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ironwood ink
Posted - 2007.06.18 19:43:00 - [1]

Edited by: Worlds on 21/06/2007 12:37:49
Thx all for your interest and posting.

Sons of Tangra
Posted - 2007.06.18 19:56:00 - [2]

We are quite organized and capable, own our own 0.0 refinery outpost, clear and coherent leadership goals, and possess a solid bunch of PVPer's. KILLBOARD LINKY check there for activity. Drop by SOD-REC ingame and have a chat with our recruitment team.


Purple Heart
Intrepid Proprietary
Intrepid Proprietary Alliance
Posted - 2007.06.18 21:26:00 - [3]

Originally by: Worlds

My name is worlds. Many of you know me by all the different trades I have done over the last 4 years...

Earlier in the month, I was betrayed by a friend of mine whom I trusted 100%... "Click Here for that story". I wont go into great detail.. Lets just say.. I am pretty much tired and have decided to test the waters out there.

I am looking for a corporation which is part of an Alliance that is structured, organized, mature, and veterans when it comes to the game of Eve.

I am looking for a balanced Alliance which specializes in PVP and industry.

I have about 51+ Million SP. Have my own capital ships, including a decked out Archon Carrier, that has an overall resist of 91% across the board.

I am close to purchasing my own mothership, just need a trustworthy alliance to fly it with, and loose the ship to some GREAT PVP action, if it comes down to it.

Here are some of the alliances I am interested in,


1) Rule of Three
2) Band of Brothers
3) Interstellar Alcohol (IAC)
4) Mercenary Coalition
5) RAZOR Alliance
6) Goonswarm
7) Red Alliance (hmm... I dont speak Russian)
8) Morsus Mihi

There are many other reputable alliances out there.. sorry for not mentioning you here.

I am currently worth about 67+ Billion ISK in assets and cash. And I would like to restart my capital ship construction project again.

No offense against The Sundering Alliance, there are some great group of men there..
It is time to explore things...

Have your Recruiters contact me with details.


Intrepid Crossing [IRC] is a balanced and experienced
alliance run by mature leadership.

Please consider IRC among your list of alliances.

Obviously, you'd be fast tracked!

Intrepid Crossing [IRC] is looking for
pilots of honor, fidelity and integrity to join us and experience the fun and joy of exploration and building our new home in 0.0

We think you could be one of those pilots! Very Happy

Your first step is to join PROGENITOR CORPORATION.



Preparing brave pilots for the transition from Empire space to deep 0.0 space is the mission of the PROGENITOR CORPORATION!

New Players are welcome!

Experienced pilots are generally fast tracked!

We say, "If it isn't fun, why play?"

Purple Heart CEO


The Wild Hunt
Posted - 2007.06.18 22:37:00 - [4]

Have a read of our thread and see if we’re what your looking for.

Recruitment Thread

If so, please take our TWH Recruitment Questionnaire if you wish to join us =)

TWH Recruitment Questionnaire

We also like 24

Destructive Influence
IT Alliance
Posted - 2007.06.18 22:55:00 - [5]

Hi Worlds,

We might be just what your looking for?


Pringles Inc.
No Comment.
Posted - 2007.06.18 23:56:00 - [6]

Hello m8, I'd like invite you to take a look at my Corp. You can find info at EvE-O Post or - Pinc Site -. You can convo me in game or hang out in channel Pringles

Thanks Dark`

Pringles Inc.
No Comment.
Posted - 2007.06.18 23:57:00 - [7]

Edited by: DarkAlpha on 18/06/2007 23:56:13
opps DD-post

Posted - 2007.06.19 01:06:00 - [8]


Multi-Game Clan--Est. 2000--We know how to run an organization!

* Strong PVP, Adults in age and mentality, TS a must, 3 Mil Skills, See for details!


Generals Of Destruction Syndicate
Terror In The System
Posted - 2007.06.19 01:45:00 - [9]

Worlds, convo me for more information about [GODS] Generals of Destruction. I think you might like it here.

Destructive Influence
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2007.06.19 02:53:00 - [10]

Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.

CRICE Corp is recruiting PVP pod pilots to kick a** and have fun. Our corp has been around for over 4 years and has recently helped form the Vigilance Infinitas alliance. We are one of the premier US Timezone PVP corps in Eve but now span over five continents.

Our Corp is recruiting skilled PVP’ers. Preferred pilots should be able to fly T2 ships and there is always a need for more T2 snipers or capital pilots. We require that you be mature and can come on teamspeak with a working mic. We run ops both as a corp as well as an alliance so there is always action to be had.

Our Alliance despite being just over a month old is growing fast and already holds two outposts in 0.0 with more to come shortly. We control systems with high true sec status meaning lots of opportunities for prime rats (including faction and officer spawns), complexes as well as some pretty rocks to mine.

If you would like the opportunity to pwn and be a part of something that’s great and still growing please join our in-game public channel -CRICE-Public-

Minimum Requirements:
*3Mil SP*
*Ability to fly at T2 ship w/T2 guns*
*Have MWD trained up*
*Teamspeak and ability to speak English*
*Mature behavior (at least during fleet ops)*
*Desire to have fun*

Timetravel Enterprises
Posted - 2007.06.19 03:13:00 - [11]

Edited by: Infodragon on 19/06/2007 03:13:25
Timetravel Enterprises has been in existence for over 3 years now. Currently we’ve built a strong infrastructure for us to grow again.

We’ve built a friendly and mature corporation that has achieved quite a bit and we’d like to grow with that in mind.

Initially, we are looking for 10 new recruits that we can invest in, to enable them to perform beyond what they would normally be capable. After they have established themselves in the corp we will enter a new round of recruitment!

What we offer is…

Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate Memebership

0.0 access for ratting/mining. We have corporate offices in an Amarr outpost and an S&I conquered station. Access to Arkonor and Mercoxit mining with close, and in system Minmatar refinery outposts.

Plenty of PvP opportunity

POS experience to those that show interest.

High Sec Mobile lab operations, ME/PE/Copy/Invention

Mission running support including low sec.

Members will be supplied corporate frigates and cruisers. Battlecruisers and Battleships will be provided to those that use them well!

Any new recruits will go through an interview and then once accepted into Timetravel Enterprises will go through an initial probationary period. This is so we can get to know you and you can get to know us.

Please contact me or join our public channel TTTI to begin the interview process.

CEO Timetravel Enterprises

You would fit right in to our corp, we have a few veterans that have been with the corp for years. We have 4 mid 50m SP pilots and a few mid 40m pilots. Come check us out!

Quadix Leime
Tropical Killer Bananas
Posted - 2007.06.19 08:20:00 - [12]

Check our recruitment post m8!



ironwood ink
Posted - 2007.06.19 12:36:00 - [13]

Thank you for your responses so far.


Rage of Inferno
Posted - 2007.06.19 12:50:00 - [14]

Hi Worlds,
you may take a look at this: DOANE
We are part of Pure. alliance, living in the Vale of the Silent with 4 outposts atm.
We do PvP at a daiyly basis, have a great bunch of pilots, and a strong industrial wing.
We do have our own cap ship program and have capital pilots with ships (carriers/dread) in the corp.
Corp just celebrated its 3rd birthday, so we are well established with good logistics in empire.
For more information drop me an EvE-mail or join our public channel DOANE_HELP.
Hope to see you there :)

M. Corp
Posted - 2007.06.19 13:49:00 - [15]

Worlds, I know M.Pire could really use a pilot with your capabilities.

join MCORP_RECRUITS if you are interested.

Black Rise Angels
Posted - 2007.06.19 13:55:00 - [16]

Edited by: Ozstar on 19/06/2007 13:56:30
Hello Worlds, whilst we didnt make it onto your list id like to put Naughty 40 whom are part of the Triumvirate alliance onto the table for your consideration.

I can appreciate the sense of betrayal you have felt as i have gone through the same thing, and it does change how you feel about things and can understand you needing a change of scenery.

Id like the opportunity to discuss this further in-game with you, to answer any questions you may have about our corp/alliance.

Fusion Enterprises Ltd
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2007.06.19 16:07:00 - [17]


Damn shame what happened, i'd like to think you could have a new home with us, we have both industry and PvP within our Alliance. I also believe tht if you didnt find a home with Fusion, one of the other corps would fit you perfectly.

contact myself, Chrosis or Adam Reed for a chat and we can find out more about each other


Dirt Nap Squad
Dirt Nap Squad.
Posted - 2007.06.19 16:15:00 - [18]

Edited by: DNSBLACK on 19/06/2007 16:14:48
I would like to extend an oppurtunity to jion FREGE. We can currently meet all of your expectations and needs. One thing I would like to know about you guys is what TZ are you based in. That will help me be on to chat with you or a diplo on coms about FREGE. We are looking for strong dual role corps such as yours. I will try and convo you in game and discuss some of the details about FREGE.

Some key points about FREGE

1. 0.0 Space with the best Mins in the game.
2. PVP all shapes and sizes. ( We like to keep the dust off our Cap fleet)
3. A strong Cap fleet to defend your assets
4. 2 Outpost ( With more presently on the drawing board)
5. 3rd largest alliance in the game with a strong 0.0 market
6. Very reasonable monthly alliance fees. No application or intitial jioning fee. (10 MIL Monthly)
7. A mature player base and leadership with a good sense of focus and drive.

And of course so much more.

I look forward to speaking with you on vent about The Frege experince.

This is my corp with in Frege

DNS is presently recruiting please visit our web site . Would love to chat with you in game if you havnt already found a corp. We can meet everyone of your request and alot more. We are US based in all time zones and very active at every aspect of the game. I look forward to talking with you on vent or TS and give you the details of what we are about convo me in game if you like a vent inteview

Recruiting Post

Please read these post

Some key points about DNS

1. 0.0 Space with the best Mins in the game.
2. PVP all shapes and sizes. ( We like to keep the dust off our Cap fleet plus alot of small gang activity)
3. A strong Cap fleet to defend your assets
4. 2 Outpost
5. 3rd largest alliance in the game with a strong 0.0 market
6. A mature player base and leadership with a good sense of focus and drive.

And of course so much more.

I look forward to speaking with you on vent about The DNS experince.


The Maverick Navy
Posted - 2007.06.19 16:51:00 - [19]

I will contact you in game when the servers come up.

ironwood ink
Posted - 2007.06.19 18:13:00 - [20]

looks like I have some research to do on the different alliances.

You guys have not made it easy for me. lol. I will be joining the server when it comes up.

Thx for everyone who has posted so far.


Black Rise Angels
Posted - 2007.06.19 20:23:00 - [21]

Edited by: Ozstar on 19/06/2007 20:23:32
Originally by: Worlds
looks like I have some research to do on the different alliances.

You guys have not made it easy for me. lol. I will be joining the server when it comes up.

Thx for everyone who has posted so far.


Maybe this will be helpful, it gives you an idea of which alliances are considered the most fun.

ironwood ink
Posted - 2007.06.19 21:01:00 - [22]

Feel free to contact me ingame once the servers go up.. I have some questions for you recruiters.. :)


Pyrrhus Sicarii
Posted - 2007.06.19 21:41:00 - [23]

Wow, I feel like there won't be anything left once I get to you :P

I'll try to catch up with you in game Worlds.

Irish Capital Enterprises
Posted - 2007.06.19 21:55:00 - [24]

rule of three is always looking for good experienced players, we have a lot to offer as a corp and an alliance,

i'll convo u if/when the servers come back up and ask /answer any questions u like.

Euro Director
Vendetta Underground

The Fated
Posted - 2007.06.19 21:56:00 - [25]

Hi there, Fated is recruiting to expand PvP wing for 0.0 ops. We're currently in the process of moving to IAC space since we only recently joined them but our logistics department is well up to the task.

The core of our corp leadership has been playing together ever since EVE started, along the way we have gathered quite a list of achievements and are set to add big alliance warfare to that list. We have everything to back it up, all we need now are more pilots of like mind. If you are up for having fun playing the game of EVE then we can probably get along.

Feel free to contact me ingame if you have any questions, I suppose you'll drown in convo's in the coming days :)

Wayward Hooligan
The Scope
Posted - 2007.06.19 22:15:00 - [26]

Contact Shamis Orzoz and talk to him.

He might be interested.

We pvp everywhere and the corp is very strong.

An Eye For An Eye
Posted - 2007.06.20 23:41:00 - [27]

or you can come talk to us:


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