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Ryas Nia
Posted - 2007.06.15 19:32:00 - [1]

It is simply not possible to be a logistics or carrier pilot effectively if you cant have your gang mates and fighters up on the same screen. I already have a 1900x1200 screen i cant afford or fit one any larger on my desk, yet most of it is unused because the overview is stationary and the gang/fleet and drone parts cannot be moved.

Originally by: TomB

Originally by: Joshua Foiritain
Nice but please make it so that you can disconnect the gang window from the overview, its impossible to fit both under each other after these changes.

It won't be available in Kali but it's planned for next upcoming release. The good thing though is that you have collapsing groups inside the gang UI and members take less space now.

So the gang UI itself takes less space. The addon is the gang broadcast window how ever which you can resize as you want to see as many broadcasts you want to at given moment. If you don't like getting the broadcast window then just collapse it until you can split the control panel

Were still waiting. If you want better gang/fleet battles and more people to use logistics, then we need an overview that supports these roles. I need to know distance from my gang mates, as well as health stats, to be of any use, that require i can see both fleet and overview, unless i happen to have that 1 out of many people locked.

Maya Rkell
Third Grade Ergonomics
Posted - 2007.06.15 19:36:00 - [2]

*looks at the WoW modable UI*
*looks at the Eve UI*

Uhhhh, CCP...

Mr Krosis
The humble Crew
Posted - 2007.06.16 00:22:00 - [3]

You should be able to detach parts of the gang window.. double click on the WING 1 or SQUAD 1 text.


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