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Posted - 2004.01.21 16:21:00 - [1]

Edited by: Viceroy on 21/01/2004 16:23:16
A Caldari and Minmatar entered the lobby of the Kaalakiota Corporation Patriots association. The Caldari, a middle aged bald man with a military build quickly sat down at a round table that was vacant in one corner of the room. His Minmatar companion, a huge Brutor with long hair and the wide sunglasses that were common fashion among his kin, joined him.

The rest of the room was a gathering of Caldari loyalists and patriots. The Kaalakiota, better known as KK among its associates, was the perfect sanctuary for Caldari who were not very welcome in other enviroments. The KK, with its great reputation as the leader of patriotic Caldari corporations, had found it appropriete to accomodate the patriots of the State safely within one of its stations in Caldari Space.

The two friends sat down and the Minmatar took off his sunglasses, revealing deep brown eyes. His Caldari companion had seen many eyes during his life, and had learned to read into the minds of people by using thier eyes as gateways. He knew that the eyes of a man usually told much more about him than anything else. This is why he felt uncomfortable when he looked into the deep brown circles that were staring at him.

Viceroy knew that he had hatred in him. A deep hatred for the Gallente who had murdered his people and invaded his homeland. His hatred fueled his every action and shaped his life, and the anger he felt when he encountered a Gallente or thought about the crimes that they had commited against his people, gave him a purpose in life.

The flames of vengence burned in his heart and gave strength to his soul. No remorse, no weakness, just willpower in its purest form.

He knew his Minmatar friend had a deep hatred too, he figured that it was the same as his, a deep anger for the Amarr who had enslaved his people. He figured that it was the thing that gave purpose to his life, the thing that gave him the strength to hunt the Amarr everyday in search for revenge.

But those deep brown eyes showed that his hatred was very much beyond that. His eyes showed an everlasting search, but not only for revenge, but for peace. For understanding. His eyes flamed with hatred at every mention of the Amarr, but for the experienced eye, they also shed tears inwards and had a very strong aura of sadness.

And purpose, Viceroy could not see the burning purpose of vengence and anger in the eyes of his Minmatar companion. He could not see the lust to kill all things Amarr, in order to pay his debts to his ancestors. Instead he saw... Sadness. A deep sadness, a silent weep. Maybe a memory or a wish. Viceroy could not be sure.

He ended his mental anlysis and decided to go on.

"Tell me Leitari" Said Viceroy.

Leitari looked for a moment into Viceroy's eyes, then his gaze drifted. He was still looking at Viceroy, but he was clearly not seeing him. Instead he seemed to be in another world, far away from the cold basement of the KK Storage Station.

"I remember the mountain of my homeland" He said after a few moments. "I remember the clouds that crowned it, while we lived in its shadow. I remember the red sky at dawn, before the sun emerged from behind our mountain. I remember the wind in my face when I woke up, I remember the sound of the river, the song of the birds"

His eyes had clearly drifted off Viceroy now, he was looking at the blank wall behind him as if it was alive. Viceroy could feel the sadness in his eyes.

"I remember the laughter of my sisters," He smiled for a second, his eyes lighted up in a momentary hapiness, then it quickly faded away and left its place to the sadness and hatred. "I remember how they used to race to the river to fetch water for my mother. I remember... their laughter" It seemed that the laughter of his kin had a enchanting effect on the Minmatar, the momentary hapiness returned to him, only to leave its place to hatred and sorrow in a split second.

"I remember my mother, her affectionate smile, her warm hands around my body, her love in my heart. I remember how she made food for me and my sisters, the happiness in her eyes as she poured water into our cups. Her smile... Her smile when she watched us play" A tear appeared in the eyes of the Minmatar warrior, It seemed as if he didnt notice, he was focused on the wall behind Viceroy.

Posted - 2004.01.21 16:22:00 - [2]

Edited by: Viceroy on 21/01/2004 16:24:17
"I remember my father, the great tribal cheiftian. I remember how he sat and watched me while I played with my friends. How he laughed and helped me when I fell down, how he came and looked at me at night, when he thought I was asleep. I was so young... I could not see the pride and love in his eyes. I could not appreciate the affection or the care" He twitched, the hapiness had turned into a deep sorrow, his eyes faded back into reality. He quickly wiped the tears and put his sunglasses back on. Viceroy knew that he wore those wide sunglasses to cover his feeling, which emanated from his eyes like a fountain of grief and sorrow that had been mixed with anger and hatred.

"I used to remember how i tried hard to make my father pround, how i used to argue with my sister for his favour" Viceroy couldnt see his eyes, but he could imagine them. His mouth curdled into a sad expression.

"I remember the days and nights in my tribe. How were bonded to eachother by honor, loyalty and love. We were not a war mongering tribe, we were peaceful. We never did anything to... to them." His expression darkened with hatred. Viceroy could feel the anger from where he sat. The anger and the search for reason and the sorrow of course.

"The one day, I woke up. I looked at that beutiful mountain one last time, I looked at the clouds and the sun that was rising. I could not have known it was my last look at this paradise that I had never truely appreciated" His expression showed pain, along with grief and old memories.

"Then suddenly, the sky darkened. The clouds turned black and the sun faded from the horizon. Colossal ships fell from the blackened heavens. My tribesmen rushed to arms, my sisters screamed in fear and ran for my mother. My father cried to rally his people who were all staring at the sight of huge vessels falling from the sky. They were amazed, they were astonished. They could not imagine what would come to be"

Viceroy could feel the anger fading and the sorrow taking over. He knew the big brown eyes behind the glasses were now wet.

"The ships landed right outside our village, huge doors cracked open, uniformed, armored soldiers emerged from inside, their weapons hauling death onto my people, their cries planting fear into their hearts. They started killing my tribesmen right away, with no warning. We never did anything to them, we were peaceful... we never did anything. They started killing... and capturing... the screams of my kin..."

A sob erupted from the Minmatar. A tear emerged from under the wide sunglasses. Viceroy could feel the sorrow himself. He decided to say something, but it was too late. Leitari was in a trance now, a trance that has transported him back into his memories, back to the time of childhood, that had shaped his whole life. He wiped his cheeks and continued to talk;

"My people were not warriors, we hardly had any weapons. But my father, as the cheif of the tribe, knew more than most of us. He emerged from his hut with laser weapons, he rallied the men of the tribe to fight the invaders. But they were too powerful... hundreds of them stormed our village in a matter of minutes. Masks of iron that showed no mercy covered their faces, their weapons firing on all who tried to resist. Crackling sounds from their radios emitted over the field and other strangers came to chain my kinsman who had been subdued. They took them back to their ships... they had no right... we had never done anything to them... they came with their weapons of fire and murdered our people for no reason!"

The sunglasses of the Matari were not enough to contain the anger this time. Flames of hatred burned in his eyes and his face twisted into a vengful expression. His fists tightened. A drop of sweat found its way down to his cheek. He brushed it of with haste.

"I remember how they burst into our house. How they took my sisters and my mother like animals, how the screams of my kin and parent echoed in my ears as I cowered under my bed. I could not do anything, I could not fight them. They took my sisters... My mother... I could not... They had no reason..."

The anger had turned into sorrow and grief again. Viceroy could feel the cycle of emotions very clearly, and was amazed at how sharp they were.

"I understand" He said, but Leitari seemed to ignore him.

"Then one of the invaders threw my bed aside and I was left face to face with the demon himself. Infra-red lights in his eye sockets, a few holes for breathing and an electronic cracking sound in his radio. A devilish weapon sat in his hands. The echoes of the screams of my sisters and mother faded away as I shrunk before this figure. I was horrified"

He was looking with no emotion now, as if he was thinking to himself. He continued again;

Posted - 2004.01.21 16:23:00 - [3]

Edited by: Viceroy on 21/01/2004 16:25:16
"Then suddenly this satanic figure who I thought had me in his jaws plunged aside and hit the ground. His radio gave one more crack and fell silent, his red eyes faded into black, as smoke started to rise from the back of his helmet. And then I saw my father..."

Leitari took his sunglasses off, his eyes were full of pride along with the constant hatred. Viceroy could feel his love for his father.

"He stood there like a saviour, his entangled hair falling on his shoulders, his eyes fixed on the fallent body of his enemy. He had a laser gun in his hand, and he stood like an angel of vengence. He took my by the arm and together we ran... and ran. The butchers had totally invaded our village now, nearly every building was on fire. The smell of the burning skin of my kin is still at my nose"

He twichted with disgust and anger.

"The red-eyed butchers were searching every house for more victims now. They were capturing when they could, and killing if they could not. My father and I ran towards the mountain with the remainder of my tribe, I could feel the fear, but my father lead us to safety among the trees of our forest. We walked for hours, and I could always feel that the butchers were on our scent, searching for us, searching for blood. They had no mercy, they had no... reason..."

"We slept in the cold forest that night. I could clearly see our village burning from the hilltop that the forest was on. I could see the little figures, the bodies, the burning houses..."

The Minmatar drifted off for a few seconds. Viceroy waited patiently.

"The remaining people of my tribe all sat in silence that night, only my father and the leaders of the tribe talked, planning their next move. It seemed as though my father did not show the same reaction as the rest of the tribe, who sat in fear, trying to understand the reason behind this sudden apocalypse. Some said it was the end of the world, some said it was the devil and his army. I did not listen to any of them, the only thing that echoed in my mind was the screams of my sisters and the moaning of mother as the invaders took them off. I thought it was the last time I would ever see them... I was terribly mistaken..."

Leitari's expression twisted with hatred and anger this time, no sorrow or grief could be seen. It was the beast within, who had emerged with all its power now, seaking revenge. His hands trembled, his eyes burned with hate. And Viceroy was about to find out why.

"It seemed that the invaders had lost our track, but they knew were in the forest. They were such animals... no mercy. I woke up the next morning to sounds of battle. I thought the invaders were attacking and ran to hide, but I was mistaken. The butchers that had slaughtered most of my tribe were now launching their charred bodies at the forest... It was... No words could explain... Horrible... No reason..."

He stopped again, this time for a few minutes. His eyes cycled between grief and anger... again.

"The charred body of my mother landed right before me. Her body had been burnt and her eyes had been cut out. Her body was twisted in an un-natural way. Her once affectionate smile had turned into a ghastly expression of pain. Her empty eye sockets stared at me and pierced my heart..."

Tears rolled from the Minmatars eyes, a vein on his forehead pulsed.

"Then one of my little sisters landed right next to my mother, her body charred by laser fire, the same twisted expression of pain on her once beutiful face... It was... I.. The whole village was petrified, people were weeping and screaming. I stood there staring at the bodies of my kin until my father pulled me away."

Another moment of silence.

"The tribe moved to the top of another hill, this one higher. We waited until dusk and then my father started looking at the sky. I was still horrified... The faces of my sisters and mother have not left my eyes to this day, and they were before me that moment aswell.

"Then suddenly a thumping sound extracted me from my trance, I looked up to see that it was raining fire! My father had a device in his hand, and he was talking to it, giving orders and information. The spears of fire landed on the camp of our enemies, lighting up the night with flames and explosions. Then suddenly a vessel landed right behind us, my father quickly pushed all the women and children of our tribe into the vessel. We were all shocked so we couldnt even ask any questions. Spears of fire rained on the invaders who were now regrouping. Beams of fire reached across the heavens in what seemed to me as a celestial battle of gods..."

Viceroy could see the same amazement in the eyes of his Minmatar friend, as it had probably been that day. He is living it again, Viceroy thought, just as I live the massacre of Caldari Prime every day. But It must be much worse.

Posted - 2004.01.21 16:24:00 - [4]

"Then my father shook me back to reality, he took me into his arms and embraced me, and kissed me on my forehead. The he looked into my eyes for one last time, and said;

"Be strong my son. Be brave and always remember who you are. Never forget that your people prefered death on their feet to life on their knees. Do not forget us and this day. And do not forget that I will always love you."

"I looked one last time into his eyes, I saw pride, honor and love, but no fear. He turned away and rushed down the hilltop to the battle on the plain. As door of the ship closed and the vessel started its lift-off I was left in darkness with the image of my father fresh in my memory, and the stench of death at my nose..."

The trance was over. Leitari was back now. Viceroy stood with no expression on his face, with the mask he wore when he could not do anything else.

Leitari rised, put his sunglasses back on, and left the room among the amazed gazes of the other Caldari. He stood proud and walked with dignity, yet his eyes were the same cycle and battle of emotions.

How mistaken Viceroy was when he had compared his suffering with that of his Minmatar brother.

CCP Eris Discordia

Posted - 2004.01.21 16:28:00 - [5]

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Pogy Bait
Running With Scissors
Posted - 2004.01.21 16:33:00 - [6]


Tyrrax Thorrk
Habitual Euthanasia
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2004.01.21 16:40:00 - [7]

Excellent read nasty propaganda man Twisted Evil

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2004.01.21 18:06:00 - [8]

Damn fine writing. Nice work

Jael Markinsen
Posted - 2004.01.22 06:41:00 - [9]

Damn, this was powerful and evocative, another great read from you vice!

JBX Corp
Posted - 2004.01.24 21:34:00 - [10]

Very nice Vice.

English is not your native language, right ?

The Fated
Posted - 2004.01.31 03:33:00 - [11]

Very nice.. interesting approach to the way of life on Minmatar worlds... peaceful tribes of Brutors might live like this but I seriously doubt that this is a majority of modern Minmatar. Neveretheless a very interesting read.

Xraal I
Nocturnus Angelus
Posted - 2004.02.07 10:31:00 - [12]

Exellent story.

The Minmatar in the story living in traditional style is not that hard to explain.

If you look at our own world, some parts are very well developed, while others are not developed even as far as the tribe in the story.

To imagine a similar situation here, or perhaps even that the Tribal Traditionalists have Chosen to scorn most modern conveniences, like certain faiths in our world does, is not that hard really.


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