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Wild Rho
Silent Core
Posted - 2004.01.16 10:33:00 - [1]

Edited by: Wild Rho on 11/02/2004 02:09:56
Part 1: The End...

The fire surrounded me burning with a heat I could never have imagined. The light was so intense that I was being blinded even with my eyes closed and the sound so intense I could have sworn it would tear my very soul from my body. Ironically this was not far from the truth.
Without any sort of warning the heat, the light and the sound was all gone. As quickly as it had come upon me it left my. I would have cried at the agony this had caused if I could have but no air came to my lungs, there was no sensation on my skin except the terrifying feeling my body was trying to rip itself apart and all I could see was black all around me.

Finally peace came to me and I felt no more...

There is no way to know how long I seemed to spend in oblviion. Time seems not to exist there (if it truely exists at all). There was no sensation at all, no pain, no pleasure not even any emotion or thought. It was the simple content feeling of knowing that I existed and nothing more. Now when I look back I think it was the happiest memory I will ever have and one I will welcome when I return to this place to stay someday. But like all things it could not last forever.

Slowly at first there was a sensation of pressure and warmth, not unpleasent by any means but there was more. As more sensations were felt I began to grow more anxious. I opened my eyes to see nothing but green all around me. I instinctivly tried to reach out with arms that seemed too heavy and could only feel a smooth barrier. With rising panic I felt around me further and ould feel nothing else. I was trapped! Trapped in what, I could not tell, there were tubes in my mouth and chest and as I paniced I began to have trouble drawing enough air down into my lungs. I could here faint noises beyond the barrier and so I began hitting it with all my strength. Now completly terrified in my green prison, the terror trying to make me take bigger breathes than I was able to. I began to suffocate, I could once again feel my lungs burning, flashes of memory full of fire, noise and voices shouting filled my mind and once again I felt my body begin to relax and feel myself return briefly to oblvion.

Again time passed...

This time when my mind awoke and my vision came back I was not in the green hell I thought I had been condemmed to. I bolted upright into a sitting position sucking air into my lungs again as if I was drowning. It came much easier this time though and I began to relax. It was too dark to see anything except for a few small blinking lights just beyond reach. I felt below me and found I was lying on a soft material, bed, that was it. The words started coming back to me now, the awareness of my existance and my life were coming back to me now. I no longer felt any threat around me and so I sat in the warm, comfortable darkness trying to bring my memories to the surface. For some reason the two words that alway came back to me were those of birds..Black Bird and Raven. They meant somthing more than just the animals they used to be used to describe. The words brought forth the feeling of power and speed, of journeys and combat. Yes! The memories were coming back piece by piece, I began to remember my life. I lay back in the dark and relaxed as I sorted through them to try find the reason for why I was here in this place.

Slowly and gently light filled the room stopping just below uncomfortable and I heard a female voice, " Rho? How are you feeling?".
"Ummm...I'm not sure", was all I could think of. I must have sounded like an idiot!
Regardless the women smiled like a parent concerned for her child and said, "It's ok. You can expect to feel some minor disorientation during such a traumatic event. All you need is a good nights sleep and tomrrow you'll find that you feel much better".
She came into my view for the first time, certainly not an unattractive lady but she had that look he had seen on many others before. The sort of focus that isn't wasted in people but is soley fixed on some objective of their own. She gave me a brief injection into my right arm, smiled pleasently and walked out of the room, the lights slowly fading to just bright enough so I could see. I once again stared at the ceiling and tried to picture the most recent events in my minds eye. It wasn't long before I was asleep.

The dreams came to me. More vivid than my memories had seemed. In my minds eye I looked into space, words and numbers flying around me in colours red and blue and ahead of me, ahead of my lurked a dark and menacing shap. Raven! I thought to myself. As if it had heard my very thought everything else around me faded until there was just it and me. I could swear I could feel it bearing down on me, its sheer size growing to incredible proportions and feeling the me

El Paco
Haita de lupi
Posted - 2004.01.18 22:49:00 - [2]

Well Continue allready Cool

Wild Rho
Silent Core
Posted - 2004.01.18 23:33:00 - [3]

hehe. Patience is a virtue. Want to get the rest done just right before I repost. Plus I didnt think anyone was reading it so o rush Smile

Posted - 2004.01.23 14:12:00 - [4]

>70 views so far.. Still waiting for the sequel :)


Posted - 2004.01.23 14:12:00 - [5]

Wild Rho
Silent Core
Posted - 2004.01.26 18:25:00 - [6]

Sorry been side tracked recently. The next section will be ready for posting before this weekend.

Star Nove
The Graduates
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2004.02.08 04:57:00 - [7]

yeah continue it already!

Wild Rho
Silent Core
Posted - 2004.02.11 02:08:00 - [8]

Edited by: Wild Rho on 11/02/2004 02:10:46
Part 2: That Which Matters Most...

The darkness surrounded me, swallowed me up, and I began to feel as if I was falling, from where and into what I could not tell while all around me I could hear voices on the edge of hearing…whispering. As suddenly as it started I had stopped falling and felt as though I was simply standing again. The voices were louder this time, almost on the cusp of hearing but still just beyond recognition.
"Hello?" I called. As soon as I did the voices vanished silence poured in. A section of darkness slowly began to move towards me. As it got closer it took on a shape, a human shape. It was hooded and robed As I thought this it raised its head and I found myself staring into my own eyes.

I reached out my hand to touch the apparition but was just beyond reach, so I waited. After what seemed like an eternity passed I decided to make the first move. "Who...who are you? Where am I?"

At first there was no reaction so I waited, just as I thought I would get none my other self whispered softly, "I am, I was...". Before I could react it reached out with an incredible speed and put its finger tips to my forehead. My vision flashed and suddenly I was somewhere else.

I looked around and found I was in a house, a huge hallway to be exact. The ceiling was covered in intricate patterns of silver and gold. A huge statue towered above looking down the length of the hall. As I stood there noise gradually filtered in as if someone was slowly turning up the volume, a gentle tune played on a piano could be heard in a room to my right and the sound of voices to my left and further down the hall.
Something was wrong though, everything seemed too...large...oversized. The door to my right burst open and a young girl, an amarrian, no more than 12 years old came running through giggling. She ran towards me laughing and then I realised what was wrong, I was a lot younger myself...

“…I remember...remember that day as if it was when my life really began. I don't know how it happened...”, as if I couldn't control myself I started laughing too and ran from her in a game of tag “ was my 13th birthday, a special day. I was a slave, my whole family was...” we both ran around the statue laughing “…she is, was the daughter of the master. An Amarrian noble…” I ran towards the gardens, she followed “…I was given the day off from my duties as a gift..” we ran around the trees and bushes playing a mix of hide and seek and tag “…I was born in this house, had grown up with this girl…” it was later in the day now, we both sat back on a bench simply enjoying the sun “…she asked me if I wanted my present, I said sure…” she told me to close my eyes.
Confused and a little cautious I did so “…it was the first time I had ever been kissed…” I predictably jumped back startled “…but…” but then I kissed her back again, “…I thought the top of my head was going to explode and I would suffocate…” there was a bellow of rage from behind us, the master had seen us on his usual stroll through his garden “…it was one of the most terrifying moments of my life…” the master grabbed me and dragged me away towards the great house… “I could hear her crying above the masters shouting”.
The master dragged me down to the kitchens where my parents worked “…I didn’t know what was going to happen…” the master dragged me in front of my parents screaming “…I had never seen him so angry before…” he threw me towards my parents but I stumbled and fell over, a sharp knife was knocked off the work surface and fell across me slicing my face downwards over my right eye “…I couldn’t even feel it, I just remembered my face feeling hot and my eye wouldn’t open…” my mother grabbed me up crying, my father cuddling her, holding back the tears. The master seemed embarrassed by the display and promptly left.

Slowly like some movie clip the memory faded into darkness “We never really talked since that day, the master’s daughter and I., she came to see me once but I was too scared to even look at her. She said sorry and left crying…”

I was once again facing myself in the darkness. “What was that?” I asked it.
“Shhh”, it said. “There’s more…”
Once again my vision faded…

Sorry but to be continued again Smile.
BTW let me know how this style is doing becuase im stilling trying to refine it, the next part is also well underway but I want to make sure this is going ok before I post the rest.

Posted - 2004.03.02 20:52:00 - [9]

its good keep postingSmile


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