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Caldari Macrominer Waste Management
United Corporations Against Macros
Posted - 2007.06.29 16:51:00 - [31]

i havent even looked at t2 sentries yet but was considering them, now i find out they dont get bonuses from the spec skills b/c they dont require the skills.


Don't ya just love CCP logic ShockedRolling Eyes

Raddick Explorations
Posted - 2007.06.29 16:53:00 - [32]

Originally by: Khan Dhu
I hardly think it was the Dev's intent to put something new in that's effectively worthless.

It's not CCP's fault you can't find a use for these beauties. Personally I think the skill can't train fast enough, and I can't whip our inventors hard enough.

Federal Defence Union
Posted - 2007.06.29 17:21:00 - [33]

Err no ..

Sentrys = long range

Heavies = highest dps

like comparin rails to you know .. blasters .Rolling Eyes

Akita T
Caldari Navy Volunteer Task Force
Posted - 2007.06.29 18:34:00 - [34]

Edited by: Akita T on 29/06/2007 18:47:46

Originally by: MaidMarion
Err no ..
Sentrys = long range
Heavies = highest dps
like comparin rails to you know .. blasters .Rolling Eyes

Err, no... it's like comparing missiles with turrets, more like comparing heavy drones and missles vs sentries and turrets.

I won't repeat what was already said in this thread so far, I'll merely re-compare heavies with sentries.

Praetor I : 24 x 1.15 EM / 2 sec = 13.8 DPS ; speed 950 m/s
Warden I : 50 x 1.2 kinetic / 4 sec = 15 DPS ; range 50(+25) km
Berserker I : 24 x 1.3 explosive / 2 sec = 15.6 DPS ; speed 1050 m/s
Curator I : 50 x 1.3 EM / 4 sec = 16.25 DPS ; range 30(+10) km
Wasp I : 24 x 1.45 kinetic / 2 sec = 17.4 DPS ; speed 800 m/s
Bouncer I : 50 x 1.4 explosive / 4 sec = 17.5 DPS ; range 40(+35) km
Ogre I : 24 x 1.6 thermal / 2 sec = 19.2 DPS ; speed 700 m/s
Garde I : 50 x 1.6 thermal / 4 sec = 20 DPS ; range 20(+10) km

You can easily see that Bouncers have almost the same effective range as Wardens, but deal almost the same damage as Wasps.
You can also see that a SENTRY drone is the highest damage dealer, while a HEAVY drone is the weakest damage dealer.
Of course you also notice that Amarr drones pure and simple suck, even without considering their damage type, and after considering that one too, they REALLY, really suck.

No, you cannot simply claim sentry=range and heavy=damage, the reality denies you that right.

Persephone Heaven
Posted - 2007.06.30 08:30:00 - [35]

They should require racial specialisation skills to keep in line with T2 heavies. Apart from that I think they are well balanced. They shouldnt track any better cos they are the equivalent of large guns which dont track well either.

Kirtan Loor
Divine Retribution
Sons of Tangra
Posted - 2007.06.30 11:34:00 - [36]

I already had posted this one on game development forums. But I think this should be posted here too. IMO you are wrong in comparing t2 sentries with t2 heavies. Try comparing it to T2 guns instead. Don't expect to use them on mobile group gank setups. T2 heavies are for these ops. Sentries are for gate camp sniping, pve and fleet ops

Dominix with BS5 Sentry 5 DroneInt 5 MinSpec 4

High 6xDLA
Med 1x SBII 4x OD Tracking
Low 2x Signal Amplifier 5x T2 Exotic Dancer Cabinets
Rigs 2x Drone Scope Chip 1xSentry Damage Augmentor

Locking range 175k Dronecontrol range 174k with EW drones skill level 3

5x Bouncer II drones get:

%20 (Skill level 4)
%20^4=%107.36 (Modules)
%15^2=%32.25 (rigs)
157900 Optimal 35k Falloff

1.68 base modifier
%25 (Sentry Drones Skill)
%50 (Battleship Skill)
%100 (Drone Interfacing Skill)
%10 (rig)
86.5 dps / drone

5 Drones = 432.87 DPS @ 170k with much better tracking(0.0207rad/s) than t2 ammo snipers

Scary? Yes.

Would any fleet commander allow it? I doubt it. You have to stay near sentries in order to scoop them back up unless you are planning to lose them in the battle. Current state of lag and drone UI make it very hard to deploy and switch targets when using drones in fleet battles.

Will I feel sorry when such a ship blows up? Maybe because of rigs and Exotic Dancers. But it is much more 'loseable' than the turret ships. Other modules are quite inexpensive and dominix insurance pay out is 62.5 mil. You can build your dominix yourself for 45-47 mil with todays mineral prices and insurance is 16 million.

Is this only viable at long range? No. Your drone bay has place for garde II's too. Half the range, triple tracking(0.0621rad/s) and %15 more (497.8 dps)damage.

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