
Elitist Cowards
Posted - 2007.07.04 21:58:00 - [26]

A most excellent post, love how well thought out it is, and the time you put into the pics, just proves your point as to how well these would be integrated into a new UI. Kudos.

Posted - 2007.07.04 21:58:00 - [27]

Nice stuff haff dude, drone ui could use some work but the idea is sound.


Posted - 2007.07.04 22:06:00 - [28]

Very sweet. The only thing is the Drone UI, which also needs to support up to 15 drones active in space (Carriers). But otherwise, nice work.

IT Alliance
Posted - 2007.07.04 22:45:00 - [29]

Originally by: Xorlev
Very sweet. The only thing is the Drone UI, which also needs to support up to 15 drones active in space (Carriers). But otherwise, nice work.

Check the second drone UI picture in Haff's link; it adds additional rows as you get more drones launched.


War Bear
Body Count Inc.
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2007.07.04 22:57:00 - [30]

Haff's been beating us up with all these pictures all week lol. I pretty much want damn near everything on that list. My only real complaint is about the drone ui.

The drone ui is a bit clunky compared to your other offerings but its a ****ton more usable than the current version.

CCP folks, I know you have a lot on your hands as always but if you can manage to sneak some of these changes in painlessly then I would love to see them. Nice work Haff.

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