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Posted - 2007.06.24 06:13:00 - [1]


Does anyone know how to tell what options someone's picked at the start of the game? I created a character a few months ago but have come back to EVE and want to restart the character so I can go through the tutorial and get my own bearings.

Last time a friend who's played for years told me what to select after I described what I wanted to do and now I want to pick those options again.

I have the stats and skills on the character in front of me.

Gallente Intaki
Int: 12.96
Char: 8.64
Percep: 12.96
Mem: 11.88
Will: 12.96

Is there anyway I could work backwards to see what options I chosen?


Species 5618
Posted - 2007.06.24 06:25:00 - [2]

The only way I'm aware of is to reverse engineer your base score by subtracting what you get from Learning skills and implants, then compare that to your bloodline's base stats and the three ancestries available for it.

Posted - 2007.06.24 06:27:00 - [3]


I found an EVE character creation tool via google and worked back. It's not a perfect match (a few decimals out) but the whole numbers are close enough.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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